Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sunday Music: Shaft


Platinum-selling main theme soundtrack and funk-soul masterpiece from Isaac Hayes, which skyrocketed to the #1 song in the U.S., then followed that by winning the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 1972 Oscars, giving Hayes the first win by any African American in any category but acting, and turned a middleweight blaxplotation flick into a cultural milestone and cult favorite. Hayes performed it at the Oscars, and rocked it again 30 years later for his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Who's A-Number One?

(And to the Anon who queried me about "Why Shaft?"

Well, besides because it's a great track, you tell me: What have you been getting from TPTB for at least the last 2½ - if not 100 - years?. You're welcome. It's now a whole new theme song, i'n'it?)


John Wilder said...

It's Salsbury Steak day!

be603 said...

Solid man! Played that in High School Stage Band in the mid-70's. Had an insane rhythm section who all went on to work professionally after college.

Director was the real deal -- worked his way through college in the early 50's in big bands. Had played with Doc Sevronson on his way up and with a lot of veteran musicians from the 30's and 40's big bands.