Sunday, November 12, 2017

Charging Your Batteries

From time to time, posting is light.

Like today.

It's partly because I have to earn my crust from The Man.
It's also because it's the weekend.

1) Go enjoy yours. Rest is what keeps souls healthy.
2) Security, shelter, water, food, medical, comms, power/light, etc:
Isn't there something related to your own short- and long-term preparedness that you ought to be taking care of this weekend?

No days off is the life of an ant.
Who still lives longer than the grasshopper, both in fable, and real life.

Figure out what your life is missing today, and address the imbalance.
Whether that involves shopping carts, work gloves, a recliner, or a hammock.

I can predict with near certainty that the world will still be right where you left it, with TPTB f***ing it up by the numbers, when we turn our eyes to it tomorrow, because that's what they do.

This is the twilight of a year of respite, in an undetermined period of such.
It won't be endless, and there likely isn't going to be a lot of notice when the falls come into view around the last bend of the river.

And time is the most finite of personal resources, of which you always have less than you had before, and no idea when you're out of it.

So, gentle souls, by all means, make the most of yours today.
Mondays in the stormy sea of life come all too soon.


Irish said...

Good morning Aesop. Hopefully you got your batteries recharged and enjoyed the weekend.

I was laying here with insomnia and happened upon this post (below)

I thought it might give you some fodder for a new post during the week. Something to add to all the crap that has been going down lately

Follow the link from this post:

It’s seems that the light is going to be brightly shiny on many cockroaches.

Irish said...

Here’s another Las Vegas theory post. Was it a botched assasination attempt on Prince Khalid bin Salman of Saudi Arabia? Some very interesting puzzle pcs for sure.

Aesop said...

Saw the assassination theory on WRSA last week.
It's pure speculation, but it accords with everything we know.

With evidence in corroboration, it's just a great political novel plotline.
I'll check out the other one later today.