Thursday, November 2, 2017

Don't (Get Caught) Do(ing) Bad Things

h/t Thomas Paine, William Randolph Hearst, Donald Segretti, George Washington Hayduke, Sabo, and every current media network in existence

The hell you say. BFYTW

Reference this thread over at WRSA, regarding someone posting a strictly inoffensive poster (unless you're a triggered Trigglypuff Snowflake). Don't be that...Thing.

So, you wanna do something low-cost, high-payoff?
1) Bicycle.
2) Black hoodie.
3) 4-5AM is generally a very quiet time on most campuses. So is 5-7 PM-ish just after sunset, when people are eating dinner, once night classes are in session.
4) Every campus has designated Student Thought Police, whose job it is to approve all speech posted on bulletin boards. Appropriating  an exemplar of approved speech already posted gets you the template for the Stamp Of Approval; a large Pink Pearl eraser and half an hour's careful work with an X-acto knife re-creates the stamp.
Ask me how I know.
5) Have fun. Don't Get Caught.
6) Use commercial printers at a 24hr. FedEx/Kinko's, etc. Use a one-time cash card there. And hey, it's winter; wear a balaclava mask so you don't catch cold while you're printing your materials.

I say this because there are doubtless some misdemeanors on the books covering some parts of this, and there's no sense going to court for exercising free speech, and having to mount that defense. It gets expensive, even if you win. Remember, I'm saying Don't break the law. How close you skate to the edge of legality is between you and your conscience.

Bonus: look up the Usual SJW Suspect organizations in your area.
If someone were to print up flyers offering things like the latest iPhones at ridiculous prices, way-below-market cheap cars, and bullshit high-paying jobs, with handy tear-off strips with the business numbers of those folks, it'd be baaaaaad. And keep them from their usual nonsense.
So don't do that.

Also don't print out really offensive racist pro-pale color materials, and then list the organization's number as the one for the NAACP or ACLU. It might create unwelcome confusion.

Slipping a counter message into the middle of a careful dupe of some other side's fliers would be hilariously double-plus badthink. So is taking their manifestos, and then subtly changing them so they don't go where the original group wanted to go. A little forethought goes a long way, and you simultaneously make the originating group look unreliable to the hard core Leftards.
Hilarity ensues when they form circular firing squads.
e.g., having the Black Panthers come out against illegal Latino immigrants, because "Jose y Maria be takin' jobs from da 'hood rats," or "the pinche' Crips and Bloods are the ones robbing our tiendas" pays dividends you'd never get from a purely Richard Spencer/David Duke screed. And remember, truth is an absolute defense.

The goal there is subtle subversion, not pies in the face.

We won't even go into misdirecting people to the wrong places and times, for instance for any festivities this Saturday. Sending them to the local police station or federal building might pay enormous dividends.
You should already be on that.
(Hint: promises of free food, drink, free swag, and music belong there like cheese on pizza. Directing them to park in tow-away zones is a slam dunk as well. If they show, having someone handy to call TPTB to begin towing is pure comedy gold. Whether you go all-in on fake cover-up signs until your pigeons are in place is entirely up to you.)

Paying two guys named Julio to paper the cars in the student parking lot during Friday classes gives you a cut-out that can't ID you, and hits 100% of the target crowd.
College kids - as a species - are gullible @$$clowns, easily confused.
Leverage that for fun and entertainment.
It's a moral imperative.

And finally, distributing messages just a bit too on-point by real groups, like pro-pedophilia materials from NAMBLA, or misogynistic and pro-terror bombing stuff from the local Muslim Student Association, let alone racist tripe from the black and hispanic groups, and making it appear that it came from them is masterclass-level stuff. They and the SJW administration will be investigating hate-speech charges and counter-charges endlessly, and they'll all be at each other's throats non-stop.
Oh, and remember to wear your nitrile gloves. No sense leaving your fingerprints in the local fusion center's database, right?

Just imagine Don Rickles and Archie Bunker having dinner, with a scribe present, and a media relations department, and let your imagination go wild.

If you run out of ideas, pop a disc of PCU into the player:
(Directed by Ellis from Die Hard:)
Stop quaking about what the Leftards are doing, boys and girls, and start baking some nuclear yeast into their Dissent Cakes. Then stand back, and watch them reap the whirlwind.

You can play "Let's you and him fight" with half an hour at the local copy shop.


David said...

A relative often works security in an entertainment district.
A favored amusement is lying to particularly obnoxious idiots looking for something extra to spice up the night.
“Head to bar XYZ and see if Jim or Bob is there. If so, tell ‘em Cletus sent you and you’ll get hooked up.”
Jim and Bob being retired cops that own the XYZ bar and prefer relative peace and quiet.

Anonymous said...

Use PET milk to put up posters. They will never come off.

The Gray Man said...

I would also recommend casing the locations before you take part in these activities. The first time you observe your target locations for papering, you shouldn't be wearing what you plan to wear, carrying any of the posters or anything else you'll have when you do the papering. Case the areas at the time of day (or night) and on the day of the week you plan to do the papering. While you're there, obtain a copy of the student paper so you're aware of any events. It'll suck to show up at 7pm on November whenever and find that there is a student bonfire and early Thanksgiving cookout instead of a quiet evening. Or maybe you could use the crowd to move unnoticed? Your call, but don't let yourself be surprised by a campus party you didn't see coming.

And when you're casing your target spots, don't look like an idiot. Just walk by and observe. You don't need to be Jason Bourne. Just be aware of obvious obstacles to your goal. Like a police substation sitting twenty feet from the wall you're papering. Or the 19 security cameras bolted to the pole you're papering. Or the smoking pavilion that always has 15 people sitting out there at exactly the moment you plan to post your material.

Roozter said...

OK, gotta do this...
Found you after Vegas, h/t and MANY thx to "The Treehouse"!
Promptly read both blogs in entirety in a few days...
Dude, you're a 💥FREAKIN' GENIUS💥!!
Thank you very much😘!

Anonymous said...

I would never go to the library and take a stack of blank IRS tax forms with postage paid envelopes, and then stuffing them full of random anonymous receipts, and writing on the tax form "Here, you figure out this shit!" Signed, "your mark"

Never do that.

Anonymous said...

One thing I would NEVER Do is cruise the campus neighborhoods for upscale vehicles found with traffic tickets on the windshield...yuppie scum or faculty vehicles? Remove said citations, write something obscene and insulting to the police on said citation, smear with a bit of suspected(at least in appearances) bodily fluids, and then drop the prepared citation into a citation drop box or...corner mailbox.

This is ILLEGAL! Do not do it!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's war and there are no rules in an existential conflict.