Friday, June 24, 2022

Roe v. Wade Aborted


Bummer, bitchez. Might want to consider using twenty other
 forms of birth control, including closing your legs,
rather than turning to infanticide to solve your poor life choices.


Mirabile dictu!

And boo frickin' hoo.

Half a century of liberal angst and propaganda gets a long-overdue coat-hanger to the head, and it's gone like a fart in a hurricane.

It's like Christmas in June.

One of the all-time worst and most unsupportable cases of judicial legislation is now justifiably relegated to the shitcan of history. Bad cases make bad law, and the generally awful Burger court's abortion decision was itself an abortion, with justices pulling "trimesters", found nowhere in the Constitution, right out of their underpants, and diaper-spackling their opinion with such shit-made-legal-dicta. This was a long overdue case, and ranks in perfidy and onerosity with Dred Scott, in finding that unborn children, like owned Negro slaves in the 1850s, are not legal persons.

Now the government's out of your bedroom. So maybe now a certain demographic will be forced to take some personal responsibility for who they let into that inner sanctum.

And contrary to LIEberal talking points, Democommunists just got their oft-lied wish. Abortion is not illegal, it is merely about to become what they lied they always wanted it to be: safe, legal, and rare. As in soon to be severely restricted in the majority of states. Because now, the decision goes back to the individual states' legislatures. In places like Califrutopia, New York f**king State, Massholechusetts, and Illinois, abortion on demand will be made a holy sacrament. In a swath from Idaho to Florida, not so much. And the Leftards are about to get bitch-slapped with how out of touch NFY, L.A., Chicongo, and D.C. are with everyday dinner table sensibilities in most of the rest of the country.

Amendment II: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Amendment X: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In just two short days, the Supreme Court has restored the Second and Tenth Amendments - some 20% of the Bill of Rights - and re-incorporated them back into the Constitution for the whole country.

Not a bad session's work.

Now if next year they could have a look at restoring the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, we'd have something to stand up and cheer about.

BTW, for the Trump-haters, his two appointments to the court provided 22% of the votes, and 33% of the winning majorities in each decision) to return the Constitution to primacy.

And those justices have a long time left to serve. Breyer, OTOH, is also getting long in the tooth, and feeble in mind and body. And while voting harder won't solve things in the short- or long-term, it still has YUUUUGE consequences beyond the individual office-holders. It's worth repeating that with but two more strict constitutionalist appointments to the Ninth Circus, Trump could have flipped that entire circuit, and returned nine western states, and nearly 20% of the citizenry of the republic, back to the rule of law in Free America for some decades to come.

So looking at the end of Roe, tell us, Leftards: Who's playing the Long Game now?

Point To Ponder for the inhabitants of Libtardia, planning violent resistance in response to these decisions:


Anonymous said...

Next year? - hold on - isn't there one more to go? - WV vs EPA - whether EPA has the authority to shut down coal powered electrical generation (and leave wide swaths of the country cold/hot hungry and in the dark)
Here it is: West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (Docket 20–1530)

Aesop said...

That would be another Xth Amendment case, but one we're watching as well.

Long overdue is going after Patriot Acts, no-knock warrants, warrantless asset seizures, hacking into cellphones, and multitudinous other deliberate ass-rapings of the BoR, minus even vaseline.

So yeah, next year.

Kzintis said...

You mentioned "Breyer" being long in the tooth. He's done now - retired and replaced in the next court with the idiot that doesn't know if she's a woman. Alito and Thomas are now the senior justices, at 72 and 74 respectively. I'm guessing they'll need around the clock protection and food tasters now until a Republican is elected president (and actually allowed to serve as such).

Jess said...

It's a shame it's taken fifty years for the Supreme Court to correctly interpret the opinion of Roe Vs. Wade.

kurt9 said...

Unfortunately, the Chevron deference did not get overturned. That was the case I was watching. However, it did get seriously limited.

kurt9 said...

Can we revisit NFIB v. Sebelius as well. That was the ObamaCare ruling in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Too much to hope for, but repealing the 17th would help restore the republic.

T-Rav said...

And as the cherry on top, SCOTUS also raked substantive due process over the coals, specifically naming Obergefell as a ruling that was just as bad on the merits and needed to be revisited.

Gay marriage isn't an issue raised much on this blog, so I will only say: live by judicial fiat, die by judicial fiat, libtards!

Rhea said...

Not sure if my last comment got through or not. Meh.

Aesop, in your opinion, now that liberals have lost protection of their most holy sacrament abortion, has the chance of spicy times increased or are we still on the same trajectory as pre-overturn?

Who rejoiced when she heard that Roe had finally been aborted.

Mr. Crotchety said...

Sir: I realized years ago that the vast majority of people cannot take a set of facts and come to a logical conclusion. Abortionist have maintained for years that unwanted, viable, human tissue should be allowed to be terminated without regard for anyone's opinions or objections. While I do not agree with that position, I have pointed out many times that abortionists are indeed viable, human tissue, and a great many do not want them. Unfortunately, that may be the last conclusion many of them learn.

Anonymous said...

Roe v wade is nice to have overturned, but the one I'd really like to see is wickard v filburn. I know, I know shit in one hand wish in the other...

Mike-SMO said...

The Mother must Live.

I support abortion on demand because medicine. The easiest to explain is the detection of a defective fetus, such as an anencephalic (headless) defective fetus which iis typically detected several months along. Forcing the woman to carry the dead/doomed fetus to term is absolute brutality and it is far more dangerous to her than an abortion/C-section. A heart beat is romantic crap. Death is brain death. The anencephalic has no brain. It is doomed. Give the mother a chance. Abort! Eject! Screw your time scale and thumpy heart. Hearts are stopped, repaired and/or replaced all the time. No brain, no chance.

Way back, some FNG started to do something to her that the big dogs said was useless, painful, and dangerous. FNG started to pay attention when I grabbed him by his throat and jacked him up on the wall like a holiday wreath.

Sometimes bed-rest and medication work, but the only "for sure", "right now" therapy for preeclampsia (lethal high blood pressure of pregnancy) is abortion. I have no idea what the statistics will be for COVID vaccinated women who get pregnant. The Mother must live. Screw your time lines, heartbeats and Bible. If the fetus can be saved, fine, but the Mother must live.

N othing is for certain and any allowance will be abused. I don't care. I have been over that line and am ready to answer for my decorating choices. The Mother must live. Screw them arbitrary BS rules. Real world medicine don't work that way.

Aesop said...

So what about the other 99.98% of pregnancies?
(That's the actual stat, btw. 1 in 4,600.)

And nobody here has said anything about times lines, heartbeats, or bibles.
So you're answering a dog whistle no one is blowing.

We tried doing this with blanket federal rules, laid out by 9 non-medical judicial jackasses.
Let's try letting each state legislature work this out with local actual representation, if only for the novelty.

I'm not going to refight the last 50 years here, at this point.
Go call your state reps, or move to a blue state where infanticide is a sacrament.

Wayne said...

Aesop, just saw where the Court upheld the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District. Coach Kennedy lost his job for praying on the field after football games. He didn't lead students in prayer, when players and other students asked if they could join, he told them "You can do whatever you want." The district falsely claimed that this was an "establishment of religion". Justice Gorsuch wrote this one.

Mike-SMO said...

1) When the Boss/Coach/Dictator expresses an ideology/theology you no longer have a choice if you want to be promoted or succeed.

2) blocking field of play? Creating an obstruction? Trespass! Arrest'em. Evict'em. Just like dey waz AntiFart. The Bible or the Book of Marx don't give you exemption from the Law. Take your huddle to the boys room. Bring on the Half Time Show. Get your mumblers off dah field.

Plague Monk said...

I'm really glad that the Supremes upheld the Free Exercise Clause in Kennedy v Bremerton.
Back around 1988, I was an atheist, and my wife had just been Saved. That was causing a lot of friction between us. I was working at a big radar maker as a manual draughtsman, and a requirement for getting to the next level was learning how to lay out printed wiring boards. My old boss had retired, and the new one designated "Mickey" as the gatekeeper. He would provide the required training, but he refused to do so unless the drafter was as devout as he was, which was pretty intense. I wasn't vocal about my lack of faith, but I wasn't ashamed of it, and that kept me from advancing further there.
Fast forward to 1999; I was now a believer and expert on the CAD software the client, a pump maker used. I was asked to train someone on advanced solid modeling. He was a vocal Satanist, whereas I kept my beliefs quiet, preferring to let actions speak.
He loudly announced that he believed in Satan and such, yadda yadda. I told him that I didn't care about his beliefs as long as they didn't interfere with his work, and took the time needed to instruct him in the software, showing him some cute tricks to increase productivity. He made a point of thanking me for the time, and we kept in contact until he died from a sudden heart attack in 2004 at the age of 35.

Plague Monk said...

These days, and since at least 2000, being a public believer in the engineering office at most of my clients will get you fired or not recommended for rehire. Most Christian sites are blocked by net nannies, although not pagan or other religious sites, including those that use funky mushrooms or wacky weeds.
I've had several contracts where the company rules forbid bringing bibles on company property, even kept in one's car. Since cars were subject to search while on company property, when working Sunday OT before attending services meant that I had to hide my bible. My solution was to keep the car full of junk and bury the bible in the depths of debris. The guards were not allowed to remove items, only open the doors and look through things.
Another client made a public show of firing 5 people for quietly praying before lunch. No warning, someone complained and the hammer dropped.
At the same place, the guy who had the huge kiddie pron collection on his company computer wasn't disciplined at all, even though people passing his desk could see some of the images. I never went by his area; different department, need to know. That was acceptable to the client, and the guy completed his assignment before getting arrested at another client in the same town. The investigators asked his former client if they knew about it, and the client replied that it wasn't work related. The IT woman told me that over 500 very explicit images had been been downloaded while on company time. The client refused to turn over the hard drive, and it vanished form the storage room one weekend.