Thursday, November 16, 2017

Future Darwin Award Winners - Team Event

h/t Kenny

If these people ever breed, the species is so f****d.

Some people are only worth anything if we set them on fire, and practiced beating out the flames with rakes, mattocks, and brush hooks.


MarshFox said...

Saw a few of those back in 90-91 time frame, nasty buggers, pretty sure they would have hurt had they hit us, oh wait, I watched one scrape down the hull of our transport one night, got lucky on that, really sure blast would have took me out. Btw, pretty much just reading your stuff now, being between two worlds right now isn't leaving much time for blog reading, who knew getting out of the Corps would take longer than getting in. Wife safe in mountain homestead though so that a relief, Jville and SwampJune getting too bad at this point. Love the Lighten up Francis post, you know your inner Marine shows through quite a bit, must come from that cult you used to hang out with down on River Rd at Swampjune.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, looks old enough that it might not detonate at ...oops! Guess it would after all. My bad.
I've had to look at tunnels full of those things along the Adriatic coast.
Boat Guy

Sarthurk said...

Like I said in another blog post, It's a woman, so what would you expect?

Go ahead, hang me.

Anonymous said...

You're going to have to tell that story now. Can't drop a tidbit like that and leave us hanging. Haha

- BAP45