Friday, December 1, 2017

Hysterical Dramaqueen Crybabies

Shaquan driving through downtown Dover listening to rap music
with a subwoofer would be more serious.

(Chickenlittleville, DE) A 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck Kent County late Thursday afternoon.
The quake struck about 7 miles northeast of Dover Air Force Base at 4:47 p.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was originally labeled magnitude 4.4 before the USGS lowered the scale of the temblor

Let's bear in mind that a 4.1 is what you get when any host of The View falls off the toilet seat, and roughly equivalent to a heavy freight train passing by a quarter mile away.

Two fat people doinking in an old third-floor walkup, or Trigglypuff having a meltdown on a trampoline would be a 4.4.

Anything less than 4 is officially a mousefart on the Richter scale, and if the mouse didn't eat bad Mexican food first, it doesn't even get to a 3.

Buncha pussies there need to calm the f*** down.

NYFC and Chicongo get more seismic action when the el train goes by.


Anonymous said...

Rule of thumb:

Richter 4: Los Angelenos have fun watching tourists freak
30 times stronger...
Richter 5: Folks start getting hurt
30 times stronger...
Richter 6: Folks start getting dead

Well, then there was the tourist who died in a Richter 4
because he jumped out a 3rd floor window in panic.

Anonymous said...

I was in NYC when the 5.8 hit VA, we were rocking pretty well (I actually thought a wheel had broken off my chair and it was wobbling, until I turned around and saw the window blind swaying). Bear in mind, I work in a 100 year old masonry building that was built long before there were thoughts to earthquake-proofing structures (at least anywhere East of CA). Just to make things more fun, it's a municipal building, hence maintained by NYC employees for all of those 100 years. The building evacced, and I was amazed at all the people standing on the sidewalk in front of that very same 100 year old masonry building, in exactly the place where large hunks of concrete would land if one shook loose. I was across the street in the park, where nothing could possibly fall on me that didn't come from a bird, an aircraft or from space.

As for yesterday's trembler, I heard about it on the radio this morning. Given the time I was probably on my commute home, I didn't feel anything unusual.

Mark D

The Gray Man said...

I live in Florida and even I know a 4 is nothing. Just journalists trying to make people think that they matter. Want proof that people don't care what journalists say anymore? 85% of Alabama Roy Moore voters said they would not change their votes, and 4% said they were unsure. People do not give a crap about what journalists think is important.

TheAlaskan said...

I live in Alaska and a 4 is...20 times each hour...somewhere in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

For those who have ridden multiple earthquakes, a 4.0 is laughable. The fun starts when you're asleep, and then you hear the roof cracking, everything in the damned house falling and breaking, and the bed is getting more action than you've had in years. Then, it kicks up as there is no electricity, no water, you can smell gas, and your garage has collapsed. NOW you know that you have experienced an earthquake. Oh, have I mentioned freeways collapsing and the street in front of your house rupturing? For an E ticket view; go to the petrified forest in Alaska that was a living forest until the 1964 earthquake. The tsunami killed all of the foliage. Journalists are such pussies.
-Stealth Spaniel

TheAlaskan said...

I was in Phuket, Thailand on December 26,2004. Common off-season holiday destination for Alaska fishermen. That tsunami killed 260,000 people...15,000 in the Khao Lak/Patong area where I was. It was the spawn of a 9.2 Richter quake in the Indian Ocean off Banda Ache,Indonesia.

Paradise has never looked the same to me since. There are things in life that cannot be unseen...or un-smelled.

loren said...

I remember getting thrown out of bed one night when living near Santa Rosa. The quake broke south so I just crawled back into bed. What I didn't even think about was it may have been stronger somewhere else. Seemed so personal at the time.
I imagine the the Indo quake was similar. Not much in Phuket so who would have thought it would devastate them later? I got there often but not that time. Damn shame it was too. Killed thousands of young vacationers.

Aesop said...

For those who have the BTDTGTTS merit badge, you realize that a moderate quake here (wherever here is for you) could have been a major disaster someplace further off.

But when you hear something was a 4.anything, you ignore it, because you know it's utterly meaningless anywhere. A 4 pointer in DE should have been the news equivalent of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

Other than to let them know that if they ever get a real earthquake, they're all going to die, because they've done jack and squat to build for them there, nor to prepare for them.

TheAlaskan said...

Common procedure here in Alaska is to start calling all your kin and relatives once you've been in a shaker, because distance is extreme here so early warning via cell usually beats the quake. We have a lot of quakes here. A 7 is big, but we have them fairly regular. We just don't have the population...742,000 people in an area where California, Texas and Montana would all fit.

No doubt Aesop has a bunch too down yonder in Cali.

RandyGC said...

So, how many people in that area would have known that there was an earthquake if not for the Media Drama Queens?

Had a 3.5 here in Ohio a while back and the only reason I knew about it before it spiced up a slow news day for the local Meat Puppets was that I run an RSS feed at work that includes a feed from the USGS.