Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another Left Wing Success Story, Right There

I have to admit to a guilty pleasure following the tulipomania surrounding the current candidacy of Evita Guevara-Castro, current room-temperature-IQ darling of the people that brought every disaster to befall this republic in the last 116 years.
Democrats' knee-jerk line is always that Republicans/conservatives are stupid.
"Goldwater was dangerous and stupid."
"Nixon was evil, dangerous, and stupid."
"Reagan was stupid and dangerous."
"Bush (41) was stupid, evil, and dangerous."
"Dubbya was stupid, dangerous, and evil. Oh, and really stupid."
"Trump is stupid, evil, and dangerous."
It's really the only card in their hand when dealing with conservatives.
I'm thinking that says more about Leftards' self-projections and delusions than about objective reality. But I'm not a psychiatrist.
Leftards, on the other hand, as the name implies, are only called stupid by the Right because of two things:
1) what they say, and
2) what they do.
Now, let's be fair, there have to be some smart liberals, somewhere.
I'm saying this based on statistical averages, not any actual evidence.
Because all I can think of is the wit and wisdom of Chuck U Schumer. Dianne Fineswine. Al Frankenstein. Nancy Pelosi. Babs Boxer. Jerry Moonbeam Brown. Mad Maxine Waters. Charlie Rangel. Keith Ellison. Stupid Hall-of-Famers Joe Biden, and of course Al Gore.
(The moment, between election and inauguration, where criminal-elects Gore, Fat Bill, and Shrillary were on a tour of Monticello televised on C-SPAN, and Algore looks up at the busts of Washington, Franklin, etc., in Jefferson's study, and he asks "Who are those people?" as Clinton all but face-palms himself over Gore's incredible stupidity, was pure comedy gold. And almost permanently memory-holed in about 0.2 seconds, except for one guy.)
Stuff like that is why Brilliant Democrats is in the Top Ten of World's Thinnest Books.
Ms. Ocarina-Piñata is right in line with that rich tradition, stumbling over basic answers to softball questions on statements she made in the first place last week on NPR's Firing Line (which, fortunately for her, not even Bronx Democrat voters probably watch, ever.) Her rookie mistake, when she was sincerely and politely asked by a socialism-friendly interviewer to clarify her babbling incoherency, was to actually attempt an answer.
Bill Clinton would have molested the interviewer, Biden would have groped her after a hilarious malaprops, Shrillary would have fallen on her face and blamed the faulty chair and some obscure film on YouTube, and Pelosi would simply have given the most sincere impression of having a stroke as anything since her last televised press conference.
Instead, Ms. Obrador Chavez-Maduro chose to brazen it out using raw honesty, and after nearly choking on her tongue and stammering for a minute or two, cheerfully announced she didn't know sh*t from shineola, because in the immortal words of Gwen Stefani, "I'm just a girl!"
To be fair, when asked why unemployment was so low, she savaged President Trump by sagely noting that it was because "most people have two jobs." For a socialist, this is perspicacity that's off the charts. As someone unlettered in economics, especially from the likes of Boston University, I was under the impression that people having jobs is the exact defintion of low unemployment. In other news from the frontiers of economics, hunger is down too, because most people eat three meals a day.
And though the camera can lie - by only telling part of the story where it's aimed, and hiding everything behind it - this interview is one of those times when television shows you everything, painfully, if not actually showing too much. Watching her verbal paroxysms as she struggles to make a coherent point, and fails over and over, one cannot but realize that Ms. Acapulco-Paella is not only manifestly unqualified for Congress, or even to be merely a congressional page, but must also inevitably confront the clear truth that even when she was only bar-tending, she was probably still fathoms beyond her depth.
Despite her demonstrable affirmative-action graduation from a supposedly prestigious university, and making the rounds of the Usual Suspects' lib-whoring shill platforms with the harpy crones on The Spew, and on Colbert's late-night unhinged whinging rant-fest, solely due to her professed and unabashed love of a form of government that would round those same hosts up and throw them all in gulags (and has!), just being that blisteringly stupid is not necessarily an absolute bar to winning a congressional seat, even for such mental ciphers as Ms. Che Avocado-Salsa. But speaking of bars, her sole employment success to this point, a mere seven years after graduating college, after squandering a couple of hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer-provided money - which is definitely great job experience for any potential congressweasel - is what gives me the greatest hope for the future of America.
That best argument for the robust survival and certain triumph of capitalism over socialism, is that even in 90% liberal NYFC, adopted land of her upstate suburbia carpetbagging  candidacy, no one in a position to hire people would put this babbling brainless twit in charge of anything more difficult to operate than a beer tap, in her pitifully few years since she attained legal majority.
Without affirmative action, and the optimistic forbearance of the committee in 1787 that thought 25 years of age was old enough to serve a term in the House of Representatives, she'd be cleaning houses with her mom, and probably not even doing it as well as mama does, instead of having nothing else to fall back on except Congress.
 And surely there must be some federal job she's better qualified for than one of the 545 positions total, as an actual Decider and policy-maker for the republic, in a nation of over 300,000,000 souls. All I'm saying is, there are dozens of VA hospitals, for instance, where her janitorial cleaning abilities and mental talents would be a much better match. Maybe even a McDonald's on a military base where there's a vacancy running the register at the drive-thru window, and she could use her formidable prior talents with the choices narrowed down to three sizes and a dozen drink options. But if the bar for getting into Congress, even for dim-witted Democrats, is going to be just being young and latina, couldn't you guys try going for smarter, more talented, more accomplished in life, and even prettier, by nominating Shakira, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster, or Penelope Cruz?
Just saying.
But hey, NYFC liberals, thanks so much for the laughs.
If you didn't want politics to be this funny, you wouldn't keep sending in the clowns, right?


MMinWA said...

Thanks for that trip down memory lane at Monticello. As Rush noted, the look on Clinton's face was priceless. I'm creating a Revolutionary War window and honestly most of us wouldn't recognize John Paul Jones but I'll tell you, in a war with men whose huge brass balls were common, he had a set that must have been outstanding. His exploits are the stuff of legends.

The young & wise latina in NY was feted on CommonDreams as the second coming. She and Bernie held a rally in Kansas which got all the REgressives fired up because...moment. I guess. Whatever.

The funny thing about these far left sites like CD or TruthDig or KOS is they always have their hair on fire over something. Every damn thing is an outrage. Everything demands demands.

You have really been on a roll the past week-excellent rants with quite the unique humor.

Aesop said...

It's an election season in the second year of the Trump Dynasty; that right there is an embarrassment of riches, and pure kilos of crack to political satirists.

RandyGC said...

"Evita Guevara-Castro"

Oh, that is SO stolen...

Glenda T Goode said...

Democrats have a history of graduating from college and going straight into office. I am sure there are republicans too. The problem with this is that these people have never worked a real day in their lives. They have never met a payroll or faced the budgeting necessities of running a business and being responsible. People like this should not be running our nation.

As to the new Hispanic Phenom Ocasio-Cortez, she may be naive but with good handling she could become a serious contender in future elections.

Yes, I agree she is as dumb as a post but with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Leigh, John Lewis all of whom stretch the idea of cognizant adults to the limit, Ocasio-Cortez would find herself in good company. Face it packaging is what the real political candidates have that gets the re-elected.

SiGraybeard said...

The selection of a different made up name every time you address her is truly brilliant.

I bow in deep admiration.

Anonymous said...

"young and latina, couldn't you guys try going for smarter, more talented, more accomplished in life, and even prettier, by nominating Shakira, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster, or Penelope Cruz?"

My vote would have to go, with tears of gratitude in my eyes, to Salma Hayek (with or without the snake). I would tell you more but my tongue is getting stiff....

Reltney McFee said...

(Golf Clap).

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Just give them enough rope and they hang themselves every time. It is just like ANTIFA when they burned down their Vatican(Berkeley). The more exposure these useful idiots get, courtesy of the MSM, the more Normies wake up. The hits just keep on rolling in.

D'Narius said...

If/when her fellow library's manage to get her "elected", she'll be too stupid to steal anything that the shiteweasel RINOs and Demoncrats already in CONgress haven't already stolen from us, hopefully....sorry not library's meant Libtards