Monday, July 8, 2019

We Called This...

Evita Guevara-Castro. You heard it here *first*.

FTR, in our ceaseless joyful attempts to do everything within our Internet power to mock, harass, ridicule, and generally tell the truth about the blisteringly brain-dead failed bartender and single IQ mental midget who is an embarrassment to the Bronx, NYFS, Boston University, the DNC, America, and Puerto Rico, simultaneously, an inspiration to millions of memesters and fountain of fail for literal hordes of comedians, some as yet unborn, we want it noted that we here first correctly tagged this bimbo nigh a year ago as Evita Guevara-Castro, after Peron, Che, and Fidel, respectively, of whom she is the living reincarnation (to the degree that any fungus is alive).

We bring this fact up, with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, in perpetuity, because she has now taken to, in her Twitter twaddle output, to directly quoting Nazi sympathizer and national socialist Evita Peron, directly, with no sense of irony at evoking the mumblings of that exact S. American fascist and banana republic dictator, and husband of a worse one, Evita her ownself. And true to idiot form, Assclown Oddball Chit-For-Brains thinks the appellation of Nazi-loving Evita, including by the President Trump, is something of which to be proud. Proof, if you needed it, that even genius has limits, but that stupidity is infinite.

Color us shocked.

What can we say? When you nail it, you nail it. It can only be a matter of time before she begins including the ramblings of Che and Fidel for the hat trick, of whose politics she's clearly already enamored as well.

Perhaps she's waiting until they release them in her favorite coloring book series.

We sharpen our poisoned pen in unrestrained glee at the prospect.
The extent of her World Class Stupid cannot be measured with existing instrumentation, and may, in fact, be tapping into the universal raw magma source of same, and be an actual volcano of Stupid her entire life. That's our working hypothesis anyways.

Either that, or she's one of Jeff Dunhams sock puppets who was discarded, escaped the dumpster, and subsequently turned into a real girl by some malicious rogue fairy. Also equally likely, at this point.


FredLewers said...

Stop it! I was eating BBQ and had to run to the bathroom to avoid wetting myself. You're a holy terror when you're on a rant. But HILARIOUSLY entertaining. I'm filing a patent application based on a newuse for your humor. I think your dry biting wit has potential use as a commercial dessicant. I believe if it can be tested on liberal politicians, it could make formaldehyde obsolete.
Thank you for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Whenever my Grandchildren ask me about getting a college education, I now say to them that Alexandria Occasional-Cortex has one.......the looks I get are priceless.
(punchline-get yourself a trade)

Anonymous said...

All she knows, knew, or ever will know about Evita came from the musical of that name. Probably the film version with Madonna if not the high school production thereof.

Hell, I did a report on Eva Peron in sixth grade, 44 years ago and based entirely on what I could find in a NYC public school library (the internet not even being a gleam in Al Gore's eye as yet, and I STILL know more about Evita than AOC ever will.

Mark D

LL said...

AOC is a moron. Yes, it's fun to mock her, but people with her intellectual limitations (perhaps she was dropped on her head as a child) should stay behind the bar and clean the bar restrooms when people barf... and be happy that they landed such a good job.

Roy said...

I want her to stay right where she is.

First, that district that elected her is chock full of morons, so they will always elect one of their own.

Second, every time she opens her mouth it sets the leftists back another notch.

Nori said...

Evita Guevara Castro.
That’s the triple D trifecta hat trick of blank-brain stupid.

Yammer on,you represent your voters so well.

Anonymous said...

One Hundred Years ago, Argentina was the richest nation in South and Central America. It was almost on par with the United States in per capita income and GDP. It had the largest gold reserves in South America.

Then came the Socialist Perons. The Peronists and their Nazi like socialist party destroyed the Argentinian Economy. It still hasn't recovered. They have had to declare bankruptcy how many times? But it still has fared better than Venezuela.

Venezuela and its oil wealth became the richest South American Nation, then the Socialist Bolivarian Revolution (Chavistas) gained power. Chavez and Maduro have destroyed Venezuela.

And NO. Our military should not get involved and try to fix those nations.


Aesop said...

Our military should be smuggling arms in by submarine and airdrop into the Venezuelan hinterlands, and we should have a team or three of Special Forces hooked up with a friendly pro-liberty dissident movement, and training them in guerrilla warfare and sabotage, with a view to toppling Maduro and the Chavistas.

That should be the entire extent of our support.

I'm fine with them sheep-dipping the whole op and making it impossible to overtly tie to us. (No matter what they can or can't prove, they'll suspect it was us, but we shouldn't make it easy for them to prove it outright.)
Just don't put f**ktards in charge of it.
And FFS, don't talk about Guerrilla Club.
As Nike says, "Just Do It."

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Brother; send in some SF guys ( the youngsters could get some practical experience in UW) with a bit of log support and let the fun begin.
Ironically there were times in the 90's when we weren't allowed to even mention UW as a SOF misson-area
Boat Guy

RandyGC said...

Doubling down, her Chief of Staff likes wearing t-shirts honoring NAZI collaborators:

Robohobo said...

I dubbed it "She Guevara" a long time ago.

That twit is the village idiot that pays dividends to show how effin' stupid and brain dead The Elite in this country are.

Anonymous said...

Come now. Old Dopey Joe is getting on and someone had to take over as the DNC court jester. I think they made a fine pick!