Sunday, July 8, 2018

...Are Bound To Repeat It

Another rebound from Mike at Cold Fury

What happens when you were too stupid to stay awake in history classes, is that you forget the historical lessons you never learned from such salutary negative human examples of perfidy as Benedict Arnold, above: the patron saint of traitorous turncoat douchebaggery for all time.

The latest victims are the likes of wannabe opinion-makers and petulant poseurs like William Kristol, George Will, and now some totally unknown piece of forgettable and disposable nightsoil named Max Boot (Max Who?)

(GOPe HOUSE ORGAN)Veteran strategist Steve Schmidt, who ran John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, is the latest Republican to say “no more.” Recently he issued an anguished Twitter post: “29 years and nine months ago I registered to vote and became a member of the Republican Party which was founded in 1854 to oppose slavery and stand for the dignity of human life,” he wrote. “Today I renounce my membership in the Republican Party. It is fully the party of Trump.”
Schmidt follows in the illustrious footsteps of Post columnist George F. Will, former senator Gordon Humphrey, former representative (and Post columnist) Joe Scarborough, Reagan and Bush (both) aide Peter Wehner, and other Republicans who have left the party. I’m with them. After a lifetime as a Republican, I re-registered as an independent on the day after Donald Trump’s election.
Um...Max, is it? No one knows you, no one cares if you go, and no one misses those other sour-grapes foxes in the henhouse, just as they won't miss irrelevancies like you. Trust me on this one: every time from now until your grave that you see  "DLTDHYITAOYWO", or hear the phrase spoken in full, have no doubt whatsoever in your tiny and self-important little mind, that it's meant for you, and that in your case, that sentiment goes double. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

And you're telling me that the "veteran strategist" of the ilk that gave us Bush(41)'s second term, then Bob Dole, then John Braintumor McCrazy, then Mittens Romney is leaving? Heavens to Betsy! The last strokes of good fortune this yuuuuuuge were when Adm. Kimmel was relieved after Pearl Harbor, Lloyd Fredendal was relieved after the debacle at the Kasserine Pass, and Lucas relieved after botching Anzio.

So, you douches want to leave now that we're routing the enemies of America on nearly every front, both at home and abroad?

Be still, my beating heart!

No, really, go like the wind!
Go like a bad burrito, and be as unwanted, unmissed, and unlamented as a cured social disease. If anything, by comparing you all to the latter, we probably owe an apology to syphilis and gonorrhea.

Meanwhile, it seems the people you couldn't persuade in thirty years have been won over in less than 18 months of seeing a real leader...lead. President (Not My Guy) Trump, though no shred of an actual conservative by any stretch of imagination, has governed more conservatively than any president since Reagan, if not Coolidge, and while you feckless losers run from him for doing every conservative cause you campaigned on for forty years (but haven't done even once when faced with the actual prospect of enacting it), the other side is running to him:

(The Guys Laughing At The Fall of GOPe, Inc.) A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 74% of Likely U.S. Voters prefer a free market economic system over a socialist system. Only 13% think socialism is a better economic system, and just as many (13%) are undecided.

But however skewed Rasmussen’s poll sample might be, that 74 percent number indicates the Democrats are in serious trouble if they actually believe a far-left push is the key to winning those mid-term elections. It isn’t. It is a complete invitation to disaster. The Rasmussen poll isn’t the only one recently offering an indication the Democrats are on the absolute wrong track this year. In another, this one from Reuters/Ipsos, the Dems are cratering among the millennials they’re trying to build their party around — dropping from 55 percent support over Republicans two years ago to 46 percent now. And among white millennials the numbers are catastrophic. Two years ago with white voters between 18 and 34, Democrats held a 47-33 edge over Republicans; now it’s 39-39. And with white male millennials it’s an almost unimaginable swing; what was a 48-36 Democrat advantage is now a 46-37 GOP edge.


We’re picking up #Walkaway millennial voters in droves, and all it’s costing us is jettisoning the Marquis of Queensbury Rules-following coaches of the real-life Washington Generals, the exact real-life inspiration for those hackish white-men-who-can’t-jump whose record vs. the Harlem Globetrotters is O-for…ever?

You'll need a program to tell whether that's Sen. John McCrazy, George Will,
 or Speaker Ryan. But in the grand scheme of things...does it really matter?

I’d like to order one metric f**kton of that please: TAKE MY MONEY!!!

We should have pushed you douchecanoes out of the boat in 1993, but it took this long for your spots to show beyond a reasonable doubt. And it's clear now they're not leopard spots, but more like smallpox. Calling for voting in senile fruitcake Nancy Pelosi and Chuck U. Schumer is pretty much getting caught handing the British army the plans to West Point, you historically illiterate gasbag traitors.

Those  calling for “punishing” the GOP for the sins of – let’s be clear about this – the overwhelming majority of the actual voters who comprise that party, and who have been spat upon, ignored, and derided by these same hacks for DECADES, unstintingly – are, and always have been, fifth-columnist Democrats in sheep’s clothing, and should be sent back across Traitor’s Bridge with all due pomp, ceremony, and public castigation, and heartily awarded the Benedict Arnold Trophies which they so richly deserve. They go from being big fake fish in a small pond, to being the turncoat lackwits in an ocean of communist traitors, and will gain the ignominy and derision from both sides they so richly deserve, and in full, glorious measure.

They’re upset that we Deplorables are calling the shots?

“What's this lyin' around?!
These could be the greatest years of our lives, but you want to let it be the worst.
Well just kiss my ass from now on!
Bill Kristol is dead to me.
George Will is dead to me.
Wormer? He’s a dead man!
Marmalard? Dead!
Neidermeyer? Dead!”

So in case this was too obtuse for you GOPexcrementalists to follow, please, take your ball, (and I mean that phrase in precisely a Lance Armstrong sense) and go home. Before you get the parting crotch-kicks and rope neckties due you, in a just universe.

And for the forty years you and your worthless band of lackwit liars and appeasement-mongers led the GOP and Conservatism Inc. right into the open cesspit of disaster upon disaster upon disaster, while drawing a paycheck for pretending to care, led me add one hearty and heartfelt benediction to your entire sad little band of fleeing pandas:

Go And Fuck Yourselves. Because no one else ever will again.

And in case you whiny losers haven't figured out what's coming at you next, if your little prog-tard communist buddies don't get a major clue, and make a hasty course correction:

Keep pushing, and see whether we mean rhetorically or literally.
I could give you odds...


The Gray Man said...

I renounced my Republican membership and registered No Party Affiliation sometime during the 0bastard Admin, after seeing the Republicans do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to oppose him, and instead bend over to his will. They were weak and disgusting and lied to me repeatedly. It's TRUMP who has me considering rejoining the party, but I'll only do that after he's fully made it his party. He's not there yet. Perhaps he should just start his own party and I'll join that.

And it's not even about Trump himself. It's about how much he pisses off the people who hate me and my family. They hate my way of life, and Trump drives them to insanity. Why wouldn't I support that?

beau said...

the poster boy for 'republicans' is none other than 'w', the ignoramus from texas. this objectionable blob of pulsating protoplasm kept his mouth shut as the muslim in charge continued the march to socialism in a very big way, but then comes out against trump. any questions as to where the 'party' was in relation to its voting base was answered in spades when that ignoramus rose to trash trump while giving the muslim a full 8 year reign with not so much as a peep as to what the muslim was doing to this nation.

with the above, the face of the republican party should be 'w' with the caption being 'the party of weasels and quislings'.

Anonymous said...

I renounced my Republican membership right after the Patriot Act was passed by a bi-partisan majority during Bush II's tenure. As inappropriate a name for a law, I had/have never heard of and it keeps getting new life through the annual free for all our feckless representatives in the swamp call lawmaking.


Mark Matis said...

It ain't just the "w", beau. It's the entire putrid Shrub clan. Daddy, "w", Jeb! and all the rest, including their "adopted son" Little Marco. They have all been One World Government swill from Day One. President Reagan was forced to put Shrub I on his ticket in order to get enough funding to be able to win. And that filthy piece of Shrub shiite then did everything he could to sabotage Reagan at every turn. The only reason Trump was able to be elected President is because he was able and willing to finance his own campaign.

With very few exceptions, Davos and the Bilderbergs own all the politicians in the West. Who are those exceptions? Just look at who the screeching is directed against. Trump. Orban. Duda. Kurz. Conte. And Putin.

Anonymous said...

these conservatives did not conserve a damn thing.

Wilson McWilliams said...

I've considered the Republican Party to be a sack of excrement since the late 80's.
Still I intend to vote straight Republican come November, in the hope that this may help forever bury Bush-McCain-Krauthammer "conservatism". A conclusive Trumpist takeover of the Republican party is likely to bear electoral fruit more quickly than any attempt to build a populist-conservative party from scratch.

And yes, it is possible that TINVOWOOT.....

Haxo Angmark said...

that was Husband Kimmel who played FDR's Judas goat at Pearl Harbor.

Adm. Frank Jack Fletcher, commanding American carrier forces inferior in both quantity and quality to their Japanese opponents during May-September 1942, nonetheles led them to victory at Coral Sea, Midway, and Eastern Solomons.

as to the rest, plus or minus the rats ass libs and neo-conz, it's still the useless as it ever was Republiscam party.

and ditto Trump. Who has, tweetstorms aside, betrayed every populist promise he made to his White voters.

Stealth Spaniel said...

I bow to your genius with a keyboard and sharpened wit! Truly, the best analysis that I have read on the disintergrating "conservatives" and the horse manure that they throw. With them in power, we spent decades losing as the dumb and lethal overran everything good about this country. God used Nehemiah the builder, so I am fine with him using Trump the builder.

Aesop said...

Thanks for the correction re Kimmel.
As to the rest, current events belie your analysis.

Aesop said...

@Anon 9:32
When someone deliberately doesn't do what they promise, that makes them liars, not incompetents. To damn conservatism because of saboteurs is simplistic and sophomoric hogwash.