Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More On Ms. Occasional Fame-Whoretez

Some people might mistakenly think I don't want to see her elected to a slam-dunk Democrat seat.
Au contraire.
While it would be best for all concerned if she gets jilted again when more than 9% of the overwhelmingly Dem district turns up to vote in November, by Rep. Joe Crowley, who she beat in the primary owing to abysmal turnout, who's still on the ballot for the same job on another party's ticket in the same district (and is, let's remember, a ten-term incumbent Democrat congressman, on the House Ways and Means Committee, with 20 times her political war chest, still) I think the best thing for the republic is if she wins despite all that, and that as often as practical before and after the election, she gets the maximum amount of media exposure possible for her goofy half-witted excursions into making America communist.
Mad Maxine and Alzheimer's Pelosi aren't going to be in Congress forever, so it's important to give voters a good close look at the Democrat Party, by having a lunatic airhead and avowed socialist outspokenly rubbing their noses in it, good and hard, pretty much 24/7/365.
Enter Srta. Avocado Chiquita-Bananas.
Better still, if she wins, it proves that the Democrat voters of the NY 14th can't tell a thorough-going moron when they hear one, gives them a functional retard in Congress for two years, and their opinions, valid only for their own representation, merely subject them to the scorn and derision of provinces less inclined to insanity, and given advocacy by a not just a misfit, but a novice socialist one. That'll play in Washington D.C., hoo boy how it will. She'll be one the subcommittee on napkins of the commerce committee, and in two years, some serious Democrat politician will shove her forcefully back to bartending. Game over.

So no matter whether she wins or loses, it's bad for Democrats and great for the country.
And I, as well as both political pundits of greater magnitude, and every talk show comic writer from coast to coast, will be praying for her victory pretty much daily.

That, my friends, is what political scientists call "win-win".

¡Viva Ms. Cassandra Apostrophe-Catastrophe!


Irish said...

You need to do a post of all the names you have given her so far. 😂

Aesop said...

Wait...are you suggesting I got her name wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yeah "win-win" cept she'll be on the payroll for the rest of her life as a one-time congresssritter. Not like they're gonna vote that good deal out for the public good.
Boat Guy

Monty James said...

Here's one I made: