Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Music: Feel A Whole Lot Better/Rock and Roll Star


One of the worst-kept secrets of Tom Petty's impressive career was how much he idolized Roger McGuinn and the Byrds. As to who did this song better, my answer is "Yes." Which is why you get both today.

But wait! There's more! McGuinn played with Petty several times on tours. I think the reason Petty loved the Byrds' timeless guitar-heavy rock and roll sound was because he always wanted to be a rock and roll star.

And the Byrds had already BTDT. Plus ça change...


Unknown said...

Bro - Thanks for surfacing these songs - now they are part of my Petty AND Byrds playlists.

Also listening to Smoke of Distant Fire right now too. Keep on rocking my brother.

Nori said...

Gene Clark on vocals,Jim McGuinn (later Roger) on 12 string,this was an instant and forever favorite Byrd song. Petty’s homage is just simply perfect.
Thank you for this.