Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fire Them All - Outreach

I've lost all track of how many political and media types (evil loyal Democrats to a man) have been canned for sexual harassment of women.

A counter for that would look like the national debt clock.

Let's just fire them all, on the entirely plausible theory that the odds are in favor of that, and the ones that haven't been fired yet, merely haven't been caught.

But at least the endless purge explains the hysterical rants of Dumbocrat women: they've been trapped in a rape culture of their own choosing, and now they're shell-shocked Stockholm Syndrome survivors.

Hey, battered harpies of Leftism, c'mon over to the other side!

We have cookies, and we encourage you to deal with sexual harassment with either a knee to the offender's crotch, or if that doesn't end the problem, follow it up with a few rounds of gunfire to the same region.
We'll even teach you both techniques.
Bonus: the entire might of the NRA would defend you.

And you'd stop losing election after election.

Deal-breaker: You'd probably have to renounce man-hating for life.


Anonymous said...

Generous offer Aesop, but I expect few of any would not for it. Most are likely beyond salvage.
I'd wager some of their daughters might be receptive to logic, reason and fact; if only in rebellion.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Goddam machine presuming to "correct" my spelling; " ... Few if any would opt for it" is how that's supposed to read.

The Gray Man said...

The battered harpies aren't the ones receiving the sexual advances. That's why they're pissed. It's because no man will come on to them.

Men don't flirt with ugly women. So ugly women have to accuse every man within spitting distance of some sort of sexual misconduct, so that men won't flirt with anyone at all.

MarshFox said...

Any word your way about a shortage of IV Bags? News story in the mountains here on the east says PR wipeout has interupted supply lines. So our only supplier for IV bags is Puerto Rico?

Aesop said...

Must be an East Coast thing. No shortage out here.

Jennifer said...

Shortage in Midwest too. And weird large shipments of atropine have arrived.

MarshFox said...

Well guess that means anyone east of Rockies is stuck using a water bottle, salt, a basting needle, and a radiator pressure release hose, man I hate having to use all those crazy ass skills the Corps taught me how to survive!

Dan said...

It is tempting to laugh with glee at the woes of the leftist power elite being savaged by claims based SOLELY on the word of women...a species KNOWN for it's irrationality, bias and emotionalism. Because when the feminazis run out of libtard men to savage with their specious claims they WILL move on to the men on the opposite side of the political spectrum. The goal is the elimination of ALL WHITE MEN from any and all positions of power, privilege or control. And that mean ALL OF THEM. Given the chance it will be illegal for white men to even own a business, a home or ANYTHING. This is not "payback" for libtard men. This is the next battle in the ongoing war by feminazis to DESTROY MEN....ALL MEN. If you are white and have an X chromosome you are the target.

Aesop said...

They've been playing that game for decades.
It only works on their own guilty parties.

AFAIK, not one guy on the left has stepped up and said "I didn't do that."

The Gray Man said...

Slight shortage of NS in the Florida Panhandle. 1,000ml, 500ml and 250ml. Seems the 250ml bags used for mixing IV abx are the hardest to get here.

The Gray Man said...

And the little 10ml NS vials for injection, we are being rationed on those to three "flats" per shift, a flat being 36 vials. We are just scraping by on a 33 bed floor.

Mike_C said...

> weird large shipments of atropine have arrived.
Well, that's not at all disturbing. Doubtless it's in anticipation of the standard excess symptomatic bradycardia that always happens after daylight savings time comes (or goes, I can never remember which is which). Or because we benighted flyover country people are reduced to huffing insecticide to blot out the pain of our deplorable humdrum lives. (best read aloud in a Lina Lamont voice)

>a water bottle, salt, a basting needle, and a radiator pressure release hose
Heh. The Major Midwestern University-associated VA never had proper paracentesis kits. While on service at the VA I used to liberate kits from the main MMU hospital, but on a bad day I'd run out and have to MacGyver my own, as the supplied VA kits were worse than useless. After a few perfunctory warnings TPTB pretty much gave up and left me to my devices, which included the next best thing to a basting needle, namely an 18-ga needle at each end of the short tube leading to the vacuum collection bottle. (The official kit had a TEN-foot tube, with the not surprising result that flow was never more than a trickle. Not to mention actual safety problems associated with "safety" needles.)