Tuesday, June 14, 2022


 h/t NC Renegades

This remains completely unverified, and we have substantial doubts about its accuracy.

But on the chance it's possibly correct, we join those praying for Vlad, and applaud the sentiment.

And if this all pans out and he dies, we'll give thanks that our prayers were answered in the affirmative, and wish him a fond parting benediction as he begins Eternity rotting in Hell.


Anonymous said...

America's Foreign Enemies normally die in bed from old age.

This would be a nice change of pace, if only because a new Russian Czar might (might?) give the Ukrainians and Russians a chance to have a cease fire, if not actual peace. Being a pessimist, his replacement could be a hard core Russian Nationalist that declares a full scale war and general mobilization of Russia's military.


Anonymous said...

Remember how you pointed out the quality of Ukrainian Artillery support? Ukraine does not have the quantity needed. They are outnumbered 10 or 15 to 1, and running short on ammo to boot.


Ukrainian officials are increasing the urgency of their requests for more-sophisticated Western-provided weapons systems amid reports of growing Russian artillery superiority. Several Western media outlets reported in the last 48 hours that Ukrainian military and government officials are increasingly highlighting the fact that Ukrainian troops are trapped in an “artillery war” on critical frontlines and are at a distinct disadvantage in terms of artillery systems.[1] Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) Vadym Skibitsky stated that Russian troops possess 10 to 15 artillery pieces to every one Ukrainian artillery piece and that Ukrainian forces have almost completely exhausted their artillery ammunition.

Germany and Western Europe are still not providing Ukraine the heavy weapons they need, and worse yet, weapons that Western Europe had PROMISED Ukraine.


Aesop said...

Which lack of support, I also pointed out, could/would be their undoing.

Putin's gamble in continuing this past the first week was that he could defeat Ukraine before his own losses proved irredeemably bad.

It remains an open question, but inheriting a decades-long insurgency won't be a "win" for Russia either.

And everything they've achieved to date is at the expense of turning the entirety of it into nothing but powdered rubble.

Putin dying, and Russia simply dropping the mic, and tiptoeing away from this tarbaby would be a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

We should send another 40 billion just to make sure.

Hedge said...

Keep dreaming idiots. This will go down as your biggest Buffalo jump yet. Praying for Putin to be dead.....Hahahahahahaha! The Ukraine war has many casualties. Fancy words don't make it so.

Dan said...

Not seeing any corroboration of this yet. May be a red herring....or someones wishful thinking.

TechieDude said...


Because everyone else vying for the job will be better. More like us.

You guys that fixate on the man nearly always overlook that everyone else that he beat out and beat up for the job were worse, more hardline.

Be careful what you wish for.

sykes.1 said...

Putin is the moderate in the Russian government. The people who would replace him are radical nationalists who would likely expand the war.

Remember, Putin is not the Russian government. He merely leads it. He has important inputs to Russian policy, but it is the whole government that makes it and carries it out.

Russia is winning this war and will win it in the near future. The question then is how much of Ukraine will it annex. That is likely to be all the areas that are predominantly ethnic Russian. The possibility of a complete annexation of all of Ukraine remains.

The aid the West is giving Ukraine is too little, too late. The sanctions against Russia have backfired spectacularly, and the EU is now facing economic depression. The US economy is also hard hit. Meanwhile the US dollar has fallen in value to 56.70 rubles today, and oil hovers are $120/bbl. Russia sells its oil at a discount, but it is receiving record high income from its sales of fuel.

The negative effects of the sanction imposed on Russia are reaching into strange places. Brewers in Holland are curtailing production because they can't get glass for bottles and aluminum for cans. Those materials come from Russia. In the US, farmers and truckers are in a panic because Russian diesel is in short supply.

As for the Ukrainian supporters, please release that the illegal junta we installed in 2014 is controlled by actual 1930/40 Nazis. And those Nazis have been conduction a genocidal war against ethnic Russian civilians for eight years. Iulia Timoshenko is infamous for calling for the killing of all ethnic Russian in Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian army's medical services publicly called for the castration of Russian soldiers taken prisoner.

It it achieved independence, a large number of Ukrainians decamped and sought work in the EU. Another large contingent left after the US generated coup in 2014. (That coup removed Ukraine's only democratically elected, legitimate government, and installed the present Nazi junta.) And now yet another several million have left since the war began.

Today Ukraine's population may be as little as 25 million, down from the 45 million when it was in the USSR. Most of the departed were young men. So now Ukraine is reduced to using untrained, middle-aged militiamen in its front lines. They will soon be drafting women.

This American-created fiasco should be over by fall, or maybe Christman.

Anonymous said...

I saw a clip else where earlier today of Putin standing at some reception showing his right hand shaking uncontrollably. Perhaps the end is nigh. We can only hope.

Then the old adage of the devil you know may be better than the devil you don't comes into play.


Jim Wetzel said...

Why all the Putin hate?

What'd he do to us? I'd ask what we did to Russia, but the answer could be pretty long.

Are you a big fan of Zelenskyyyyyy? I mean, he is the US-installed puppet, but then, so's Biden, and that doesn't seem to make you like His Senility. And the US-installed puppet regimes in Ukraine seem to me to be inflamed pustules, leaking obnoxious fluids, like eight years' worth of shelling of Russian ethnics in the eastern parts of Ukie-land. The sort of boil, located on the border of a real country, that said real country would be well-advised to lance.

Seriously, not looking to quarrel, nor looking for any "show-your-work" assignments. Just curious. You're not usually an enthusiast for Regime Narratives.

Anonymous said...

I’m really torn on this. Putin was reckless and foolish, but I also see how Biden and others pushed for this war. And now all of the enemies of freedom seem to support Ukraine, including Biden, Pelosi, the EU, Soros, the euro-weenie politicians, and the WEF/Davos crowd, so I’m feeling very icky being on the same side as Klaus Schwab, aka Dr Evil.

And it seems that Biden’s puppet masters want a protracted conflict to bleed Russia and to create more slush funds for graft for “the big guy”, regardless of how many Ukrainians die in the process, and how many others around the world starve because of the disruption of the Ukrainian harvest.


Landroll said...

Perhaps Vlad's supposed medical misadventure was performed with Dr. Tokarev assisting?

Aesop said...

1) For the low comprehension readers, this was clearly identified as RUMINT: Reliability 0.
From a website that has been unashamedly pro-Putin. If that still went over your heads, suck it.
2) I see no evidence that we've sent the first $40B. You do? Show all work.
3) Some of you don't understand what a "buffalo jump" is. Advertising such ignorance is rarely a wise move.
4) Putin is the moderate?!? The lifelong KGB apparatchik? The Stassi member? The guy who released chemical weapons to Assad to use in Syria? The guy who's used poisons and nerve agent to assassinate his political enemies? Who brutally subjugated multiple republics, and has invaded them militarily, not once, not twice, but five times to date - sh'yeah, he's the "moderate", but the guys he beat out and gulaged or Kremlincided over the years are moar hardline. When monkeys fly outta yer butt. Who's posting their fap fantasies now?
5) Russia has pulled out all stops and enacted draconian currency controls to prop up the ruble temporarily, after it went into absolute Zimbabwean freefall at the end of February. Their GDP is down 15% already since February, and headed for 30% by year's end. And they've never been able to feed themselves in a good year, in a century or more of trying.
6) There are more actual nazis on some comment forums than there are in Ukraine. Neither number is zero. And Russia was subverting Ukrainian elections long before the CIA got into the act; own both sides of that conversation, and get back to us. This is also the third time they've invaded Ukraine just in the last 15 years, and each time they want more territory, on flimsier excuses.
7) Painting this as Putin v. Zelenskyy is a false dilemma. There's a third party you're deliberately ignoring: the actual people of Ukraine, who don't seem shy about telling Russia what they can do with their romantic overtures to rejoin the Soviet Union. But if you want to play that horn, do it when Mexico lays claim to Texas, California, and the rest of the American Southwest, to "protect the Spanish speaking Mexicans there", and tell the class how you can see their point, and we should just roll over for that one too.
8) Putin is a dictatorial pig, and his entire invasion has been literally one unbroken war crime since Day One. he should get dick cancer, die in a fire, as the surviving family members of his victims beat the flames out with rakes and axes. Whenever he shuffles off the world stage and sheds his meat suit, he won't be missed, neither here, nor in Russia. Sooner would be better.
9) If ethnic Russians feel more comfortable in Russia, they should go, in haste. As it is, their lands are now endless seas of rubble, courtesy of Putin, and he's had to fight them as well as Ukrainians every step of the way just to get where he is three and a half months later, so the point is academic. If Putin wants to welcome them back home, let him. From his side of that border.

Aesop said...

9) Putin as asshole happens to be documented fact. Trying to gaslight that as a "regime narrative" is pure rose fertilizer, and has to ignore the widespread number of anti-regime actors who hold the same opinion. Knee-jerk decisions just because a blind hog found an acorn once in 16 months are intellectually lazy, and morally cowardly. But be consistent: if you're going to reflexively embrace the people the socialist Democrats hate, do it right: start with FDR.
10) Biden's minions absolutely pushed for this, to distract from the epicly catastrophic failures of their doddering, senile disasterpiece sock-puppet. But like his regime, this war escaped the lab, and their control. The puppet masters want no such protracted conflict; they expected, like 99% of us did, that once started, this would be over in a week, giving them a cost-free hate target with minimal consequences. Like every one of their schemes to date, this has exploded in their faces, and tossed the dice on Vlad the Inhaler starting global thermonuclear war. Because only Putin on weed would think the lemon would ever be worth the squeeze, let alone double down on three months of unmitigated failure, stemming entirely from believing his army's own press releases, like any incompetent bureaucrat would. Reality has turned out to be far less amenable to his bong-fueled delusions of Soviet grandeur.

Therefore, the sooner he strokes out, the sooner this entire embarrassing farce ends, and the sooner the senseless slaughter stops. Until it does, I will continue to wish Russia all of Finland x Afghanistan x Vietnam they can stomach, and if they collapse again into total Turd World status forever, so much the better. They've been the last hold-out rogue barbarians on the European continent for nearly a century, and anything that drags them kicking and screaming off the world stage is a net plus for humanity. If they collectively end up limbless blinded stumps, so much the better for the next century as well.

Domo said...

"Failed operation", does that mean the bodyguards caught the shooter 😳

Rollory said...

"Why all the Putin hate?"

For my part, I'm not a hater. I was a Putin-admirer-with-reservations until February 24th.

I also happen to like Ukraine, having visited, and Ukrainians, having worked with more than a few.

I also and most particularly like cheering on underdogs who punch a bully in the face.

The person who started this war is the person who ordered the tanks across the border. The Ukrainians decided to punch that bully in the face; or, failing direct physical access, his proxies. They did so and have continued to do so, very successfully.

I am all for that.

I'd be fine with Russia setting itself up as an anti-pole to US decadence: family-centered, clear and lawful lines of authority, respect for tradition, respect for manliness, all that sort of thing. And then saying to Ukraine: look at what we offer, isn't that better than gay parades? You should consider applying to be our friends. We're kinda picky, but we remember you guys fondly, we'll do what we can for you.

And generally making it so that it really IS an attractive option.

Ukraine siding with Russia under those circumstances would have been an admirable and positive development, helping to produce an alternative power center in the world, much better isolated from Western academic wokeism than most other places, and with huge potential for economic, technological, and cultural growth.

That's not what we got. We got a drunken dumbass sending a mob of drunken dumbasses to go rape and loot and murder and knock down people's houses with artillery shells.

The ONLY acceptable answer to that is to kill them until the remainder start crying and run away home.

THEN, and only then, will it be possible to discuss Russia's "legitimate security concerns".

Aesop said...


Anonymous said...

+1 what.. Rollory said...

Anonymous said...


It's the little things in life

Anonymous said...

We are halfway through the 48 hour rule, and I have seen no further rumors.

Too Bad. Most of us realize that a cease fire and peace treaty would be best for the people of Ukraine, Russia, and most of the world. Except Peace would not be good for the grifting establishment elites in Ukraine, Western Europe, and Washington DC.