Thursday, June 23, 2022

Look At The Whole Board


Seems I've been wrong about Ukraine. Just ask a legion of Brave Anonymous Keyboard Commandos.

Except, when I do, they've got nothing.

So let's be clear:

1) Every day Ukraine is free and independent of Sovie Russian control, they win. Period. We're at four months, and they're stronger than ever. Russia's entire focus is on just trying to take the part of Ukraine that everybody thought was already on their side. And they're doing that by burning it to the ground, and making the rubble bounce. "We had to totally destroy Donbas and Luhansk to save it.Where have we heard that "logic" before?

2) Russia isn't in control of Ukraine. They don't even have air supremacy. They have occasional bouts of local superiority, but no co-ordination with the most inept ground forces ever seen since the Marx Brothers and the Keystone Kops were making movies.

3) Their presumed military might is now a worldwide laughingstock. Everyone - everyone - can now see them for the buffoons they are. If you're going to tell me how worthless western weapons are, you're going to have to stop and explain hundreds of abandoned tanks now fighting for Ukraine, and why Russia had to retreat, lick their wounds, and settle for a fraction of their original goals, facing such worthless weapons. You're in the same boat as the archaeological genius who "explained' that the biblical account of the Jews escaping from pharaoh was no miracle, because the Reed Sea was only a few inches deep. Right until some bright young student asked him how pharaoh's pursuing army had drowned in a few inches of water. So Russia's new plight has Finland and Sweden itching to get in on the NATO party, and Lithuania thumbing their noses, knowing what Russia has left (aside from MAD-triggering nukes) couldn't fight its way out of a Moscow brothel.

3) They've wasted about a dozen generals and 40 or so colonels in this fight. That's about 1500 years of combined front-line military experience, from the only guys in their army old enough to have served during the Soviet glory days of the late Cold War, when they were regarded as semi-competent. You don't push past that. They get worse from here, not better. And now they've burned up so many missiles, those strikes have dwindled, and out of rust heaps and mothballs they've pulled 60-year old T-62s - and the 60-year-olds who remember how to run them - to put them back in the fight, to replace the losses of T-80s and even T-90s. They still, for the moment, have a shit-ton of old dumb artillery shells, but all they're hitting is the rubble from yesterday. They're not blowing gaping holes and sweeping through Ukraine like Patton. They're just blowing the shit out of the territory they claimed to be so enamored of.

4) They've been shut off from the only Black Sea exit, and anything beyond, in or out, since February. Now they're shut out of the Baltic. That leaves them frozen-half-the-year Murmansk, and Siberian Vladivostok, half a world away, as their premier sea access for any trade. 90% of the world won't trade with them. It's China, India, and no one else. So it's overland, or nothing, with their blood enemies since the 10th century, and the Himalayas, as what they have to deal with to pull that off.

5) There's no way for them to "win" this. As we've stated since about Day One, even if they conquer Kyiv and put Zelenskyy up against a wall tomorrow, they just buy a partisan insurgency that will make their debacle in Afghanistan look like a church social pie fight. Even a total conventional military victory is a total strategic failure for them.

You'd think, in this country, after Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, one wouldn't have to explain the obvious limitations of military power to effect lasting solutions, but people are historically ignorant boobs in this country, and it's getting worse, not better, with every passing day, despite having the entire internet in their grubby little mitts every waking moment. Play Candy Crush: yes. Learn History: no.

That doesn't mean, unlike the endless and pointless Fucktard Army commentary, that I expect Ukraine to restore their entire country, or march into Moscow triumphant. Low-IQ idiots always need fallacious straw man arguments and false dilemmas to move the goalposts, but Homie don't play that.

Moscow is merely a lion trying to eat a porcupine. Swallowing it is their choice, but it stops hurting the minute they just walk away. There is no "win" anywhere in that scenario, they merely have a range of options of shit sandwich. The winning move is to leave the table.

Look At The Whole Board

People want to run around with their hair on fire about "The Joooos!", the Illuminati, Bigfoot, and whatever other silly shit black helicopter chemtrail boogeymen they can concoct.

So follow your own logic for a minute. It isn't all hogwash (most of it, yes, but I've seen no examples of global elite competency to concern me. They're more ham-fistedly inept than Russia, for the most part, just bigger and stronger).

So why go after Russia?

It isn't just Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants' kickbacks. It's because of Russia itself.

They were ecstatic, happy as a pig in shit, in fact, when Russia was fractured, chaotic, and screwed six ways from Sunday 24/7/365. Chaos brings opportunity. Putin is a thug, an evil dick-tater, and a tactical moron who believed his own military's press releases (and every swinging Richard out there knows that, if they're honest with themselves for 2 seconds), but after a generation of nation-wide crapulence, he has undeniably managed to cobble together some coherence and technological advances despite the handicaps of the entire collapse of his beloved Soviet State. Just like Mussolini made the trains run on time.

And powerful elites simply cannot have that.

It's that simple.

Russia cannot - must not - rise from the ashes.

That's what this has all been about, at the root.

So who wins? And Why?

Not Russia, for a certainty. And they cannot.

Ukraine? Sh'yeah, As If. They'll be eating shit rebuilding for the next generation, minimum, best case, even if Vlad left tomorrow morning. We never told you any differently. Their only win is staying free, but it always comes at a stiff cost.

America? Are you freaking kidding me?? Look around. The societal bore worms are rampaging through whatever cultural bedrock they didn't manage to destroy or rot before 2020, with a will and a vengeance.

Europe? They're even worse off. A Frenchman can't wander Paris in safety, an Englishman's kids are getting groomed and butt-sexed in school, and anyone in Scandinavia has moved from being largely benign and culturally homogenous underpopulated state-socialist "paradise" to outright rape capitols of the entire world.

Asia? Africa? S. America? Give a holler after next year's famines hit the Turd World there (which is most of it), and get back to me.

So. Show of hands: Who here thinks this is all just wild coincidence?

Every single nation is getting pounded down, because of globalist extra-national interests.

Ukraine vs. Russia is just the latest pretext. Exactly like COVID, like unmitigated borderless mass immigration infestation before that, the worldwide destruction of the value of anyone's money before that, and the utter pollution and inversion of every cultural institution: church, school, family, basic morality, and everything else, because some people in position to push a lever here, or point a rudder there, are leaning on those switches with all their might.

Because they're quite simply Evil incarnate.

Morality, liberty, decency, virtue, dignity, independent thought and word and deed, frighten the living Hell out of them, because it takes away their power. They are Shitlords, and those things wash away the dung they thrive in: Chaos, panic, disorder, death, and destruction.

Anything that throws a monkey-wrench in those plans is your ally. 

Anything that furthers it is your enemy.

Liberty, prosperity, and happiness are human exceptions, in all of recorded history, and sedimentary mountains of unrecorded time-space history before that.

Stop sportsball rooting for things that will never be, and pay attention to the whole board being played. While you can still have some effect on the outcome.


Michael said...

So although China and Russia are indeed the Grey Champions against the World Economic Order and you know our country is already toast and falling to them...

Yet you cheer on the Ukrainian Proxy War where the WEF pushes the US against Russia to destroy themselves?

What am I missing here Aesop or are you Pro-One World Government where you own nothing and "be Happy"?

Aesop said...

I'm not cheering on the war, I'm cheering on the Ukrainians. Putin is still a thorough-going bastard, and he deserves to lose. Ideally, via a bullet to his head. Sic semper tyrannis. Just because the WEF and Poopypants egged him into this to hobble Russia doesn't make Russia right to pursue another poorly-disguised territorial land grab. And yet again, when someone tells you "Let's you and him fight" the smart move is to tell that person to fuck off smartly.

Proving that Putin is also not very bright.

Putin pulling out, and Ukraine remaining independent ends the war, and fucks up the machinations of TPTB in multiple ways, including in the rest of Europe, the US, and most of the Turd World, where they've cleverly aimed that impending famine bomb.

Ukraine didn't start this, Russia did; they have to quit to end it. Trading a thousand men a week for a few hundred meters of utterly destroyed territory is a sucker play.

markshere2 said...

Jeeaze i love your rants.


Michael said...

LOL Aesop, your own words betray you. Even if Putin withdrew (and thus got a 9mm Qu-tip for cowardice FROM the Russians NOT as Moderate as he is) the World Economic Monsters will do something else with their PAID FOR Politicians in the EU and USA to destroy them.

I think Putin is a major thorn in the WEF planning and if he can hold on until the USA is a SELF-Inflicted smoldering wreck from our own Traitors actions the WEF is stymied. They have printing presses not armies. They can only buy mercenaries.

Not looking forward to our country crashing but even your own words here show YOU know we are toast again from internal Traitors serving the WEF. We have to fall so they can own it all.

Sic semper tyrannis is very noble but what has Putin done to us? Now contrast and compare to what the WEF is doing to us to include COVID and using us as a self destroying weapon against Russia.

Anonymous said...

@Michael -

Do you really think Russia seizing Ukraine is good for anyone other than Putin?

News flash - Putin is not the Great White Hope come to save the world from the Globalists. He's just another crappy wannabe Tsar.

If Putin had never invaded Ukraine (ok, never escalated, since he objectively invaded in 2014) would the WEF have done anything else differently?

You and a lot of other people are connecting dots that have no connection.


Aesop said...


So you postulate Putin as the ßετα, because in Russia, the apex predators there are self-cucking???
Interesting thesis. Support for that?
Show your work.

Maxda said...

So you think that the Ukrainians are the good guys and Russia the baddies without any examination of what has been happening since 2014.

I don't know if there are any "good guys" in this other than the people in the Donbas who won't be under constant attack once this is over.

The obvious bad guys are the U.S. State Department and CIA who made this war happen.

nunnya bidnez jr. said...

bullet point #4
"90% of the world won't trade with them. It's China, India, and no one else."

China & India are nearly 3 billion people, which is about 40% of the world.
oh, you mean 90% of the countries , including small countries like Andorra, Grenada, Leichtenstein, Bhutan.
I see.

Aesop said...


The U.S. instigated this war. It was Putin who carried it out. And why start in 2014? Why not go back to 1990? Russia has been monkey-fucking Ukraine's politics since Day One. And this marks their third invasion of Ukraine since 2000, not their first. Why so shy talking about those little data points? Because they completely undermine your entire point of view??


40% of the world population, and 80% of the poverty.
The combined GDPs of China, India, and Russia are still less than that of just the U.S., and barely 25% of the entire world's. And the overwhelming bulk of their production is gobbled up internally, exactly because of those yuuuuuuuge populations of poor people.
You could look it up.,%20%202020%20%2029%20more%20rows%20
So "only" 75-80% of the world, in actual economic terms, won't trade with Russia.
Vlad should be comforted by that news.
And with none of the handy oil and gas pipelines it took Russia 30 years to build with the West.
So bringing things in to their dwindling number of trading partners one truckload at a time, or one FedExski package at a time, is going to be kind of a bitch there.

Europe combined, OTOH, which they've kissed off for a hundred years at this point, only amounts to a slice of the trade pie bigger than China and India combined, and nearly as large as the U.S.

So obviously, you don't see, and choose also to cherry pick meaningless facts, because actual financial numbers undermine your narrative too.

Starting to note a trend here.
Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Anonymous said...

Here's another example of Russia's incompetence:

I guess someone in the missile battery forgot to re-zero one of the weapons or maybe the Uke's have hacked the guidance system software. In any event, another Russian clusterf*ck.


HMS Defiant said...

Nobody will trade with Russia? Only every single country in Europe that
Putin has not shut off from the gas and oil and only every single country on earth that is staring at starvation and famine. I heard Biden tonight say that of course we won’t sanction food shipments but then he lied about everything else. A lot of the world is going to find out what juche means and they already find it deadlier than they can imagine.

Aesop said...

Meanwhile, their GDP is already down 15% this year, on trajectory to contract 25% by year's end, and they've pulled out all stops to prop up the ruble, which has the idiots pointing to it as if it's being traded freely, rather than under stricter currency controls than Russia had under Stalin just to pretend it's still afloat.

Keep telling yourself everything's fine in Moscow.

For Russia's next big pyrhhic win, they're about to claim another heap of deserted rubble in Donbas, after only three weeks non-stop effort, and putting their entire offensive into it, just to get another mouthful of ashes, and a "city" reduced to a giant trash heap.

As I noted some time ago, they're on course to conquer all of Ukraine about a year from now, after totally destroying their entire armed forces, and the last battles will be fought by pre-teen conscripts with shovels and pitchforks.

And then the insurgency begins.

Tucanae Services said...

Simply put, you can't destroy Russia. You may want to, but you can't. Here is the first reason: If you did who takes over after that? I can assure you it would be some damn a$$hole worse than the current a$$hole. But here are some other ledes:

* Back before the wall fell I worked in St. Petersberg on medical tech. My firm had spent $100+k in 1980ish dollars for CNC to make RK knives. The State Medical University I was assisting had none of that. They had 2 precision machinists using British made lathes circa 1894. Was a better product and equivalent production rate. Never under estimate a Russian to figure out the cheat code.

* Much of the soviet space program was a case in one-upmanship vs NASA. They did it with 1/5th budget and always appeared one step ahead till the moon landings occurred. Their singular failure was an inability to develop chip manufacture and still is to this day.

* Give a Russian a cause and they will accept any pain that would make the average American buckle. Putin in his bubble has not justified his 'special operation' against Ukraine. That could be his singular undoing, the means not yet determined. Define the incursion as a extensional threat and the popular viewpoint would change in an instant.

As much as the globohomo types might have a wet dream of a defeated Russia; short of nukes I don't see it happening.

Shinmen Takezo said...

AESOP... "Russia cannot win" --let me clue you a tad, they've already won. And the entire operation in he East of Ukraine (where BTW 85% of the population approve of Russian presence) is now just a mop up operation.

I don't know who is giving you these tactical updates--if you are reading and listening to the stuff coming out of the mouths of these retired three and four star fools in the news (especially on Fox network) then you are getting your chain jerk around with wishful thinking counter propaganda generated by the fools in the CIA and the Ukranian intelligence services. The only thing Ukraine is winning (or was winning) is the propaganda war.

As for the older tanks being brought into play--these are only being used for rear eschelon security (road blocks, etc.). As for Russia's supposed lack of munitions--they are out shooting the Ukranians 200 to 1 in all respects and have control in the air over Ukraine (who's airforce lays mostly in smoking tatters). And your comments about Russia using older men in the field--yeah, in the rear eschelons in support roles, not on the front lines.

The Ukranian Army is in completely shattered now and pulling back and retreating ib all fronts due to the lack of competant leadership, lack of ammunition, lack of food and fuel. Many units are refusing now to fight due to these severe shortages. There is a constant stream of Ukranian soldiers now surrendering to the Russian liberators who have driven out and are still being driven out of the new eastern republics.

You completely ignore the fact that the Ukranian government started this war when they pushed their army units into these areas that wanted to be free of the corrupt Ukranian government--and to be free from the constant attacks that have been killing civilians for years now. This is the main reason why Russia came to the rescue of the maily Russian ethnic, Russian speaking people in the East of Ukraine. These people wanted nothing to do with globalist supporting, homosexual-agenda promoting Zelensky regime.

You have to grasp the fact that Putin and Russia are fighting the western globalist/socialist agenda and fighting our enemies here in the USA (or what remains of this country). They are fighting Biden and his corrupt regime and the corrupt regimes of all of Western Europe. And if you are against this war being waged by Russia, then you are in fact siding with this globalist/socialist agenda.

Putin (and Russia) is the enemy of my enemies, and thus our real friends

But no doubt you will delete this post, as you do with all other opinions that you cannot stomach to read... so I will also post this reply on other forums where free speech is not censored.

Anonymous said...

We gave Putin his casus belli start with the 2014 color revolution run by our deep staters.
Putin sees Ukraine as we see Mexico and between 2014 and 2019 we helped Western Ukraine shoot up Eastern Ukraine in the face of peace agreements to the contrary to the tune of more than 13,000 dead, among which were over 3,000 civilians. Our hands are not clean and both sides are using Ukraine as a pawn. The big problem is why are we pushing WWIII
when we can be pretty sure that Putin won't allow us to take over that threat to his border?
A source:

Aesop said...


Look back and show me where I said anyone thinks they can or wants to destroy Russia.
[Hint: Never happened.]
What they want is a humbled Russia, a hamstrung Russia, a Russia so fucked up it has neither time nor treasure to go on military adventures.
That's not only do-able, it's already happend once in the last generation, and twice in the last century. They pretty much circle the toilet bowl 24/7/365 eternally, and have for centuries.
Keeping them in that state is little effort, and less trouble.

Aesop said...

1) Show your work. Show me the video. Not the internet blather, the actual no-shit pictures of this amazing collapse you're claiming. Is the internet not working anywhere in the world? Is it snowing in space? Or is there nothing to indicate what you claim, because it hasn't happened? I mean, shit, it only took the entire concentrated forces of Russia, and 5 weeks, to finally completely turn Severdonetsk into rubble (yet another Russia mouthful-of-ashes "victory", in the region you claim "85% of the people support the Russian presence". Are we counting votes from the refugees forced to flee, and the dead, like a Chicago primary, or what?)
2) the Russians are out-expending the Ukrainians. Maybe you've heard this point before: "...what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count."
The Russians are hitting minute-of-city with all that ordnance expended. But they're gaining ground slower than molasses running uphill, and they're bleeding 1000 troops a week, just to conquer each new pile of rubble, and expending in days war stocks of ordnance and supplies it took Putin years to build up. When they start sweeping grand arcs through Ukraine, and driving people before them like Genghis Khan, and you've got the live video, give a holler. Until then, they're in a meat grinder, hoping they achieve something they can call a victory before they reach the point of utter exhaustion.
3) You completely ignore the fact that Ukraine was pushing army units into areas called "Ukraine". You also ignore that Russia did this in Crimea - which was part of Ukraine since 1990, by treaty with Russia -in 2014 simply because they wanted it, then pushed Russian troops without insignia into Donbas and Luhansk immediately afterwards, and supported the separatists there the entire time.
Russia didn't invade Ukraine last February, they did it twice earlier, and this year's was the third time, not the first. Address that reality, and get back to us.
4) Russia isn't doing anything. Putin is. He lied his own troops into this conflict, as countless of them have stated after capture or surrender, and Putin's fevered dreams of reviving the "glory" of the Soviet State is the sole reason it's taking place. And that "color revolution" Anonymous after you mentioned was actually most of Ukraine overwhelmingly rejecting yet another Russian puppet in another rigged election. Stop me if you've heard this story before...
5) Nice false dilemma fallacy there, but one can be against this war and still know Mr. Fraudulent: Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants the 1st, along with sidekick Kneepads and their cronies are a rolling disaster for what they've made a banana republic. Neither truth excludes the other.
The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. He is not my friend. Did the historical example of Stalin teach you nothing??
6) There's no need to censor your screed, but what won't see the light of day here is any substantiation of your gainsaying, nor will you or anyone else address Russia's sole role in initiating this war, as well as serial ass-rapes of Ukraine by Russia for the last decade, because they think it's their inherent right to do so.
We egged it on, beyond argument. But it was Putin that ordered it to happen.
After being totally ignorant of the actual state of his own forces' (un)readiness, and being completely and utterly stone deaf to what the reaction would be from Europe, and most of the world.
We reminded Putin that he had a grenade in his pocket. But you can't paint this into our corner without Putin as the willing idiot to pull the pin, elease the spoon, and then hold onto the grenade.
Now he's reaping the fruits of that level of foolishness, and will until he dies. Russia will be paying for it for the next century, at a minimum.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to hear your comments on this article. Thanks.

Aesop said...

@Anon 7:21P,

I think he's talking out his ass, and telling you what he wishes were true, without telling you what's actually happening. Which is 90% of the Internet, any given day.
It's pure spin, absent any authoritative substantiation.

Russia will be winning when they're winning.
Describe what that looks like, and tell me how they get from A to Z.
Show all work.
Be sure and cover how Vlad is now overcoming the enforced isolation of Kaliningrad, which had everyone's nuts twisted up in their panties a week ago.

The farther Putin shoves this porcupine down his throat, the more painful it gets for him.

Anonymous said...

"Show all work."
You too, bud. The propaganda regarding actual conditions on the ground is so thick around this, no one can see a damned thing, besides tbe fact that shit is getting wrecked, ordinary people are dying and suffering, and the narcissists and sociopaths don't gaf about anyone besides themselves.

There sre no good guys as players here. Zero.

The interesting piece this time is we do get to see those sociopaths play nuclear chicken, and that is getting people's minds turning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Aesop said...

@Anon 3:46A,

I haven't told you anything I haven't already showed you, multiple times.

Your turn: I call the hand. Show, or fold.

And anybody who doesn't want to live under any invader's thumb, as is willing to shoot those motherfuckers in the face to purchase his liberty, is by definition, the good guy. But nice try at forgetting the central point of this.

Two wolves may well vote on what's for dinner, but I'll always cheer the marksmanship of a well-armed sheep in reply.

If you won't, that says more about you than it does about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, doesn't it?

As for nuclear chicken, fake elections have real consequences.
Even the slow learner party is starting to twig that maybe they shouldn't have monkey-fucked the vote in 2020. When the denouncements and show trials for that start, I hope we're all around in one piece to watch.