Monday, November 20, 2017

Dog Training: Why A Rolled Up Newspaper Is Not A Gun

A few items:
Item One: Klavan
So if leftists really want conservatives to behave like conservatives, they should make sure the networks and the Times and CNN begin to hold everyone to the same standards all the time no matter what's at stake. Otherwise, if the right does become as hollow as the left, leftists will have no one but themselves to blame. In a two-party winner-take-all system, either the rules apply to both sides equally or both sides are bound to start playing without them.
Item Two: Vox
Klavan and other conservative commentators have got to get over their irrepressible desire to fix the Left and understand that they don't get a vote. The point is not to prove to the Left that they are wrong and that they should stop what they are doing and behave more like we do. The point is to defeat them utterly, then eradicate their ideas from Western civilization before they manage to destroy it once and for all.
Item Three: Mike @ Cold Fury , who put A and B together.

Batting clean-up: moi.

If Vox thinks Klavan wants to "fix' the Left, he's clueless in a lookout-on-the-Titanic-one-foggy-night sort of way.

Klavan is a rhetorical genius, as any twenty of his videos on YouTube will demonstrate beyond dispute.

The unspoken point of Klavan's admonitions to the Left, is that after showing them how they miss the standard of success, and telling them what they'd need to do to reverse course, lies the salient and silent "But you'll NEVER do that, because you're a bunch of retarded evil people who could no more think intelligently than a dog could perform Shakespeare."

Klavan has made a hobby of skewering the Left on their own petards, and showing it to be every bit as difficult as shooting fish in a barrel - with a howitzer.

To imagine he's seriously expecting that the Left will suddenly break suction, pull their heads out, and start acting like rational human beings is to ignore the body of Klavan's work to date.

His work is masterful black comedy, for its own sake, and his remonstrations to the Left are in the same vein as lecturing a puppy before applying the rolled up newspaper: one doesn't do it because they expect the pooch will suddenly stand upright on its hind legs, hang its head, and profess sorrow, remorse, and an earnest aspiration to behave better, delivered in the Queen's English.

They do it to observe the proprieties before the Sword (or in this example, the Rolled-Up Newspaper) of Justice falls, and delivers the Smackdown of Justified Wrath on the guilty party.

In short, you don't do it for Fido, you do it for you.
This is why you're not just a brutal thug beating a dumb animal, and it's also why you don't shoot the dog.
(Or the Left.)

At least until they graduate from being asses, to being outright terrorists, at which point lopping heads off is all well and good, as Klavan would assent to in a heartbeat.

I wouldn't shoot a dog for peeing on a fire hydrant, and I wouldn't shoot a Leftist for being an ignorant braying jackass. In both cases, it's what they do.

But when either one graduates from transgressing polite behavior, to threatening life and limb, they need to be put down.

Like you do with any rabid dogs you encounter.
Soiling your carpets is trainable with a rolled up newspaper.
Rabies is only corrected with a bullet to the brain.


loren said...

What can you do but fight to win. Emotional rhetoric is all they got (think of the children, climate, elephants you racist, sexist pig).
A rational empirical facts based argument will get you absolutely nowhere. God knows I've tried.
If she didn't have good legs I'd dump her.
So, ok I'm a sexist pig and probably racist too but whatever.

Old Grafton said...

Atticus didn't screw around; a Krag is not to be ignored.

SiGraybeard said...

But when either one graduates from transgressing polite behavior, to threatening life and limb, they need to be put down. Some of them are there already. Like Antifa, BLM and BAMN.

Just sayin'.

The Gray Man said...

I know it's off topic but I need a few ideas. I'm going to make some sticky labels, like 3"x5" or so... They'll say things like "His name was Seth Rich" and "It's okay to be white" and stuff like that. Any ideas for other "Who is John Galt"-ish type messages? It'll need to be short, something that someone can read at a glance without doubletaking, and still get the point, a liberty-based point, or a point of race realism, or stuff like that.


Aesop said...

"Spy on Enemies, Not Citizens"
"ABCNNBCBS Is Fake News"
"Drain The Swamp"
"Lock Her Up"
"Build The Wall"
"Progressivism is Rape Culture"
"The Left Wants ALL The Guns"
"Hollywood = Propaganda"
"Open Borders Are Cultural Suicide"
"Government IS The Problem"

That's ten off the top of my head.

Aesop said...

No argument with that.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

MMinWA said...

Used to be a fan of Klaven but his neverTrump BS put me waaay off. I don't recall who he preferred if in fact he ever made that declaration but he sure as fuck was adamant that Trump most definitely wasn't up to it. Watched him recently and despite some very what I would call "great leadership" by Trump, he still has to twist the knife. Get off it Andrew. So yeah, anything downstream from that ain't registering here.

Same with Whittle. Was with him from even before EjectEjectEject and he's still plucking that chicken. Got no use for either one now. He can make all the fucking videos in the world telling me Hillary would have been the end but he still ain't choking down what in fact he called years before Trump even announced.

Are they, and others, both well reasoning who get lots of shit? Yep. It's what I believe is called a sticking point. You want to preen? Go ahead but I ain't gonna buy tickets.

OTOH you gots a Kurt Schlichter, another excellent writer who, pre election, couldn't choke Trump down but since, has come on board. Which is great as I liked his style, as I did Klavens' and Whittles' well before 2016.

Do I need sycophants? No but I read plenty of left wing crap like CommonDreams, KOS The NYT, so I most definitely don't care for snarky BS from guys I would
prefer turn their skills to highlighting what this President is not only doing but what he is up against.

Do I look at Trump and go WTF!!!?(sometimes) Yeah but do I know all the angles? Of course not. I'm just not going to waste my time on some holier then thou, know it fucking all, who 1 year after the election still feels the need to virtue signal. Fuck him.

Plus I know my clicks and holding off occasional dollar outlays for their books or site membership ain't shit but I just can't get down with someone ostensibly on our side eating our own. Yeah so fuck you too Scott Ott.

Aesop said...

Neither one of them is a NeverTrumper, they merely disliked him for the same reasons I did. And both acknowledge Trump on his worst day is miles ahead of what Shrillary would have been on any day.

Don't confuse primary politicking with principles.

Somebody's fullback may be a real sonofabitch, but if he gains yardage, you give him the ball.

That's Trump, in a nutshell.

Ain't never been a perfect president, ever, nor a candidate for the office neither, and I'm not cutting off my nose to spite my face while waiting for one.

Alien said...

I'll concur, but the issue is that we won't accomplish Jack with the current crop of politicians; we've already estabished that Democrats are lying, thieving, cheating anti-American evil-doers, but full realization that Republicans are Junior Democrats struggling to earn the crown hasn't manifested itself yet.

Politically speaking, we need to implement Ripley's Theorem. Until that happens, we're not even treading water.

The Gray Man said...

Thanks. Some good'uns.

The Gray Man said...

I agree with not cutting off your nose, but it was hard as hell convincing myself that he wasn't a closet liberal. Still haven't. Sometimes I don't think he knows or cares about the difference between liberal and conservative.

The Gray Man said...

Going to add Klaven to my daily reading check.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much in favor of "fixing" the left, in much the same way I fixed my cat.