Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Back At Ya, Sir...

Once again this week, like many other well-executed blog efforts, we've been kindly favored with a link by Remus in his regular mental confection, the Woodpile Report, a weekly offering that is one hundred-fold the antidote for liberal tripe like 60 Minutes, and the former excellent work far more worthy of your time each week than the latter.

Such notice there never ceases to amaze and please hereabouts, because I take it as a sign I'm hitting the mark more than missing it.

And in the spirit of mutual appreciation, this masterpiece meme posted there today:

(Click to embiggen)

Accurate, delicious, and hilarious, if someone prints them 8½" x 11", we'll take a ream.
If not, we may have to make our own, and start distributing them, Sabo-like, around town.

Hint, Anyone: A poster-size version would break Amazon. You heard it here first.

Remus is taking a week off next week, so we thank him for the continued notice, and wish him the happiest of Thanksgiving weekends, and continued health and prosperity.

We'll try to be worthy of notice here as often as possible.


Anonymous said...

I really missed Remus's WOODPILE REPORT when he was on hiatus and was glad to see him posting again. Really good content and great photos of yesteryear to boot. Well worth the time to read.

jim rock said...


The Gray Man said...

This falls RIGHT into what I'm about to start doing. Target locations will need to be adjusted so that the audience has time to stop and read, as opposed to my earlier mention of 3"x5" stickies with pithy points. I'm on it.

The Gray Man said...

My life is seriously busy right now with numerous things, and even my own blog is suffering from it. But in an effort to get back in the game, I find the idea of printing these messages and posting them around to be a good start that won't be a time or money sink.

Anonymous said...

Saw that you'd been "mentioned in dispatches" by Remus. Well deserved. I too was bereft when Remus took a break and am very happy that it turned out to be temporary. You are doing good work, please keep after it.
Boat Guy