Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Bitch-Slap Of Truth Lands...

h/t WRSA

Link: COVID Truth

This is a published paper, copiously foot-noted, by a retired MD (thus immune from career reprisals), detailing the entirety of the COVIDiocy we all experienced and continue to see, from 2020-present.

Read The Whole Thing (take your blood pressure medication first) if you can tolerate it. I'd give it about a 95% accuracy rating (a few of his sources are questionable, but not automatically suspect). It's still an excellent overview, far superior to anything you'd get outside of an honest documentary on the subject, which thing will happen When Hell Freezes Over.

More importantly: go to the right column at the site, click on the "Other Formats" PDF option, and archive the whole thing on your machine. To prevent TPTB from memory-holing all of it, and to use as ammunition when TPTB gaslight this, lest it receive wide distribution, and the torches and pitchforks come calling.

At the end of the day, the DNA-altering not-a-Vaxx was the bigger disease, and the lies used to cover it and its consequences up constitute a modern-day Holocaust, in plain sight. And you were the target.

God help you or yours if any of you got the jab, because the sequellae of
that fall under GOK: God Only Knows. By design. Evidence thus far suggests you're screwed, and only those who live long enough will see the next 80 years of fallout from it.

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And for pure comedy relief... Maybe 5 is the new Magic Number.

{For the inevitable 2 or 3 Low-Comprehension Usual Suspects: If you're going to accuse me, 180° out from the actual reality, of "shilling for" anything to do with this nonsense, go do your homework, find that moment, and post a link to the articles in your imagination where I wrote that, which are all still unaltered, right where I left them, and show your work, or rant on along with the other voices in your head, unlistened to by anyone, and remain there in perpetuity. Words mean things, and when you can't find it, it's because it didn't happen, no matter what the Voices In Your Head tell you. That's how Reality works. If that's too hard for you, enjoy oblivion, and continue to suck on it.}


Michael said...

Good Job Aesop, I'm cross posting and encouraging folks to memory hole this data.

Sad part is fools once fooled will do anything to avoid admitting they were screwed by the vaxx. This report *might* not be allowed to sink into their heads, as THAT means they have to accept THEY Fucked Up accepting the Pharm lies.

As a bit of a historian, I'm bracing for even more propaganda that the Unvaxxed are the source of "Our Troubles" as as communists and politicians (but I repeat myself) will lie loudly to deflect blame and sacrifice a few lower level "Members" of their club to survive the soon coming time O' Troubles.

Stay Grey purebloods as wearing a yellow star doesn't always grant you bragging rights.

Plague Monk said...

And yet, a lot of companies are still insisting on all employees being vaxxed and masked as a condition of employment. I was submitted for a position that I'm very well qualified for and had the first phone interview yesterday. The client manager asked questions; I gave solid answers, and all was going swimmingly until he told me that I would have to wear a mask and gloves at all times while working on the project. After that, he asked me if I had gotten the 2nd booster. I answered that I had not gotten any of the shots, but I had Covid last spring. He hung up the phone and told my recruiter to drop me.
Other than for one visit to the client, this will be a remote job, working from home.
Sigh. I really want to work, but not badly enough to take the kill shot.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's one hell of a read. Damn.
Printing copies of that out.
That really is a bitch slap.

Skyler the Weird said...

After viewing the series Dopesick on Hulu where Big Pharma and their FDA tools were pushing higher and higher doses of Oxycontin as safe and effective and non addictive to keep profits higher and higher I don't trust anything coming from the CDC, FDA, or any alphabet agency.

That's not a vaccine it's experimental gene therapy.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Hope the covid takes down that sorry bastard Fau Chi. They will try to use the vaxxed against the purebloods probably. All the recent data/reporting/news media coming out true or not should scare the hell out of them, it would me.

Far as I know only one of my offspring got the vax. The bastards will have a place in hell waiting for them. My former doctor got on my shit list for continually pushing the vax.

Had some fun with him on my very final and last visit by answering his inquiry about taking the vax with "you mean the one that doesn't work and has 9000 side effects", SOB. If my one vaxxed has issues I will remind him of it daily.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to correct you but GOK is really GORK. My father went through med school in the '50's and insisted that was a diagnosis . God Only Really Knows.

Anonymous said...

So you never frothed at the mouth about how effective masks were? Riiight. Pull the other one.

Aesop said...

Frothed at the mouth? Nope. Not even close. Told you why they'd work, and why they'd never work, and why both answers were true.
Exactly like the doctor did in the article: because people like you are stupid.

Thanks for being the poster child for that, and proving me right in under an hour after I posted this one, but you should probably wear a hockey helmet every time you get out of bed, Brave Anonymous Keyboard Commando.

Mahtomedi said...

I'm the one who accused you of recommending the vax when it was close to being available. I believe it was at BCE's place. I stand by that accusation. I perused your posts from that timeframe and couldn't find it, so I also accused you of deep-sixing the post. You replied: "No fucking way", or something to that effect. I knew I remembered correctly, but I also felt like I believed you when you said you did not deep-six anything. I concluded that what I read from you was likely from a comment thread, either here or at John Wilder's place.

I apologize for the deep-sixing accusation. Somewhere, in the months before the vax release, are your words recommending it for, at least, the 'at risk' crowd. I'm retired and spend half my time playing on my hobby farm along with several hours of perusing dozens of sites most everyday. I simply don't give a shit enough to go looking for it.

Aesop said...

I never recommended it, but before there was any accurate first-hand info about it, I suggested that the most at-risk individuals might consider it once it became available, but also stated that I was still in the wait-and-see camp. That turned to a strong "do not recommend it for anyone" as the earliest reports filtered out, and hasn't wavered at any point. It wasn't an actual vaccine, contrary to all promises and sales pitches, and I've said so once the earliest information on it was released. So your recollection is close, but not entirely accurate.

Had it been a traditional vaccine, designed and tested under standard protocols, I probably would have given serious consideration to getting it. But it was anything but that (the <1 year timeframe from outbreak to vaxx release should have been a major clue to anyone), and raised every "Danger, Will Robinson!" alarm I possessed, from the first explanations of what they'd done.

And then the VAERS exploded, and that was that.

Anonymous said...

For what it may be worth, I see LOTS of lawsuits being based on Pfizers' admission that they did not and will never produce the Comirnati ? not-a-vax that the FDA "approved", said "approval" being the basis for the forced injection of the unapproved experimental drug by the US Military, contrary to laws protecting servicemembers against forced experimental drugs.
Finding a list of those who should be hung may be easier than finding the entity to sue.
John in Indy

Jack Crabb said...

Yeah. Uh-huh. Whatever. I quit reading you when it was obvious you were a covidiot. Denninger had this pegged from the get go. You, however, worshiped at the dick of Fraudci.

The evidence was out there. I figure that if you were so fucking wrong about covid, what else might you be talking out of your ass about.

Night driver said...

I could only get through about 3 pages of the Doc's discussion.
ALL I could think of as I read even THAT was all of the evening dinners (very GOOD dinners in fact) put on by Epilepsy physicians and neurologists etc, listening to Drug Reps and Supported Speakers discuss the "Current Advances in Evidence Based Medicine and the effects OF the Evidence Based treatments that were FLOODING into Epilepsy and Neurology treatments."

I had access to these dinner programs as a "Medical Professional (Paramedic)' and my bride was the Executive Assistant to the director of one of the pre-eminent "Comprehensive Epilepsy Programs" in the country. My bride worked for the "two Barbies" in Dr. Landis's Psych Department here in town.

Your reprint4ed article has demonstrated that these non-treating bozos have done more to destroy the Trust Factor in Medicine (for WHITE people, since Black folks have not yet forgotten Tuskegee, and hold very little basic trust in the Medical Establishment).

I am damn near ashamed of the last 42 plus years I have spent as an EMT and a Paramedic and ashamed for/of the many people in that timeframe I have helped train (yeah more than a couple).

As my bride put it, we were making VERY REAL progress on the evidence treatment front but now we have gone back to witch doctors and old mammies.

I ain't sure HOW we get back from this crap.

Night Driver

Greg said...

OK. I've read the linked article, and printed it out in hard copy to go over again with highlighter. I'll be passing it on to anyone I can persuade to read it too. Not that much that I didn't already know, having already read Kennedy's book on Fauci. But he does explain, in excruciating detail, why we no longer trust anything from anyone in authority. Fauci may be one of the most evil demons currently walking the Earth, but he has thousands of enablers and willing partners.
My biggest quibble with Dr. Blaylock's article is one of terminology. As you say above, "Words mean things", and using the word "vaccine" for the ongoing medical experiment on the world at large is not only wrong, but accepting the re-definition of the word by the CDC.
I have been to numerous medical appointments in the last couple years, including an emergency appendectomy (fully recovered, thank you very much), and at every appointment the MA or nurse checking me in asks: "Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19?" My answer is always the same: "There is no vaccine for Covid. What they are calling a vaccine is no such thing, and I will have nothing to do with it." They either agree with me, or say nothing, and put down "No" for my answer on the form. Even donating blood with Red Cross, they just want to get the form filled out.
Early last spring I had what is probably the KungFlu. Didn't get tested, and after 38 years as a med tech, I have a pretty jaundiced view of "testing". Having gone to outrageous expense to procure a supply of IVM and HCQ, I self medicated, along with the usual array of supplements, and I was symptom free in about eight days with IVM, with only some residual fatigue for a couple more weeks. About day two or three, I developed a raging sore throat that was making it hard to swallow and stay hydrated, so I added the Azithromycin (Zpac) on the assumption that it could have been a strep secondary infection. That too was gone within the week.
With the ongoing PanFamWar as Michael Yon calls it, we are seeing the global depopulation project ramping up to speed. Spicy times ahead y'all.

Aesop said...

@Jackass Crabb,

1) Denninger hasn't been right about anything medical in his blogging career, AFAIK.
2) Covidiot was my term, and clearly it applies to you.
3) I not only was no such Fauci acolyte, not ever, nor in recorded history, as you ineptly allege, I exposed him as an outright jackass all the way back in 2014, when he stated we could handle a major outbreak of anything, in that case Ebola. You could look it up, and have someone read it to you, since you obviously have a problem with reading comprehension yourself, if not with basic intelligence.
3) You're still here now, so you also clearly haven't stopped reading me, which means you're also an obvious liar, and not even very bright about that.
4) Which makes me suspect everything you say is coming from your other end as well (in all honesty, that wasn't very hard to suss out).
5) If that was your best attempt at a witty riposte, stick to your day job. The men's room probably needs a mop-down, and then you can go wrangle all the shopping carts in the parking lot. Posting's not your game, Ike. I know: let's try a spelling bee.