Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nails It

The readership here, not so much. But this is the sort of thing that should be a sticker that appears on busses, subways, and the back of public lavatory stall doors.

Just saying.


enn ess said...

Yes indeedy, and should be spelled out loud and clear. Unfortunately as shown blatantly in the younger generation(s) most people nowadays have been programmed to accept nothing but compliance. No thinking of any sort, especially the critical thinking aspect. Just obey. It's whats for dinner.

Skyler the Weird said...

They obeyed and got the jab and now they got the SADS. No pistol to the neck needed.

John Wilder said...

Being the last one on the train to the GULAG is still on the train to the GULAG.

Allen said...

and the useful idiots of the left will cry "this is not what I wanted to happen" as they operate the earthmovers for the next batch of dissidents.

at that point, they know they're next. but they still won't fight, because they think 10 breaths under slavery beats 1 breath of free air.