Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Universe Has A Wry Sense Of Humor

How else can you explain losing the icons of the Manson Family and the Partridge Family in the same week?


Anonymous said...

Families eh? Well, if you think so, the wholesome Cassidy versus the death dispensing Manson. Aren't they all a product of Hollyweird? Trying to capture our imagination and at the same time influence our opinion and behaviour?

Those two guys are gone now, and really they are not the only ones. Seems like people from that part of the universe have been dropping like flies recently. Notice the uptake in departures? Me thinks it's either karma or deserved, which means the same thing, imo.

The Gray Man said...

I haven't noticed an increase in deaths from that part of the universe. I think that people as a group just continuously die.