Friday, June 3, 2022

How It Is, And Where It's Headed

Yesterday, Divemedic looked at why we keep seeing criminally insane mass shooters walking among us, and looks at the root of The Problem. RTWT. It's from research on his paper for a BSN, including the things he "can't say in a school paper".

My reply:

1) Keep working on the paper. Don't pull punches.

2) Latest numbers are that Califrutopia now has closer to 33% of the homeless people in the country, which is why I keep telling all the California-haters that they can have their toothless banjo-playing kinfolk back any time, because those crazy folks ain't from around here. I see their SSNs, and you can look up the state of origin [from the first three digits] in about 2 mouseclicks.

2a) 100:1 your state, for any of 49 values of that descriptor, hands the incorrigibly insane something between $5-10K for substance detox. In Califrutopia only. They fly them here, get into rehab, flunk out in a day or two because they're crazy addicts, end up on the streets, and drink or snort the balance of their funds. Then they become everyone's problem. I.E. mine. Ask me how I know, and how many times I've seen that exact scenario replayed again and again at local EDs.

3) They aren't releasing the homeless from prison to make room for the druggies. It's the same population. A Venn Diagram of the homeless, the alcoholics, and the lifelong drug addicts would be nearly one single circle, with all three groups overlapping. A fourth circle containing the convicts wouldn't stray too far from 1, 2, or 3 either.

4) People aren't homeless because they misplaced their homes, they're homeless because they drank it away, snorted it away, or perpetrated it away. No job, no skills, addiction, mental deficiency, and a criminal record is a crappy poker hand for life.

5) Psych meds make patients feel "weird". The rest of us call that weird feeling "sanity". So they stop taking those meds the minute they're released back into the community, with the result that ordinary citizens have to lock themselves inside plush secure home cells, while the crazy people walk around loose and free.

6) But not taking those meds means the voices come back. And the voices always say "You suck. Kill yourself." or "Everyone's trying to kill you. Kill them first!" So they do drugs, alcohol, and/or both. Why?

a) Actual quote from extremely insightful 17-year-old schizophrenic addict: "I take dope and get drunk, because it gets the voices drunk too, and then I can't understand what they're saying!" F**king brilliant, right there.

b) And they get to feel the euphoria of drunkenness and/or "high", which is way better than what sanity and responsibility feels like.

7) When I started in the medical biz decades and decades ago, we got a drunk a week, maybe an OD a month or two, and pot cases never. Now we get 5-15 of all of the above per night, or worse. Don't get me started about banning Narcan when a new batch of anything loaded with homebrew carfentanil (which dealers put in literally everything) hits the streets. The only good thing about it is when it occasionally takes a few regulars out of circulation permanently. But the 20 addicts who hear about that, and want to get the new "hot" batch, more than takes up the slack.

8) At current course and speed, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing open Commitees Of Vigilance, or else onesy-twosey incidents of The Three esSes (Shoot-Shovel-Shut Up) to become commonplace among the homeless/mentally ill/alcoholic/druggie/convicts on the loose. And we're talking when, not if. After a month or two, they'll start skipping the "shovel" part too. Mark my words.

9) TPTB will talk a good game, but the push to track down the culprits will be about as enthusiastic as going after the johns serviced by Epstein and Maxwell on Lolita Island. They'll toss the wretches into paupers' graves, throw the cold case files into some file cabinet in some endless warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenant, and that will be that. It's how California, and a good bit of the rest of the country, cleaned house 100+ years ago. Some ideas never go out of style.

10) The alternative will be a "Three Strikes And Yer Out!" rule for getting placed on a psych hold.

After the third time you're caught running naked down the freeway and throwing rocks off the overpass because you're off your meds, you will be deposited on Shutter Island, and never allowed to return. You can run around naked, chase butterflies, jump off cliffs, eat dirt, pound your head with a rock, whatever. But your civilization privileges will be permanently revoked.

Nothing less than #9 or #10 will avail, and no one's willing to pay for reinstating Bedlam in 50 states, and warehousing the insane for life at public expense. It won't matter what's right, or good, only what works, at that point. And half the population trying to ensure that nothing works is only hastening those two unpalatable conclusions. By design and malign intent.

If we could mandate that the first two times, the insaniacs were set at liberty, it had to be as the permanent houseguest of anyone in favor of the current scheme, starting with do-gooders, judges, and lawyers, it would go a long way toward solving things short of more draconian measures. But that will never happen.

Homeless people turning up all inexplicably dead all over the place? That could happen as early as tomorrow, and I'm frankly surprised it hasn't already started. What a Brave New World mental health do-gooderism has inflicted on us all.

I'm not saying I approve of what's coming. But what cannot continue, will not. Molly-coddling the criminally insane is about to become a luxury the people will not tolerate in perpetuity, and Nature abhors a vacuum, particularly one the state created, and now refuses to backfill.


William said...

Talk about a whole lot of truth serum in this post. Damn. Hit that nail square on the head. Good job.

Jester said...

Well, to further add to the issue with medication compliance that I've seen:

Some of the inital doses or medications themselves are not effective or throw the chemical imbalence off in a different direction. I've seen people take months and many different medication combos to finally find something that does work. The most ill of those out there obviously won't tolerate or be compliant for the amount of time it takes to find the effective combo.

Another of the big issues out there is even when that combo or medication treatment is effective I don't think it's just because they feel sane and thus funny Aesop. They think for whatever reason that when they again feel normal or sane that they are cured. They don't have to continue the medication or keep with adjusting it as needed so they just stop. Similar to people that stop taking their antibiotics as soon as they start feeling better.

I think some of the reluctance to commit someone is the lawsuits the ACLU etc would quickly levy against judges, courts etc. Because once again when these folks start to get sober they don't really wish to be treated but to get out of a half way house, etc as soon as they possibly can so they can get back on the drugs they were on in the first place. Thus, they get the backing of these organizations for depriving someone clearly not insane of their civil liberties. There's no one more manipulative or conniving as an addict telling everyone they are cured and won't be back on the smack ever again than someone that wants nothing more than to fool everyone so they can get back on their habit.

While common sense should be applied I ponder this problem, what is the measuring stick for commiting someone? Not to go far down the rabbit hole but what's not to say that someone that thinks the election was stolen could not be deemed by some judge or court system to be insane and needing "treatment and to be removed from civilized society?"

On a side note I can't help emperically observe that the states/cities with a low amount of freezing days per year are the ones with the most massive of problems due to people gravitating there. Perhaps the states that have a lot of freezing days also have darwinism freezing the drunks and drug addicts out in the wintertime. I know for example Cheyenne Wyoming being the cross roads of interstate 25 and 80 tends to have a lot more homelessness apparent as well as panhandlers during the short summer months, and when winter rolls around that largely dries up other than the physical buildings/halfway houses which are at capacity..

I also suspect that there's a decent amount that may not be insane or totally addicted to drugs but are just happy to collect the state's stipend and live happily on the beach with out a care in the world or need to work and have a solid roof over their head. But I think this would be a small minority and that most of them are using those stipends to fuel their habits. Not to mention panhandling can be quite an easy way to make money.

Anonymous said...

I wish medical staff had the power to toss out the bums and junkies that use the ER as their hotel. Half the fuckers are full of shit. They know that if they say the right shit they'll get on psych hold. Only they find out it's a three day (or more) hold, and then they want to pitch a fit because they can't just walk out. Even though some of them have done the same song and dance multiple times before.

I agree with Aesop. Banning narcan would be a solid first step. Three strikes to Shutter island should follow.

Ole Grump said...

Since the supreme court has revisited Roe vs Wade it would be reasonable that a suit could work its way through the system to reverse the the mental health ruling. To insure the passage recruit the construction industry and the hospital companies to support the case. Imagine the profit to be made building two or three 800 - 1000 bed secure hospitals in every state then the staffing that contracts on a cost plus basis. The ACLU would whine about poor misunderstood schizophrenics, but they would be pushing a very large rock up a high hill.

I have some sympathy for the mentality ill and a great deal for the families and neighbors who have to live interacting with the poor people that have been abandoned by society and government. It would be justice that all of the state government muckymucks would have to spend weekends under a bridge with the people they have put there.

Dan said...

The Fed Gov has invested untold MILLIONS of dollars over the past 70 odd years seeking to perfect mind control methods. Only a fool would believe they have had zero success. If they succeed in triggering only one spree shooter out of of a thousand they are trying to control they could still cause one a week when you consider the resources they have available to them. The left wants mass shootings. They NEED mass shootings to justify their planned assaults on the Second Amendment and then rest of our freedoms. They have no qualms about creating mass shootings.

Rhea said...

Jester, I agree with you, but I have no sympathy for the mentally ill when it comes to thier medication. I am chronically ill and the side effects of my medication suck. The difference is how fast I end up either in the hospital or dead without it, and that's pretty darn quick. (This is usually called incentive.) But mentally ill people who I have had the misfortune to deal with seem to think that they have every right to skip thier meds because they don't like how they feel on it, and then the rest of us have to deal with them.

Regarding 2A/detox, this is why I am opposed to Narcan, but I am told that this is mean and hurtful and do I want people to die? And it does sound very mean to say that if they're determined to kill themselves because they went off and got addicted to something with a high probability of killing them - insane or otherwise - then I would appreciate it if we stopped wasting tax dollars on Narcan and let them get on with it.

But that sounds very mean.


Anonymous said...

I feel like we are about to enter Heinlein's "Year of the Jackpot"

Robert said...

All pathways lead to failure. Choose the one you like best.

We might continue accumulating homeless people in campsites in public spaces until they drive out all others.

We might do the traditional police "move on" to vagrants.

We might take a more "compassionate" approach and buy them bus tickets to some other cities.

We might have the "onesy-twosey incidents of "SSS" become commonplace.

Involuntary confinement procedures will become more attractive as the homeless continue to invade upscale communities.

We might spend a lot more money on shelters and the bureaucrats who run them. More likely we might spend more money on concentration camps - err, "Wellness Centers".

Involuntary confinement procedures for the mentally ill will be repurposed in the blink of an eye for targeting political dissidents. After all, the "denialists" who believe that the 2020 elections were stolen, that the mRNA treatments are unsafe and unproven for mandatory deployment in the general population, that "Climate Change" is a scam, or that the "Justice System" is thoroughly corrupted, are clearly suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and must be confined for reasons of "public safety". It is for their own good, of course.

See the former Soviet Union for any number of worked examples.

Anonymous said...

100:1 your state, for any of 49 values of that descriptor, hands the incorrigibly insane something between $5-10K for substance detox. In Califrutopia only. They fly them here, get into rehab, flunk out in a day or two because they're crazy addicts, end up on the streets, and drink or snort the balance of their funds. Then they become everyone's problem. I.E. mine. Ask me how I know, and how many times I've seen that exact scenario replayed again and again at local EDs.

And any non-California state bureaucrat probably would think this is money well spent, if they thought of it at all. If they were thinking, they would try to subsidize moving the rest of the immediate family there too. If Mexico and Guatemala can do it, why can't Arkansas?

This like the generous state welfare benefits in states north of Illinois attracted lots of Chicago families to formerly less violent cities. They came and brought their generational disfunction with them. Ask me how I know?


Anonymous said...

The old saying is "You get what you pay for" and Califrutopia is buying these derelicts by the bushel.
We've got a bunch further easy for the same reason
Boat Guy

Aesop said...


That's why I favor Cloward-Piven for the Welfare State. It's the only way to crash communism, and it works every time it's tried. When the dot-Gov teats go dry, the burning times start, and the statues of Lenin and Marx come down once and for all. Worse = better.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Aesop - For various and sundry reasons I have an attachment to California, and what it has become in my lifetime tears me up.

I also wonder if - as we continue to enter the wonder world of economic instability, these sorts of things will get more frequent. People who are already on the edge only need a little to push them over.

Long term we will also likely need to have a discussion of what compassion really means and looks like.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aesop, I’m surprised someone hasn’t driven a small gas tanker truck through one of the camp sites and threw a road flare in the middle of it by now. I gotta believe there are a lot of frustrated people out there, and lord knows the state or feds aren’t doing jack about any of it. Gonna be interesting fairly soon…

Anonymous said...

Mass Murder is not the answer. Unless you want to be Stalin, Hitler or Mao. Then it is a very effective answer. Except the questions being answered are not the questions you had.

Aesop said...

It won't be mass murder, directed by one.

It will be a culling of society's leeches, by near-universal acclaim.
And if you can't come up with a better solution, you're going along for the ride yourself, either in the mob pulling it, or inside the tumbrel cart. Dealer's choice.

Jonathan H said...

I strongly suspect that the Triple S has begun in some places.
I've seen evidence of pushback and "disappearances" that the media ignores which doesn't fit any other theory.
I think the media is frightened to report them because it would show the power the people have and the powerlessness of the government.

Plague Monk said...

There's another group of mentally ill that I've encountered in years past, roughly from 1968 to 1977. That is what was called the "gifted" community. I became part of this around the age of 10, when I was chosen to attend a special school for the smarter kids that took me away from my neighborhood school.
We nerds or smarter kids were segregated from our peers and taught that we were very, very special intellectually(linear algebra in 6th grade for example). We hung out together, and I gravitated into the chess and wargame community. A lot of us had problems, and there were quite a few guys(pedos) exploiting us geniuses(who were not worldly wise). I was involved with a group of about 8 Diplomacy players from @1974 to my entry into USAF in late 1977. I got lucky, in that I met and married a wonderful woman(starter wife, going on 43 years next month). I was the exception in this group. Of the 8 of us, I was the only one who lived a normal life; the others either had severe mental illness(google Syracuse plane hijacking 1983. The hijacker was a close friend of mine). At least two of us went to prison for various crimes; suicides or "accidents" claimed the rest. Others in my circle committed serious crimes, including murder(I had a high level clearance at the time, and my employer was NOT happy about my having to appear in court during the trial) and the person had severe mental illness(genius, bad home life, LSD(probably)).
I've had psychiatric counseling on a few occasions over the following two decades, but was never institutionalized and never required to take psychiatric meds.
I have to wonder how many of the homeless these days are the nerds who are bored out of their wits by the dumbed down curriculum in most schools these days?

Plague Monk said...

Rhea, with regards to Narcan: one of the Warhammer players I know is a deputy for a SW Ohio county, whose sheriff is on record disapproving of the use of it to revive junkies that OD. He's told us that the only time it makes sense to use Narcan is to revive those who get exposed by accident or in the course of their work, such as EMTs, police and fire personnel. Most heartbreaking to him are the complete innocents who see someone ODing and try to help, not realizing the danger they put themselves into. He has gotten hardened to the point where he is opposed to using it to revive family members of the junkie, and is a big fan of Pournelle's "Think of It As Evolution in Action" comment in Oath of Fealty.

Rhea said...

Plague Monk, I can't blame him for that. I know that for a time while I was living in another state there was a brief shortage of Narcan (it may have been a local shortage, I don't recall exactly) and PD in that area decided that they would not use Narcan on addicts but only keep it for police/first responders as there had been a rash of police being exposed to fentanyl by drug dealers. The weeping that ensued because police refused to revive an addict did not warm my heart toward addicts or thier families. It's not like it's secret knowledge that heroin and meth are dangerous, it's just the simple hubris of the addict thinking that they won't be the one to get addicted to it.

The other bone of contention for me about Narcan is that I pay out of pocket for pricy meds for my illness and Narcan is free. To say this angers me is an understatement.


John Wilder said...

Again, from a Leftist perspective, it's a feature, not a bug. Cloward-Piven on 'roids.

Anonymous said...

My niece is a paramedic in a very large metropolitan area. She hurries from one call to the next administering naloxone. She is young and idealistic, but even she will admit that it really chafes her to have to administer Narcan twice to the same person on the same day.

I work with a gentleman, very smart and cordial, very liberal. I asked him what’s to be done about the homeless. His answer, predictably and in a nutshell, was more “resources” directed toward that population.
He asked the same of me. I suggested every six months we gather up all the homeless from across the country, herd them into transport planes, and drop them into the Pacific Ocean directly over the Marianas Trench.
He looked at me quizzically, unsure if I was serious. I assured him I was.

Sentenza said...

Someone made a documentary that covered the bums in Seattle. There was at least one who had been arrested over 100 times. Later he apparently murdered someone and then turned up dead in the city's water purification plant.

It seems like everywhere along the I-5 corridor has that problem.

Unknown said...

Escape from New York had a better idea...