Monday, November 27, 2017

Generic Democrat Cover Letter

(Check all that apply)

( ) I have no recollection of the events alleged to have happened.

( ) I sincerely and completely apologize for doing what I don't recall ever doing.

( ) This
( ) sole event does
( ) pair of
( ) trio of
( ) four to four thousand alleged occurrence(s) do
not represent what sort of a person I really and truly am, as my record prior to the unfortunate exposure of all this sordid behavior used to bear out.
Just ask anyone (who's not on the CC: list for this memo).

( ) I therefore hope I can still count on your full support in returning me to
___________________________________ (fill in office/position) at the next election, so that I can continue my ceaseless efforts in upholding the rights of women, and stopping the Republican War On Women, which sounds more like what I do than what they do, which is why I apologize for never having done any of those horrible things.
You don't need to ever come to Washington to see me about those issues, but if you have any female friends you'd like to send by, I would sincerely appreciate the gesture, so that they can share their concerns in person as well.

( ) If this apology isn't enough to answer your concerns, please contact the DNC switchboard at
and our staff will get you signed up immediately for the newest Democratic government program for women and/or single mothers.

Thank you again for bringing up what I never recall ever doing to my attention.





Anonymous said...

Very creative, A., and soooo telling of the past and present agendas. You gimme the girls and boys and I will work harder for you, my constituents. You gotta believe me. Didn't do nothing wrong. Just come home to papa and you'll be safe. Lol

The minute those bastards are wiped off the earth cannot come too soon. Including their accommodating spouses trying to cash in on papa's fame and fortune.

Anonymous said...

"And thats the way it is" as Walter Cronkite used to end his broadcasts.

And if any of you kids have no recollection of who Cronkite was - git off my lawn !

MMinWA said...

I've always considered myself a fairly healthy and randy male. I appreciate a good looking woman and have had my share of attractive girl friends over the years. I have never groped a woman nor made unwanted sexual advances like walking out nude or masturbating or any of the other disgusting practices that seem to be required de rigueur for these media pricks and DC scumbags.

And how about flying to a fucking island, where you must know young woman are being held captive, for sex?? WTF???

I must be the biggest prude walking because I certainly wouldn't want to be with someone that didn't want the same. "put some ice on that" If that was my mom or sister, that fucker would have met my Louisville friend.

It speaks volumes to me about their character if they feel the need to force themselves on women or children.

The Gray Man said...

I know who was. Cronkite was a leftist and a communist.

The Gray Man said...

It's the difference between you and me (normal folks) and them (the powerful folks). And it's also the difference between the girls you and I dated (normal girls) and the girls that spend their time around the powerful folks. Those guys wouldn't walk out naked or grope that lady if that tactic hadn't already proven to be sufficiently low risk/high reward. They'd try something else, like just coming out and paying for it (like some do).

The blame for the sexual assaults lies with the people who are committing them, and the people who accepted it without reporting anything right away, and with the people who let it happen to themselves without reporting it right away.

If you get assaulted and you hold onto that until a more opportune chance to use it, then are you actually a victim?