Saturday, November 4, 2017

Spot On

Earl Of Taint nails it.
The last time something was this little, illegals here held "A Day Without A Mexican." Freeway traffic halved, and other than heavier crowds at WalMart, everybody missed them like trees miss cold in springtime.
The time before that was the dreaded Y2K Catastrophe.
But thanks, Special Snowflakes, for illustrating your impotent whiny tantrums and your pull with the populace better than even I could.
Now if one of you could helpfully lead the others off a cliff into the ocean, we could get back to what America looks like when adults run the country.


Anonymous said...

Dunno that we want the ocean polluted like that; the desert perhaps?
Been searching for any accounts of anything brought on by the little commies: "nothingburger" aye.
Boat Guy

George True said...

I didn't hear about anything. It seems most of the snowflakes couldn't be bothered to show up to their own day of rage. Apparently even the media wasn't all that interested.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hilarious!
Do you think maybe the weather wasn't quite right?
Maybe Mommy said "No!, you can't go protesting, finish your homework".

Anonymous said...

$100,000 ad in the NYT and what do you get? Some people call it a nothingburger. It would be hilarious if their boss's agenda wasn't so nefarious. Maybe, they are just fizzling out, proving they are snowflakes melting by just looking at them. Come on, Marx, you can do better than that.