Friday, July 13, 2018

Quote Of The Day

From GunFree Zone:

First thing to note is the  fact that King Abdalla isn’t running around firing an AK into the sky like their Arab neighbors. 
What The Firearm Blog fails to mention is that King Abdallah II trained at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, the same school as Princes Harry and William, is a 35 year veteran of the Jordanian military, and commanded Jordan’s special forces unit.
The  other thing that caught my eye about this video is that the King runs a 1911.

The man has the entire defense budget of Jordan at his disposal to get whatever he wants and he runs a 1911. 
It’s good to be the king.
We cannot disagree with the sentiment.


Anonymous said...

While I have no kingly aspirations it's mighty nice to have meaningful work and sufficient funds. Good choices in hardware come from serious study of the craft.
Dude looks to be in pretty good shape too.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Mighty fine way to spend quality time with your kid too.

Night driver said...

It should be pointed out also, that upon finishing at Sandhurst (no mean feat even if they DO kinda coddle royalty) that his Daddy tossed him into the cockpit of a Snake for a few years of "seasoning".

There are also un-verifiable rumbles that Abdullah processed through the "Q Course" without the usual minder and hand holding.

Certifiable Bad Ass (hell he flew Right Seat leading Jordan's first response to Al Q a few years ago. Which means he maintains his Multi-engine rating...

The folks who want to indicate that he's -- ahh -- "unseemly" forget that this is how Kings USED to MAINTAIN their CROWN!!

Yep. BadAss!

SiGraybeard said...

If I heard correctly, after Isis burned that Jordanian pilot to death in a cage, he led the retaliatory air strikes against the goat humpers.

Someone had pictures of a recent visit of King Abdullah and his Queen to the White House. In the picture of his wife walking with Melania, you'd think they could be cousins.

Shingas the Terrible said...

Yeah, on a WESTPAC before the war, our ship pulled into Aqaba. The King decided to pay us a visit. He flew his helo in at top speed over the harbor at about 50 feet and nearly clipped the mast of our ship, then cranked it around and landed on the deck like he did that shit every day. When we went waaaay up close to the Iraqi border to play joint games with the Jordanians, the King sent his personal cooks from the palace to throw the entire BLT a feast when we finished the field op and got back.

That’s how to King.

Ed Gage said...

Do I not have a memory of this king as a young man (perhaps while still a prince) having trained at Gunsite when Cooper was still running it?

Anonymous said...

The King is also a multiple Gunsite graduate. I believe his son has been through his 250, or maybe in the near future. I have met the King and run into him a few times in Arizona. Most notably at the Arabian show in Scottsdale. He is an all around good guy.

Papa said...

Father and son time.