Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Polite Society

 Seems Antifatards think the rural countryside will be easier pickings...

Word to your mother:

Stay in the blue hives, soy boys. Or FAFO.


T-Rav said...

Two years ago, during our most recent "Long Hot Summer," word got around my home county (population <30,000) that BLM was going to show up to the county seat, smash some Confederate headstones at a 19th-century cemetery nearby, then drive on to our Veterans' Cemetery and do the same thing.

I didn't see it, but about 100 people showed up at both places to prevent any such thing happening. Good ol' boys, most of them, many veterans themselves, and all armed to the teeth. The BLM mob that arrived turned out to be five punks from two counties over, who were promptly advised by local PD to move along for their own safety. Which they did.

So yeah, invading the boondocks is going to be one of those "Bold strategy, Cotton" moments.

Jester said...

Well, this is about what most of us expected to come out at some point first off so the chatter of I live not in a blue hive so there for am safe we can demonstrate is not accurate.

I have to wonder if on the link you posted that some of the comments about this is fine for them because they will have some perfect victem status martyrs going on about it. I mean l0ok at the Rittenhouse situation, was three white dudes shot by a white dude and they still made them all look like saints and made martyrs of them in the media and the left. I fully expect that there might be situations where they do this to someone out in the sticks that gets wacked. Oh just some racist white hill billy shooting up some wonderfull 20 somethings that were coming up the driveway with burning coctails only so they could see as they needed help and were broke down a while down the road!!!

I don't doubt that there's a lot of these lower level clowns that think they might be able to swarm some farms or rural areas by numbers and have little to no repercussions as they did in the cities. But what this does do is show that even in 2020 what was obvious then is more so now, was never about social justice or any of that BS. It was about organized rioting and looting at the least and perhaps was or is indeed open insurrection. They own it now if they are turning in to roaming gangs headed out to the country side, far from where they "live".

Which brings us to the important question, when this inevitably happens what kind of DA or prosocuter are those folks going to get? And are they going to get the local one or someone for the state itself? Perhaps even getting the charges cranked up to hate crime level and thus justifying the need for Federal Prosoctuer being involved or Feds otherwise way overstepping their bounds. That to me is the question on this and will start to answer who is behind this BS in the first place.

Phil said...

Word to your mother, stay out of the 'burbs too .
The firepower is much more heavily concentrated.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how many times I've heard some soy boy say "we're coming for you, suburbs!"
Some bright spark (relatively speaking, of course--the ones who can pour piss out of a boot, but forget again when they get to the other boot) always seems to remind them that it's a bad idea.
I'm not in the suburbs: I'm rural as all get-out, & the country would simply swallow them without even a burp.
--Tennessee Budd

Dan said... dick can only get so hard. Please, try it. PLEASE!!!

Aesop said...


The two reasons so many rural disappearances go unsolved:

1) Intermarriage means everyone out there has the same DNA, and

2) There isn't much that feral hogs and gators won't eat if you leave it in the woods, so no bodies to examine for clues.

#2 is going to be what happens to BurnLootMurder/Antifarts in rural areas. There won't be any victimhood trials, because they'll never find the bodies.

"Say Zeke, them hogs a your'n sure are looking fat this year..."

If they head for the rural districts, the Leftards should proactively leave a photo and their current bio with milk carton printing companies.

John Wilder said...

"Ohhh, Kyle, why did you give me the ol' spicey bicep?"

The Tactical Hermit said...

Every summer it's the same old tease and every summer I end up getting dressed for a party that never comes. Once More I will extend a warm Rural Texas Invitation to anyone who wants to dance.

Anonymous said...

Lmfao... stacks of lime in my shed. They really just don't get it. Smells like bait if you ask me.

Michael said...

You might want to wander over to American Partisan and using their search type in Antifa Reality Check. Plenty more information of their tactics, organization and such.

Cliff notes of what is important in my humble opinion.

Deniable State sponsored terrorism. Obedient to orders and disciplined urban combat troops.

They never attacked outside their orders, thus infrastructure they marched past although if destruction was their goal, they easily could have destroyed Portland OR power grid and such. Their orders were to discredit then sitting President Trump by attacking police stations and Federal Buildings while getting lots of media coverage and thus "Proving" Trump was powerless as Congress and the FBI wouldn't condemn nor "investigate" them.

There are Antifa wannabees and useful idiot mobs that are less disciplined and maybe easier targets like your folks are chattering about.

When they get orders to destroy your communications and power grid then it's Rhodesian Brush Wars (worth googling) part 2.

What happened in Rhodesia can happen in good ole boy Texas friends.

Mark Matis said...

Maybe it is time to turn this around, hit the shithole hives, and burn them to the ground???

Aesop said...

Noted, but BLM and Antifa are not interchangeable, and though some subsets have some modicum of discipline and organization, they still make monkeys look like disciplined troops.
When serious shooting starts, most of them will run, and get shot in the back.
The "well-disciplined" ones will be shot in the face.

Most of what they've accomplished to date owes any success far more to official acquiescence and studied apathy than to organizational skill.

They lose that advantage in Flyover Land pretty much at the blue hive city limits signs.

But I do sincerely hope they'll try anyways.

Scotpatriot said...

There will likely be some feds along to instigate or 'revenuers' as my grandfather called them. Target rich.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Yes, Portland had their problems with the social justice....uh Blacks Like Money....uh Antifarts....But then the same idiots went down to the fishing places and the guns came out. They had intended to visit the farms but somebody with a brain said...OOPs!! Not a good idea. So everyone took the bus back to the hive.......
These Communists are cowards and only survive because too many Imbeciles have made sure elected officials are Communists too. Just like California. The hives are full of cat ladies, 18 yro Fat Frolics, and Soy Boys but the countryside is a little different. Most of the countryside is fed up. Instead of burning the timber and ranches, how about the hives experience some clean out? I think it is coming......

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait,,,
I dont need to win, i just need to dump 2-3 mags into them
The lord is my shepherd,,,,,,,

Suburban Guy said...

As a suburban resident outside a large southern city, i can tell you that there are many of here in my community, who are armed to the teeth, vets, leo's and sportsman that can and will defend our area from these walking targets.

There are only three ways into our community, easily blocked w great cover/concealment too, one long 2 lane road that provide outstanding visibility and many sniper overwatch positions to use as well..

Drop a couple trees behind em as they try to roll in, then they are in a kill box, literally no way out except on foot, then they are off into the countryside, running back to their rat holes...

I have friends here who go out every deer season w bow's and limit...

Not including the 3 gun folks, men and women, and the folks that go out every weekend to the 1000m range to shoot steel plates from another zipcode for fun...


Landroll said...

Anonymous and Michael have valid points. Perhaps the BLM/Antifa blather was cast out to the denizens of various sites so that names could be gathered to assign seats for in the boxcars. The organized disciplined members of BLM/Antifa are probably pretty cautious about being close to the front unless they need to enhance their legend by being picked up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I’m gonna need you to come in Sunday to fill out your TPS reports.

Iffy sumptun’ bad happens to a commie invading your boonie area (like the one I’m in for example).

Don’t bury the cell phone.

Find out who knows who. Write it down. Paper dumbass.

Destroy phone.



Jonathan H said...

I agree that they are more organized than a glance shows, but don't forget that they only act on places where they have official support, both judicially and logistically.
When they have gone outside that area they have been hit hard. What would happen if they went there in force? Good question! But I can tell you they won't have it as easy as they have had it in the cities.

Anonymous said...

The AP Article mentioned above is very worthwhile. They point they try to make over there that everyone should keep in mind is that there is an element of this terrorist group (or allied formations), that has US Mil experience and service in the recent wars. There were others with mercenary combat time in Syria as well. Some of that experience may be more valuable to them and some of it may be less so, but they definitely have some people in their ranks who know how to do the small units/small fights/small wars thing as well as anyone. The face of the movement we see is the typical freakshow street fighters, who we rightly figure will be badly overmatched in a stand up kinetic fight with prepared rural people defending their home turf.
As for that more professional set they have in reserve out there, it's hard to get a handle on numbers, but I think it is pretty small. You can search up the osint on the various flavors out there yourself and try to get an idea if there is a chapter in your area. There seems to be one JB** in my state and I estimate it has less than five members. The next closest to me is 100's of miles away. The usual lefty hotspots seem to have the higher clusters of organized chapters. Go figure. I get the sense that most of these guys can't just sit on the sidelines and do nothing while their revolution is in progress, so I would think a fair amount of the mugshots Andy Ngo posts after each riot would have evidence of some of these guys. So far I have not seen it myself. Maybe they are well disciplined Greymen waiting for the call and laying low. I don't know. I just figure that the best way to go is to anticipate a visit from the A team from the big leagues and plan for that. If F Troop shows up instead that certainly works for me.

Anonymous said...

They already tried that, but didn't get beyond the suburbs. Remember this story?