Saturday, November 18, 2017

According To The Prophecy

h/t WRSA

I told you, barely more than a dozen hours ago, that someone would do a worldwide faceplant any minute.

USAFarce Gen. John "Dipshit Candyass" Hyten, come on down:

The top US nuclear commander has said that if President Trump ordered a nuclear attack that he disagreed with he would refuse. 
Air Force General John Hyten on Saturday told an audience at the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia that he's thought a lot about what he will do if Trump orders a strike he considers illegal. 
'I think some people think we're stupid,' Hyten said, responding to a question about the scenario, according to CBS News. He is the commander of the US Strategic Command, or STRATCOM. 
'We're not stupid people. We think about these things a lot. When you have this responsibility, how do you not think about it?' 
Hyten said though that if the 'illegal' command did come, they would go through a process to find a better solution.
I'm not being insensitive here: I know picking on the US Air Farce, always an honorable alternative to military service, is like kicking the retarded kids. (But it feels so right!) So maybe those of you with influence in that organization could ask your leaders managers to stop bending over with big red and white targets on their asses, and "Kick Me" signs on their yellow-striped backs.

So for the benefit of all concerned, the following.

See here, Mr. Virtue-Signalling Four-Starred Fucktard:

You are "stupid people". You yourself are, anyways.
The lackwit liars and cheaters at Missile Command cribbing test answers are fish for another kettle.

But if President Trump issues an order to nuke North Korea to SecDef Mattis, who relays it to you directly or through subordinate commands, it is, by law and definition, a "legal order". Period. Full stop.

If possession of your obviously hypertrophied mangina will not permit you to carry out such a lawful order from your commander in chief, or there is any possibility that you might be inclined to refuse it, you should resign immediately. Leaving your tunic and trousers behind, and whacking yourself over the head with a stick while shouting, as you leave the Pentagon semi-naked, and proceed to your POV to drive home "I'm a fucking pussy and a pale excuse for manhood!" is entirely optional, but clearly indicated. If you'd like, I'm pretty sure suitable MPs can be found to assist you in the latter if you find yourself incapable of that act as well, you cowardly dickless bastard.

In the meantime, having indicated your tendency and intention to mutiny on impetus of personal whimsy, particularly in the control or use of nuclear weapons, the holy grail of why you even have a job, your statements should be a clear call for the General of the Air Force, Secretary of the Air Force, and Secretary of Defense to relieve you from your post immediately under both common sense, and the long-standing  guidelines of the Personal Reliability Program governing nuclear weapons going back decades and decades (maybe you've heard of them?), and also institute immediate investigation in support of accelerated general court-martial proceedings for your flagrant and public violations of Articles 88, 92, 98, 104, 133, and 134 of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice.
(That means your next thirty or so years of federal service will be in command of a mop at Leavenworth Military Correctional Facility, you jet-fuel genius. If the USAF can manage to get your skill assessment right with one more bite at that apple. Seeing how your retarded sisters at the sister service have handled similar black-letter law violations of the UCMJ by communist 2LT Spenser Rapone, USA, I give the USAF 30/70 odds on that, but they deserve at least the bare chance to try.)

And maybe I'm missing something in the arcana of chest-shit you chairborne pukes accumulate over there on your side of the playground, but it boggles the mind how anyone could rise to four-star rank in the USAF without so much as one single award for personal combat bravery, in a period of service wherein we've fought three major wars and numerous smaller conflicts. But I'm sure all the pencils in your desk cup are precisely the same length, and you never missed the urinal once and always washed up afterwards, as two or more of the ribbons on your rack must surely attest, possibly with oak-leaf clusters.

And on a personal note, I wish SecDef Mattis would personally haul you into custody himself, by your earlobe, on national TV, pour encourager les autres, but I'd settle for him simply firing every Air Farce general who's never heard a shot fired in anger or flown a single combat mission, and instituting an immediate review and in most cases same-day retirement, of every general promoted to the ranks O-7 to O-10 in all the military services from 2009-2017.

There seem to be an abundance of kissasses and suckups retained or promoted during the prior administration who should never have made it past the selection board for captain, and you appear to be the prize-winning example of that from your year-group.


P.S. Be happy that firing squads are all out of vogue now. In a just universe, yours would be six Hog drivers firing parked A-10s at you tied to a stake, and we'd show the video of your fenestration as morning motivation for new Air Farce recruits for the next 50 years.

As it is, the DoD barring the award of any future contracts to any company that would hire you (including Uber or the Home Depot) after your early retirement should make your next job, greeting guests and opening the front door at a major hotel, a shoe-in, as befitting your previous level of experience and aptitude.


Jennifer said...

Just wondering, but that was exactly a plot point of one of the Clancy novels. Do you think he was just blowing hot air to calm the idiots frothing about Trump's 'finger on the button?'

Aesop said...

No, I think he was a jackass in desperate need of a court-martial and shotgun retirement.
Anybody who hints that the CinC's orders will be disobeyed has undermined the entire deterent nature of the nation's entire nuclear forces, and needs to be shown the door, at gunpoint, and ideally, with a stay in a cell along the way.

What you want is the sub captain on a Discovery Channel doc back in the late 80s-early 90s, who said emphatically "If the president gives the command, these (nuclear Trident) birds will fly!"

This guy should be relieved, placed in handcuffs, and confined awaiting trial by court martial. He put 300M Americans at risk. It's not funny, cute, or disinformation.
It's destabilization, and it degrades our entire defense apparatus.

The civilized word for that is "treasonous".

Anonymous said...

Why isn't his career over?

lineman said...

Ahh just testing the old ice and seeing what they can get away with...They are desperate people and desperate people do desperate things...

Retired Spook said...

I was head intel geek for an A-10 squadron, back in the heady days of Desert Storm. If he needs to be retired, I can think of a number of suitable replacements, including one female A-10 pilot (AF Reserve, who's civilian job was teaching general science at a junior high school in Kansas) who won trophies at multiple Air Force Air-to-Mud competitions, (for both bombs and gunnery) and collected two decorations during Desert Storm, for going above and beyond in getting up-close-and-personal with ordnance delivery from said A-10s.

Although it's kinda embarrassing when a female officer has more balls than a general.

Drew458 said...

This looks like a real instant career ender. But he need not fear the results of a courts martial: the flyboys will forget to enter his convictions into the criminal system, and he'll walk. That's one thing that they ARE good at.

0007 said...

Drew458 for the win...

Anonymous said...

Some version of keel-hauling is the only appropriate response .
I'll bring popcorn

LodeRunner said...

He should be beaten, tarred, feathered, and left in the deep desert without water. If he survives that, then he should spend a few years in one of the cells nicknamed "el negro" at Leavenworth.

Anonymous said...

Leave him with me - or any number of our brothers, for a few minutes - or several .....
As someone who honored my oath - to the detriment of my own health and future, I or any of my brothers could teach this peacock the price of honor....

It suited him - and so many others - to march when the paychecks and benifits and the band was playing to the applause of the ignorant crowd..., now let him be silenced and humiliated forever...

To those who decry the service of our military I can only answer that my motives and intent are and were honest and pure.
If the motives of politicians and bankers were not, you can take whatever issues you might have to them.

Anonymous said...

Litmus test time: What Mattis does over the next 48-120 hours will determine his worth as SecDef; same for the C-in-C.

No public announcement need be made, just quietly and quickly replace the mutineer and push him into retirement (he should be court martialed, but everyone's a pussy now). Word will travel at light speed.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I'm betting he'll be in the job this time next month. Too bad, there was once a ComStratCom who said this country's anger should be feared.
Boat Guy

loren said...

My understanding is the president enters a code in the "Football" to initiate launch. This General, wherever he is, would not get the option of disobeying an "illegal" order. If he did, he'd be relieved and his deputy would take over - if necessary, all the way down to the sergeant in charge of the pencils.
No doubt wrong on that as there's probably many, many hands on buttons to make it a thing but whatever. Doubt if any here know and if they do blog about it so free to speculate.
As to firing him; imagine the uproar if the dastardly Trump fired a general because he said he'd refuse an illegal order? Knock the Clinton's and other dirtbags right out of the headlines for months.
I want Clinton prosecuted without any distractions.

Aesop said...

I once worked for a colonel who explained it as follows.

"1) You are not expected to follow an unlawful order.
2) God help the man in this command, officer or enlisted, who ever thinks I've issued one."

As for Mattis, I'd like to hear that Trump ordered him to have that general relieved and arrested, and that if it hadn't been accomplished within one hour, to consider himself fired, and to have his deputy sec def return the call.

Once he was in custody, I'd have him sit in the Cabinet conference room under MP guard, while POTUS, SecDef, SecAF, the AF Chief of Staff, and the Attorney General deliberated over whether to bust him to his permanent rank and retire him on the spot, or turn him over to the JAG Corps for court martial, demotion to the lowest enlisted grade, and confinement for a term to be determined after trial. My preference would be for the latter. To whom much is given, much is demanded. Anyone who's risen to four-star rank and hasn't learned to put his motormouth in park is someone desperately seeking to serve as a negative example to the entire US military establishment, and a set of utilities with a big white "P" stenciled on the back would serve that lesson up with the piquant taste of one's one blood after running headfirst into a granite wall.

Followed by walking down the hall and holding an on-the-spot press conference on the decision.

That news wouldn't travel at light speed, it would travel at warp speed.

Only if the UCMJ countenanced throwing the convicted guilty party into a live volcano do I think things could be improved over that.

There's a name for the type of republics where generals decide what the elected president may and may not do. This assbag has suggested that's a governmental model to emulate north of the Rio Grande, and simultaneously, he's undermined the actual military deterrence that protects the entire nation.

There is little described in the all the annals of history, to include typical Apache hospitality to captured enemies, that would be too extreme a punishment for any general who would openly advocate or accomplish either deed.

Anonymous said...

I'll start stocking up bananas if this guy isn't relieved of duty immediately. If the liberal wusses supporting this POS want to live in a "Republic" of that kind, they can reap what they sow. It won't be pretty for them.

loren said...

Wall Mart has bananas for 17 cents a pound with a rebate.

Response39 said...

I read what he said, and what was reported (not the same thing), and drew a different conclusion. I don't disagree that his picture was a prototypical AF face - doofus. I think he was explaining that a general in his position is 1) and advisor to the president, not an independent decision-maker; and 2) subject to the same UCMJ - to wit, he has to determine if he's been given a lawful order by a commander. Every swinging Richard in the military has that obligation as a subordinate. Every other SR senior enlisted and officer has the obligation to determine if the order they are about to give is lawful.

One or both of the SRs involved could end up in the brig if they don't. That's nothing "new" or "unique" to the Trump era. This is a MSM $hit blizzard about nothing. They're excited that he said he could tell the CinC "no." They think he's "speaking truth to power," whatever that means.

The mitigating comments from the general indicated that he's then advise the CinC on what orders would be lawful to give him toward the CinC's goal.

Great blog! Keep up the good work.

Aesop said...

If this guy has achieved four stars bereft of the ability to make it blisteringly clear he'll follow lawful orders instantly and with enthusiasm, he's been promoted far beyond his aptitude, and needs an immediate medic for the bleeding cleat marks in his johnson.

As I noted in earlier comments, there was a Discovery documentary onboard a boomer (SSBN-Whatever), in the early 1990s, right around the "ending" of the Cold War (at least with the defunct Soviets) and the boat's captain succinctly and unequivocally elucidated that "If the NCA orders it, these birds will fly!" Period. Full stop. There's no way to parse or misconstrue that.

Short answer, General Malfunction needs to be immediately relieved and retired, at minimum. He can defend his remarks and try the "I was misquoted" defense at a general court martial, if he elects to do so. We currently have an embarrassing surplus of jackasses with stars in the military, and one (or a hundred) less would be a superb negative example right about now.

Anonymous said...

A brief note from Captain Dogrobber, Aide de camp to the General;

"Uhhh, what the General MEANT to say was that he would carry out all lawful orders from competent authority...and would do so with dispatch....

ontoiran said...

you mean he doesn't get a promotion for this? but but bowe bergdahl