Monday, June 20, 2022




Survivormann99 said...

I'm not impressed with the "shoe stuck in the pedal" story. I've seen no report that Biden said this to reporters at the scene. It seems likely that the White House Spin Control Desk issued that story.

Mike-SMO said...

When an Aunt and Uncle retired to Florida, I was surprised at the number of adult size tricycles. The Dems could have "disguised" that with a briefcase or a radio unit, but I did enjoy the well executed face plant.

Anonymous said...

You need to go read Brackens latest. Can't stand him either but he's right about Ukraine. You are not.

Aesop said...


If you seriously think Matt Bracken and I are 180° out from each other, I humbly submit that you haven't been paying close attention to at least one of us.

But humor me: Tell what it is you think I am "wrong" about.

John Wilder said...

It was easily the most painfully stupid fail I've seen in a *long* time.

Anonymous said...

Cellphone video of the face-plant clearly shows his right foot getting caught up the in the pedal's 'toe clip' cage was the cause. Why his handlers had him riding a bike with 'toe clips' is beyond me. I'm nowhere near Biden's age and I've had a few hiccups when I used those for competitive cycling.

Aesop said...

His right foot was in the toe clip. Which is teats on a bull.

The cause of his fall was dementia and decreased basic physical ability to maintain his balance secondary to that neurological decline, as his left foot was already on the ground, when he leaned towards the side where he had no foot to support him, and ate shit.

The toe clip was ancillary. People with normal functional physical capabilities can lean on one leg, and insert or extract their foot from a toe clip without having an asphalt luncheon.

Aesop said...

@Anon 10:22A

As expected: >crickets< in reply.

Another Anonymous gainsaying commando: "You're wrong because....well, just because! Eleventy!"

Is Russia in charge in Ukraine?
Are they conducting business as usual with 90% of the world?
How depleted is their military since the end of February?
How feared is their combat ability?

Russia is eating a shit sandwich every day this drags on.
Even if they win conventionally, they still lose strategically.
There is no describable scenario where Russia "wins". None.
It's just differing degrees of shit sandwich.

You'd think in this country, after Vietnam and Afghanistan, one wouldn't have to explain the limits of military power to people, but the stupidity in this country among the general population is a bottomless abyss.