Thursday, November 2, 2017


You did remember to send a few copies of this flier to the local PD/SO/feds, right?
I could be wrong, but last I asked, the local po-po love, Love, LOVE it when other folks dress up and pretend to be them, and tend to express their sentiments in rather tangible fashion.

Sometimes, a PR-24 shampoo is exactly the correct response.

Sending them a heads-up by tomorrow to get them in the right mood for any shenanigans on Saturday is definitely a nice gesture.

And, of course, if you handbill the poster in places Antifa is less likely to congregate, but where Normies do, it neatly unravels this clever plan, doesn't it?


Irish said...

Hi Aesop, Off topic. More on vegas. FWIW. YMMV

Here’s a post at

I was scrolling through the comments and found this link interesting:

I also noticed the zerohedge posted about the lack of coverage

Keep fighting the good fight.

Aesop said...

TPTB aren't talking, so absent something legit leaking, the story is over, and we're not meant to know what really happened.
I doubt Paddock did it, and I doubt we'll ever find out who did.

But as ZH noted, look how much we know about the @$$hat who ran over the bicyclists in NYFC, for a contrast, within a couple of days.

Irish said...

Here’s another video I came across in s comment thread. Stick with it to the part where he shows clips of a youtuber that has a high resolution zoom camera and he is filming the clean up of the fair ground. Notice that he shows that there are no bullet holes in any of the out buildings or stage area. I found the other clips from the youtuber by searching his handle hangman1128.

It is interesting that there are no holes given the fact that hundreds of rounds were fired. Again. FWIW YMMV.


Anonymous said...

If antifa is planning on 'activities' in Texas November 4, they should have picked another date. November 4 happens to be opening day for whitetail deer, a day many hunters will have a scoped deer rifle in their possession on the way out to look for venison.