Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

While we're talking movies, (because hey, it's the weekend) if you're any shade of Avengers fan, go see this one.
I caught it last Monday, but didn't get around to doing the review until now.

When I see a movie (particularly in this utterly atrocious year of dungball films) that's packed (which in itself is a minor miracle) at dinnertime on a weekday, and the audience is laughing out loud at the funny parts - and there are a lot in this film - and sitting in rapt attention at the exciting parts, the makers of the flick have nailed the effort.

The third Thor film does that handily, continuing the Marvel Group as the world-record holders at most movies made without a clinker, and handily surpassing Peter Jackson's seven-flick streak with LOTR/The Hobbit. (Even if Marvel had to rotate directors through like a minor league pitching coach.)

It helps that a comic book is essentially a movie storyboard, leaving you with only the necessity of filing in the script and finding $200M or so to make your movie, but so far, Marvel's got the hang of it, while Warner Bros. DC version continue the hit-and-miss (mostly miss) attempts stretching back to the 1970s.

This one really is a lot of fun, plays out the expanding Marvelverse saga nicely, and consistently entertains, which is a claim so few movies make this year as to be noteworthy.
And as I noted yesterday with MotOE, AFAIK, no one involved with this one is under accusation or indictment for an egregious lack of humanity or criminal predations on women or children, which in Hollywood these days should probably become a new award category.

So once again, if you're looking for a fun flick worth your hard-earned dough, this one fits the bill.

My rating:
It's Marvelous.
And like Thor himself, the folks who wielded this one are truly worthy.


loren said...

Saw a movie on Netflix the other day called "How to Steal a Million. 1965 starring Kane and Hepburn. Both in their prime and having a great time in Paris making a small movie.
Not only were the women prettier and a whole lot classier back then, so were the cars.
Kinda sad.

Anonymous said...

Here's a suitable movie review Haiku poem for
Thor: Ragnarok...

Been called the greatest
Hero movie of all time
I agree Hulk smash.