Saturday, June 18, 2022

Stumblefuck Poopypants I, Imperator -The Big Crash


At least double-bagging his Depends© worked this time.

This is a metaphor for this entire misbegotten Chiquitastan fraudulency.

Thinking he can still function, while actually landing on his ass.

And if he was brain-damaged by the could anyone tell???

Fake Elections have consequences.

The Democrats' two greatest fears are

1) Stumblefuck doesn't survive to run in 2024;

2) Or worse than that, he does.

Both thoughts keep them awake at night.

My money is still here:


checkers said...

This person in the video seems to have too much muscle tone and too much hair on his legs for the purported age of Biden. Body double?

Aesop said...

Unscrew the tinfoil, dude.

T-Rav said...

As any number of underage boys and girls can tell you, Biden's legs are quite hairy.

Linda Fox said...

From the video, it appears that Biden was using a foot strap on the pedals. If he wasn't used to using one, that would explain the tangle that his right foot got into. For many seniors, recovering from an awkward stance is tough. Many lack the flexibility and balance, and a fall is, in that case, almost inevitable.
The real problem is that he tires easily. The bike ride was the PR answer to making him look more vigorous - but, as he is not, it didn't work. He'll likely bruise quite a lot, and be slow to heal (a common problem of aging tissue).

Night driver said...

Yeah, hadda look again. The tone on the femoral biceps and the gastrocnemius is somewhat younger than he is. Pretty sure they went with a double who hadn't been as avid a cycler as Joey had been and wasn't fully conversant with toe clips.

Now Joey HAS bragged about his leg hair in the past... ROFLOL!!

Aesop said...

I repeat: loosen the tin foil hats.
It's embarrassing.
Take the Win.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the obvious answer is reality.

From what I've read and heard elsewhere, he bikes frequently, and uses toe clips.

As someone that has used toe clips in the past, I can tell you that when you get into a panic situation you can't always disengage your foot in time to avoid eating it.

I'd imagine that the problem is significantly worse for an elderly person with dementia.

I wouldn't take this as a win. It's just sad, and further evidence of elder abuse by his handlers.


Skyler the Weird said...

The only thing now separating Biden from Jimmy Carter is an attack by a Killer Rabbit.

Mike-SMO said...

Thats what he is pid for. Put on the show or retire with grace. Being a puppet is a tough job, but the family doesn't have many options. Note that Biden's counterpart, Commissar Putin, has to wave and snarl from a wheelchair. Better than dying in a puddle of urine like Uncle Joe. Life is rough, but slightly better if the addict and the whore are getting paid to be nice, at least in public.

John Wilder said...

I wonder if he has insurance against gravity?

Anonymous said...

I still say that if F. Joe's advisors had picked Stacy "the Tank" Abrams as his running mate?

We would be looking at POTUS #47, the First Black, First Woman President somewhere around this time last year. "Authentic Black American" Stacy Abrams with her media admirers, the Progressive/ Socialist/ Communist Bloc of the Democrats and the Professional Congressional Black Caucus would have run Jill and Joe right out of town before they even knew it.


Slick said...

Be an antigravity law soon, JW. I'm in the vicinity age wise and the thought of toe clips is alarming. Never let a potential crisis get away.