Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Official Theme Song Of COVID Not-A-Vaxx

Dedicated to all those folks who have (and will) drop dead otherwise healthy, from Sudden Death COVID Vaxx Death Syndrome.

Ain't no Iron Man coming to save you from Thanos this time. You're being erased.


Rhea said...

So please do tell me what the people I care about who got vaccinated SHOULD have done, inasmuch as people who got sick refused to stay home while they were sick and were determined to spread it because they didn't believe it. I got mocked and derided (on another site) when I said during the pandemic that people who knew they were Kung Flu positive should stay home, and was told that it was the job of people who didn't want to catch it to stay home. Those who tested positive should be allowed to go wherever and do whatever they wanted and if someone else died because of them, well it wasn't thier fault because COVID was a liberal lie.


Dinochrome One said...

I've heard the term, "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" (SADS) from our county Coroner, no less.

It seems that all the hospitals in the nearest Big City, 90 miles away, are full. No clues why from the papers or newscasts, but patients are being transported to smaller more distant hospitals. I've got my "Plague-Doctor" suit all ready to go.

Phil said...

TPTB are going to have a problem I'm not so sure they spent enough time planning to notice.
They are only killing off the dumb and the weak ones.
What's left is going to be a lot harder to kill now.

LSWCHP said...

I retire on Friday after a 40 year career, 30 years with one employer.

In that 30 years, 2 staff members died of natural causes. That was up until June last year. Since last June 5 middle aged people have died of "suddenly". They just didn't come to work, and a day or two later their families called to advise they'd never be coming to work again.

One guy was obese, and one guy had some chronic health problems, but the other 3 were all healthy people in their mid 40s with no known issues, and they just dropped dead without warning. No short battle with whatever. One guy died in mid sentence! A woman died while on vacation at the beach with her family.

Also, one of my wife's colleagues died a couple of months ago after having a sudden stroke followed by heart failure. She was also in her mid 40s with no known prior health problems.

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Something is Going On.

John Wilder said...

It's also, apparently, causing the birth rate to fall in Germany.

Plague Monk said...

Even though I've been "Retired" for the last 18 months because I wouldn't take the kill shot(and also because the client was stooopid), I'm getting more inquiries now, more than summer 2020. Interesting to note that a few of the recruiters are telling me that they want me to replace people who "unexpectedly" died. I told one place that I was interested in a position but I wouldn't take that needle. The recruiter told me that as of July 1, they are dropping the Covid requirement.
Too many of us old timers are suddenly dropping dead from said unknown causes, but I know one white beard that refused the needle that is still working, despite being in his late 70s. He started drafting on the Apollo LEM back in the late 60s.
If I was willing to do another road contract, I could write my own ticket rate wise, but I'm not willing to leave my wife for weeks and months given the way things are going.

MSG Grumpy said...

A side note on your musical selection, a few years ago the wife and myself were at recert CPR training and the instructor suggested using the tune "Staying Alive" to help us pace the 120 bps used during CPR. The wife suggested that the beat of "Another one Bites the dust" was actually better. The instructor frowned, the rest of the class laughed, by the end of class we were all singing while pounding the dummy...
I have been a very bad influence on my wife...
But who would have guessed just how appropriate it would be for the victims of the clot shot...

MSG Grumpy

Aesop said...

As a CPR instructor, and in many an actual full arrest, I have noted aside that both songs work as a mnemonic, and have heard both tunes being used, sotto voce, for confirmation. Gallows humor is the best.

markshere2 said...


We all makes our choices with the info at hand.

Part of the info I had at hand in 2020 was a historical-based knowledge that the FDA and CDC were not to be trusted.

EVERYTHING they told us was a lie.

The dude that invented the PCR test said it was NOT a good indicator as to whether a person was really sick with the covid.

Based on that and Fauci's mask lies, I chose to say "Oh Heck no".

You and yours made a different choice.

Good luck.

Wayne said...

@markshere Yes, that was Dr. Kary Mullis. But what does HE know? he only won a Nobel Prize for his invention. I see COVID vaxbots on a daily basis claim that Dr. Mullis should not be trusted.