Friday, July 13, 2018

Also from GFZ

h/t Gun Free Zone

GFZ killed me when I saw this posted yesterday, and it had to be memed.
On their best day, Chuck Lorre and Aaron Sorkin combined are almost this funny.

If he were truly the consummate politician and strategist, Pres. DJT would mutter this exact phrase at a summit during a sound check, or when "he thought the microphone was off."

His re-election would be locked that day.


Badger said...

That one should get a coffee vs. monitor warning. Thanks - good start to the weekend. And it rolls easily off a curmudgeonly tongue.

Anonymous said...

Trump being Trump should do two things immediately with regards to NATO 1. Cut US GDP based average funding to the average GDP based funding provided by all of the rest of the member countries and 2. Keep reminding those Euro cucks, in his inimicable style, that if wasn't for the USA pulling their collective nuts out of the fire TWICE last century, they'd either be speaking German or Russian as the case may be. They piss and cry and moan about needing to be defended from the Russian hoard, yet buy all their nat. gas and oil from ... Russia. Then, assuming there is still major non-compliance to the NATO treaty, pull all US troops and all of their equipment out of Europe, after razing all of the bases to the ground. Imagine the cucks screaming and crying over the removal of US servicemen's contributions to their economy's. Screw them. All that could be paid for with savings in the difference in NATO contributions.