Sunday, November 26, 2017

Comment Of The Year

From a thread over at WRSA...

"...Her friend said, "You have to understand something about these men. They know what fear and courage are. They seek both constantly, it's in their blood. They are the warriors who in times past grabbed their spears and swords and rushed to the sound of war."
She stopped for a moment waiting for her friend to respond, but all she got was the most classical response imaginable, a nose in the air and a "Hrrrrmph."
She was quiet for a few more moments and said to her friend, “One day us woman are going to need these warriors, and they will need us. Everything comes full circle, we will need these men to protect us and our children."

Its the quiet men among us, who look in your eyes; it's past words now. It’s that time when we check the edges on our swords, check how it draws out of the scabbard. How our mags seat, the bolt sliding home slick and keen like a razor's edge through fresh muscle, does the sight come up perfect every time, how our gear sits, snug, ready, but never constraining our movements."



HORSE SHIT!! Americans will never, ever, ever revolt over anything for any reason. There will be NO general uprising or resistance. Anyone who thinks or believes there will be is a fool. Fat, dumb, happy. Bread and circus. Meager jobs. Paying bills. Raising little Johnny and Suzy to go to college to learn to.......what? Engineering? Chemistry? Math? Those same bastions of liberaldom they so vociferously despise they slave to send their children. Gimme a break!! Bunch of fat white men running around in the woods playing "army". Geez, how ridiculous.

Aesop said...

You might want to find another site.

And your projection is showing.

Anonymous said...

Commutatus - your comment may have been relevant in 1774, but not today. History proves you wrong.