Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I'm Sure It's Just A Wild Coincidence...


Another two of my "fully" vaxxed and boosted colleagues are home with the 'VID. For the second time, each.

Poor little wholly unvaxxed me: haven't been sick a single day since before this started, and confirmed COVID-free via twice weekly mandated testing for the unvaxxed.

Almost like the Not-A-Vaxx is not a vaxx. Hmm. How...curious.

For those of you who sadly chose the Jab, my sincere condolences. You did it from the best of motives in most cases, with poor information and good intentions, but based on all extant information, your life to come is looking less than fabulous by the day.

And when I pointed out to other fully (so far) vaxxed colleagues that "At least COVID has mutated to a less virulent form", the knee jerk answer was "because of the vaxx". I shit you not. And that was from a supervisor.

I should have given Polly a cracker for being a good parrot.

This is the average mentality among people who should know better, FFS.

Which means the average science-illiterate is 10 IQ points below that.

I'm still waiting for the inevitable, when one of the vaxxed employees hereabouts drops dead at a young and healthy 30-50 from "suddenly", and the light bulbs maybe begin popping on. But based on yesterday's response, that'll be no time soon, and I wouldn't be holding my breath for common sense to break out.

War Is Peace.

Freedom Is Slavery.

Ignorance Is Strength.


AMSOC is here. O'Brien would be proud.


Michael said...

Ah, Yep. "Smart folks hate to admit to themselves that they fooled themselves.

That's why Carnival Barkers can keep on getting the same folks year after year to buy into their schtick that "You're a strong (Handsome, Smart) fellow get a prize for your girl (kid).

I hear data that birthrates from the highly vaxxed nations is also dropping. AND give that data is at least a year in the past, that bodes poorly.

Poorly as in that old Knight in Indiania Jones and the Holy Grail poorly.

JC said...

Just went to a wedding over the weekend. ~150 people. Dancing drinks hugs..... 10 people so far positive for the WuFlu. All vaxxed all boosted. And mostly younger.
Guess who doesn't have it. My 63 year old a$$. Unvaxxed, drinks like a fish. I do eat healthy and get plenty of exercise, outside.

I believe the vax is the problem. YMMV

blogger said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Great Unwashed to acknowledge what was done to them. They are too *personally* invested to allow themselves to see it.

- Borepatch

T-Rav said...

If there's any justice to be had in this world, those who bullied/threatened others into getting the "vaxx" will be the first to keel over with blood clots and such. But I wouldn't put money on that outcome.

nick flandrey said...

Just finished a few days of self imposed isolation after a positive booger test. Had flown to a family gathering, and flown back, developed mild (really mild) head and body aches. Went to bed shivering, but no fever. Still ache-y when I woke, so I took a quick test.

Positive. Dang. kids and wife headed to camp, needed to test clean, so I went back to bed and eventually went elsewhere for a few days.

Tested again, and popped again.

I had a freaking cold. ONLY cold symptoms. No shortness of breath. No loss of taste or smell. Productive cough about 3 times a day. No fever. 8 days of rest and hydration and I'm fine.

Without the positive booger test that would have been a cold. Period. Other than to avoid doing stuff I want to avoid, I'm not even going to say I had the chinkyflu, because compared to what the other people went thru, I never had nothin'. "Gramma died from covid, after 2 weeks in hospital." "Oh yeah, I had covid too." Nope.

I figured the test was falsing on cold virus, like back in the day. Sibling says, "Oh, that's what omicron is, it's a cold, the test was accurate..."

So it's come to this, it mutated down to literally just a cold? Since we've been open and basically normal for a year, I stopped paying attention to details.


NB: JJj shot last year, no boosters. Live in Houston, so we've been open forever. Still washing hands regularly, occasionally wear a mask (when appropriate or forced), blow nose clear after leaving any enclosed space with people in it. I've been going to stores, restaurants, DisneyWorld, a trade show, monthly hobby club meetings, etc., basically just living, for a year without issues.

libertyman said...

So Fauci has Covid -- again -- and the Pfizer treatment Paxlovid, doesn't work either. I am not a doctor, but I might conclude that the vaccines and "boosters" don't work at all.
The parrots will say, as did Fauci, that the symptoms "would be a lot worse" without the four or five injections. And that was based on what study, again?
Lord help us.

Anonymous said...


Ron Robot said...

It doesn’t matter how bright the light is when it comes on, if you’ve had the mRNA DNA modification injection, it’s to late. Keep the light off and enjoy you’re last days.

Anonymous said...

So, more overtime in your future?

idahobob said...

No jabs, no masks, for me and mine.

Anonymous said...

I've managed to stay free of Der hamstercoof von Doom both experimental RNA and mask-free. I've had two, maybe three colds since this all began, though, so I might have caught one of the coronavirus variants. Some 30% of all "common colds" are CVS.

Which is what I want. The best thing *now* about the stupid fake PPE folks are cramming on their faces (aka masks) is that they do NOT work to prevent respiratory virus spread. The last thing we want is to stop catching colds.

Still bogles the mind seeing the NPCs in Cali in 100 degree weather with their cotton muzzles on *outside* ~ Codex