Monday, November 6, 2017

Compare And Contrast

Look at the mass murder shooting yesterday in Texas, and contrast it with the previous one last month in Las Vegas.

In Vegas, 37 days later, there is still not one credible motive for the attack.
In Texas, in less than 37 hours, the motive(s) are plainly described. If anything, there are multiples of them, ranging from bitter rage at his ex and former in-laws, to atheism, to Leftist whacktardery, on and on ad infinitum.

In Vegas, there is no reason to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the guy tagged for it actually carried it out, because no one saw him do it.
In Texas, most of a church-full of people could tell you exactly who did it, and one of the people who saw him do it followed him with a rifle - after shooting him with said rifle - to the point when police finally arrived minutes later to take custody of the corpse.

In neither incident did the police do anything worthwhile in any way to deter, inhibit, nor end either shooting. Their sole contribution, as in 99.9% of shootings, is to unroll barrier tape, chalk outlines around bodies, and gather evidence and fill out reports for trials that will never happen. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Not one of 30,000 gun laws did one single thing to prevent or even delay either shooting.
Nor would any 30,000 more accomplish anything better.

The notionally presumptive Vegas shooter broke no laws until he knocked out windows and opened fire.
The Texas shooter broke every law imaginable, being legally prohibited from even so much as possessing any firearm. Shocking Every Clueless Barking Leftard Moonbat  The Usual Suspects, a homicidal criminal breaks the law, exactly as the definition of the word "criminal" might imply to someone with an IQ greater than their shoe size. (Every politician with a (D) after your name, call your office...)

In both cases, those same Usual Suspects wasted not one moment before beginning their usual insane catcalls to punish everyone who didn't do either crime, by banning more guns (again!), whilst gleefully dancing in the still warm pools of the blood of the victims to do so. Every one of them, from Congressbitch Shitweasel Gabby Giffords, to the retinue of Hollywood misogynist pedophile- and rapist-enabling celebutards, should be castigated verbally and egged  - by the dozen, please - physically, until they grow a verbal filter sufficient to shut their pieholes, pretty much until the grave takes over the task for them when they die of natural causes. They are shitlords of the lowest order, and there is no amount of public shaming - up to activating their dental plans, in a need for new implants sort of way - that goes too far in shouting them down and howling them into silence.

In both cases, the media engages in knee-jerk around-the-clock non-stop coverage, but only to gin up their well-deserved flagging ratings, and to service their own anti-gun agenda, while contributing nothing but ass-gas to the discussion, and shunting 50 more important daily stories into the dustbin, stopping just short of tying strings to the bloody corpses and using them as marionettes on live TV.

In neither instance does anyone, on any side, think the problem is too few laws, nor too many guns.

Notably absent in both cases, as in the case of the New York Not-So-Smart-Bomb truck driver jihadist, is any call for rounding up the people culpable, killing them judicially and rapidly whenever possible, or cracking down in any way on the low-hanging fruit in any such instance, which is the B-team redshirts waiting in the wings. That crackdown should also preclude the inevitable next attempt for the Body Count Gold Medal the media is always itching to re-confer, with millions of dollars of free publicity given to oxygen-thieving jackholes who should by law have their names and likenesses stricken from all public discourse after 24 hours, and be otherwise expunged from history, on pain of punitive fines so huge and draconian as to give even professional football-playing felons and Silicon Valley tech wizards pause before breaking the taboo.
All further reference, by law and custom, should be to "Douchebag 20171105", et al, in perpetuity.

And the FCC should award licensing fees for broadcast permits at the commercial market rate per second of publicity for the aforementioned douchebags, starting with the eleventh such second of air time in any calendar year, as a penalty bonus for every TV and radio station in the country. Call it pay to play. When even NYFC and L.A. stations couldn't afford to glorify such visigoths by Day Two, they would, of necessity, return to covering the rest of the news, in short order.

There's even the bare possibility that they might recollect another loathsome subject, a world-class felon, who's caused more grief and anguish to more people, while breaking more laws than either shooting perpetrator, and who, by any reasonable standard, has accumulated a far higher body count than both of them combined:

Felonia von Pantsuit, Empress Shrillary I, Vagina Regina, First Lady of Crime

Instead, they'd rather give another 40 lashes to their favorite dead horse, Gun Control, while touting odds on another nag, Russian Collusion, (in the second race, on a muddy track) which 9 months later still hasn't managed to stumble out of the starting gate, no matter how hard the media minions of stupidity flog her flanks.

"Look mate, that nag wouldn't "VOOOM!" if you put 10,000 volts through it!"

Because when you've got a slam-dunk case against your ersatz Queen, the best thing for the media wing of America's Communist Party to do is wave their arms, chatter incantations, and try to blame crimes whose perpetrators are beyond human judgment on inanimate objects they don't like, owned by people who didn't do it.


Jennifer said...

Well put. Thank you!
BTW, there is a px floating around of Giffords wielding a scary black rifle...

George True said...

I strongly suspect that the FBI will craft a narrative about this guy that is not quite the whole truth. Witness the fact that his Facebook and other social media pages wete made to vanish within maybe two hours after the shootings. Anything that is released about him after the scrub of info is likely to be a concoction.

People who knew him all say he was a wierdo and a loser. And I would be willing to bet money that he was also on SSRI's. But the part that will be covered up is any leftist leanings such as Hillary supporter, Antifa involvement, registered Democrat, leftist rants on social media, etc. And I would bet serious money that he had these as well.

Unknown said...

Gabby Giffords is proof that you can lose half of your brain and still be a viable candidate for the democrat party.

loren said...

So now the talk is he got his guns cause the Air Force didn't tell anybody about his convictions so he could still buy weapons.
Way to go guys. How's that F-35 working out?

Anonymous said...

The only people who might be influenced by a recitation of facts are those who do not already possess a welded position. Those who energetically and inexorably demand gun control are impervious to facts. As our host is wont to point out, they hate anyone who would dare to avoid their statist grasp of totalitarian control.

They are not against "guns"; they want to have them all, and arguing with them is like trying to convince a lion that he is not hungry when you are on the menu. They hate you, and given the opportunity, they would happily offer you a final solution to put you out of their misery. And those who do not think that way but sing in their choir are the polezniye duraki; useful until they are not. said...

Spot on post!

The wife started watching Poldark on PBS, so took in a few episodes. It's a well done series piece based on life in England back in the late 1790's.

What I find incredibly ironic in the show is the abuse of power, the corruption of gov't and the judiciary, the oppression and abuse of the common people which are simply cattle to the elites. It disgusting to realize 225 years later and nothing has changed.

We are so f@cked as a country, 225 years after we won our freedom and we are back to square one. WTF!

RSR said...

Texas shooter was a doozy -- abuse to wife and baby, animals, psych issues and psych drugs going back to early high school, no respect for parents, no respect for life, etc...

RSR said...

Also, investigated for sexual assault and rape... And the Air Force (dot gov) failure is why the shooter was able to acquire weapons:

AP story is good: "Violence followed Texas church gunman after high school"

Unfortunately, nothing w/ Texas that is anything except what you expect from a such a pathetic person...

Anonymous said...

Felonia von Pantsuit, eh? ROTFLMAO, love it. Hope you don't mind if I borrow that once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

What is it about a LEO that makes them effective crime stoppers ?

Is it the vehicle that transports them there ? Nope - just a vehicle.

Is it the uniform ? Nope, just clothing.

Is it the badge ? Nope, just a piece of metal, a talisman signifying authority.

Is it the firearm ? Nope, just a tool carried.

Its the MINDSET. The conviction that "I will not allow any fuckery to go on in front of me without me doing something about it". A civilian that carries a firearm for self protection has that protection when they decide they will commit to action.

The Bad Guy is committed to their action. The Good Guy has to be just as committed to stopping them. Civilian or LEO, they are the same person.

Anonymous said...

And the psychotropic rampage continues.
We need to start recognising the effects of prescribed meds on our young people. I would say the overwhelming majority of mass shooters over the last five decades had been using prescribed psychotropics at some point.
It's a condition largely ignored. There's no reason we should be peddling hard drugs legally on our children.

Aesop said...


"Felonia von Pantsuit" was entirely the creation of Kurt Schlicter last year during the election season. Pure genius.
Google him, read his essays. Beverage Alert! They are a weekly scream of skewering the RINOs and Leftards.
For that Shrillary sobriquet alone, he deserves a statue somewhere.

Correlation is not causation.
People on psychotropic meds are, definitionally, fucked in the head from the get-go. Who can say this was a side effect, rather than the baseline personality malfunction of a person non-compliant with his meds, and desperately in need of a life sentence at the Rubber Room Hotel?

This case isn't an argument for less psych meds, it's an argument for more psych prisons.

Y'know, like we did until 40 years ago, before things went to shit letting the lunatic asylum inmates run free, and good folks having to go out armed to the teeth 24/7/365.

RSR said...

Aesop -- disassociation and other cognitive side effects caused by SSRI anti-depressant/psych meds is well established both anecdotally and in peer-reviewed studies. Generally accepted ratio of such side effects range from 1 in 100 to 1 in 4. And side effects regularly occur to the aggressive end of the spectrum too when reducing dosage or stopping (through patient failure or per Dr's instruction) SSRIs as well. With proper dosage and as I am sure you are aware, disassociation occurs to the other end of the spectrum -- and disassociation is effectively shutting down the emotional aspect of the person and all behavior regulation that comes from a human being's emotional compass (effectively, disassociative persons exist in a state not far removed from a psychopath -- like in a dream with minimal to no inhibitions). To be clear, disassociation "aggression" (actually more to depressive end of spectrum) and reduced dosage aggression (aggressive end of spectrum) are two separate issues. Bottom line, very hard to keep SSRI dosage constantly optimal -- as you also know, brain hormones like serotonin are constantly in flux as well...

The problem with psych prisons, etc, is that it's really a very slippery slope... I think substantial reform needs done to the current psych treatment options in the US, but insofar as prisons... The vast majority of gun collectors, preppers, authority skeptics, etc, would be eligible for commitment/rehabilitation w/ DSM-5 currently in place. Oddly enough, many folks who would previously been committed to psych wards 50 years ago would no longer be so under current DSM either...

Jeff9 said...


Great writing and analysis, as always.

MDPatriot has a tantalizing piece on the Vegas shooting and how it may tie into recent events around the House Of Saud. As always with 4chan, grains of salt are required.

Would like to hear your thoughts.

socalmike said...

Good post, Aesop. Love the blog.

It is beyond the realm of my comprehension that ICE has not rounded up all 23 (!) of NYC-driver-terrorist's relatives that came here through Chain Migration (!) and shipped them back to whence they came.

Ship them back. Today.

RSR said...

This is the type of person who carries out these type of mass shootings... Paddock still doesn't fit:
"Texas shooting suspect escaped from mental health hospital in 2012, attempted 'to carry out death threats': Police report

Good Morning America
Good Morning America
November 7, 2017

Texas church shooting suspect and Air Force veteran Devin Kelley escaped from a New Mexico mental health hospital in 2012, according to an El Paso Police Department report, which also said he "was attempting to carry out death threats" that he "had made on his military chain of command."

A witness said Kelley "suffered from mental disorders and had plans to run from Peak Behavioral Health Services ... and take a bus out of state,” according to the report.

The report said Kelley had previously been caught sneaking firearms onto Hollaman Air Force Base where he served in New Mexico. The report also noted that Kelley was facing military criminal charges.

Kelley was located and did not resist or make any comments about harming himself or other officers, the report said, adding that he was released to Sunland Park police officers.

The Air Force official confirmed the details in the police report, including that Kelley was a danger to himself and others, faced military criminal charges, had been sneaking firearms onto Holloman Air Force Base and had made threats toward his chain of command. The official also confirmed the description from the person at the facility that Kelley "suffered from mental disorders.""

Anonymous said...

Texas shooter was a long time user of prescribed meds for ADHD.

I don't know what the answer is, but prescribing hard core drugs to human beings not yet fully developed just seems wrong to me.
Even with adults, we still have only a few decades of experimentation with these drugs to have made them acceptable to the general public.

More psych prisons? This might help some, but we're still not addressing the possibility some of these drugs are causing the problem.
This is also a reactive measure, and doesn't attempt to address any root issues that may be drug related.

We need to start talking about the drug problem.
Are the drug companies really trying to help, or are they just peddling an expensive quick fix (no pun intended).
If something as seemingly routine as taking Ambien to get some sleep is OK, then why does the drug label warn of side effects that include loss of memory, feelings of hopelessness, irritability and dozens of other symptoms that would get a lot of people locked up?
Something doesn't add up.


Aesop said...

Trying to palm mass shootings off on any medication is beyond the realm of statistical reality, since we're talking about a reaction amongst 0.0000001% of the population.
If psych drugs were causative, one would expect one helluva lot more shootings.

The shootings are, however, wholly explainable with regard to human behavior even without the drugs, so piling the drugs into the pot is rather pointless.

If correlation were causation, the fact that the perpetrators drove cars, wore underwear, or ate hamburgers correlate equally highly with their propensity for mass shootings, and with exactly as much evidence that any of those things played a causative role.

If you want to explain it far more simply, look at the growth of such incidents trying to rack up the new Guinness Record for killing innocent people, and the 24-hour news cycle's instant perpetual glorification and immortality conferred upon the perpetrators.

But blaming psych drugs for mass murder is as sketchy as blaming them for suicides, since we're talking about definitionally crazy people from the outset, who already have a propensity to do crazy things, with or without drugs. In my experience, it's usually the lack of taking their meds that causes the biggest problems, and the biggest reason crazy people stop taking them is because they make them feel normal, which to them feels weird. And/or because when they're normal, they think they're fine, so they unilaterally elect to quit taking them.

Because they're crazy.

Look into how few mass murders there were before we took crazy people out of institutions, and began letting them walk the streets with everyone else, and see if the correlation isn't exactly 1:1, and the increased frequency accounted for entirely by population growth over time.

Then flash back to the fact that this was a guy who beat his infant son to the point of skull fracture, abused his wife, and killed a neighbor's pet.
He was either simply evil, or criminally insane, and should have been under lock and key in perpetuity, and gave us multiple warnings he couldn't work and play in society for years in advance.