Monday, November 20, 2017

R.I.H., Charlie

And enjoy eternity licking the sweat from Satan's nutsack, which almost makes up for you living in prison for nearly fifty years too long.

Had the Warren court not overturned the death penalty shortly after his conviction, he and his waste-of-skin-and-oxygen followers would have been rendered into fertilizer outside San Quentin State Prison long since, after being convicted of first degree murder for a paltry six such grisly crimes.

When I read he was on death's door a couple of days ago, my heart leapt with joy, and now that he's nothing but a dead meatsack, the only thing that'd have made me happier would have been if he shuffled off his mortal coil after being set on fire, and the flames beaten out with an icepick.

The biggest pity about his lengthy term in prison waiting for parole was that it was not the assigned duty each day for a given guard to crack him over the kneecaps with a yard-long steel pipe.

As it is, someone noted that his medical care in prison was really substandard.
That, my friends, is a feature, not a bug.

If I were emperor, his medical care would have consisted of an 1800's manual on first aid, and a few bandage rolls made from the unwashed underpants of other inmates.


The Gray Man said...

Substandard medical care? Part of the substandard care inmates receive is a lack of attention to initial complaints. That is their own fault though, because they constantly have complaints that boil down to nothing more than "I want to go to the hospital so I can have slightly better food brought to me by young female hospital staff." So their complaints rightly often get ignored.

If they want decent medical care, then try staying out of prison. If that's too hard for them, then at least try not faking it the first five hundred times.

James M Dakin said...

A lot of rapists and murderers don't always do fifty years. They need to make room for "mandatory sentencing" for drug dealers. Is that justice? Possession alone could get you a long sentence, even if you didn't harm another ( don't give me that trash about drugs harming our young. They didn't when it was legal ). Charlie might not have been someone you invited in for dinner, but his primary sin was his threat to the political order, as he was trying to start a revolution. Plus, we can't have Hollywood celebs ( some who murder others getting almost no jail time ) being knocked off as they are Extra Special Pretty People. My point here is that he was no worse than many others but was treated as such. How about the Nazi's who got a free pass in Operation Paperclip? How about a President who kills peasant conscripts for colonialization? War profiteers? CEO's who maim and kill thousands for profit? Check your assumptions. I'm not excusing Charlie, I'm seeking a frame of reference that seems to be lacking.

Anonymous said...

kill him and others like him. if over crowding is a problem to were we are letting guys back out on the street. we make more room by getting rid of the lifers and killers. as for jail being such a bad place. if he killed my family, hand me the gun. that fuck would be buried blisters on his hands from digging his first 6 feet too hell.

Anonymous said...

WTF? "Frame of Reference"?
NO his "primary sin was NOT/NOT a "threat to the political order", fuckstick; he was a madman and a butcher who should have been dispatched with two rounds of .22 LR ten minutes after his just conviction.

loren said...

DD, hell no, just hell no.
Manson's primary threat was he was a hateful homicidal maniac. Plenty of other alternatives types around at the time who got along fine, more or less, with the "Man".
Killing 6 people, even if some were Hollywood douches deserves exactly what Aesop suggests, if not more so. I'm particularly fond of a days worth of torture each and every crime anniversary.

Aesop said...

The frame of reference is simple:
Charlie and his entire psychotic drug-addled "family"
(Oh, BTW, there went that entire trope about drugs "not harming anyone", didn't it? Reality bites.) should have been marched into the CA gas chamber around 1970, creating half a dozen more slots for the next six mofos.
Lather, rinse, repeat. If CA would stop dicking around, and just knock off one an hour, we could clean out Death Row in this state in about a month's time.
Let's do that for a decade non-stop, then show me the studies about whether or not it's a deterrent.
Meanwhile, we'll be missing 87,600 oxygen thieves, forever.
(Probably less, as the tally will dwindle precipitously in terms of new targets after a couple of steady months like that. Boo frickin' hoo.)

Number of people Himmler murdered in concentration camps 1946-present: zero.

Recidivism rate of executed child molesters, rapists, and serial killers: zero.

Total crimes of armed robbers and home invaders after they get 10-ringed in the head: zero.

Total amount of taxpayer money wasted housing, guarding, feeding, clothing, and otherwise dealing with their ilk after they get one 8-mil plastic coffin by Hefty(tm) for their remains: zero.

Total minutes of court time and money wasted on parole hearings, appeals, and frivolous motions filed by people thusly executed: zero.

These are numbers I can get behind.
Manson should have been smothered by a cellmate half a century ago.
So should a majority of the Warren court of SCOTUS who saddled us with him long past any notion of justice.
When a Charles Manson outlives Antonin Scalia, the world is upside down.

We can fix stupid, we just need to be allowed to use a big enough hammer.

tweell said...

Charles Manson came very close to killing my father. We lived in Simi Valley for a few years, and Dad liked to go rockhounding with friends. One day we went into an area that Manson had claimed as his. Manson caught Dad alone and had a rifle pointed at him. One of our fellow rockhounds saw what was happening, produced a .38 and a Mexican standoff ensued. Manson decided that his 10/22 at 10 yards wasn't a game-winner and backed down, we got out of there before he came back with friends. No one knew who he was.

Yeah, Mr. Haseley had Manson in his sights before the murders began, but let him go to save my father.

Dad said that Manson was getting ready to shoot him, but wanted to find out if he was alone first (and was ordering Dad to drop his rock hammer). My father was planning to rush him, but his legs weren't good (Korean War), so he wasn't liking the odds. That was the last time Dad went rockhounding unarmed.

Anonymous said...

Many people forget about the fact that some of the more infamous and influential communists admired him. Two such, Bernardine Dohrn, of the Weather Underground, together with her husband, Bill Ayers, both of them communist preaching domestic terrorists 1960s and eventually professors at University of Illinois. Remember, it was in Bill Ayers' living room that Obama had his political "coming out" party.

What was Dohrn's thought's about Manson and his murders: "Dohrn said: ''Dig it, first they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim's stomach. Wild!''

Professor Dohrn, that is.

Never forget who these people are. They, in large part, are the seeds that our current cultural rebellion has grown from.