Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Ebola July 2019: Just Checking In

In the opening month of this outbreak (August of last year, FTR) there were 120 total cases.

Now, eleven months along, there are 120 new cases just this week (that we know of, in the 75% of the outbreak area currently actively monitored, and despite 140,000 rVSV-ZEBOB vaccinations). That's 2,634 cases, and still 11 out of 33 or so on the Pandemic Panic Scale. It's going to take awhile, even at that rate, to get to 12. And when it got to 13 in 2014, that's when the virus made its appearance in the U.S.A., just for reference.

We're also in a wait-and-see mode to find out if Uganda
a) has any more Ebola cases
b) truthfully reports them
c) stops the outbreak there.
I wouldn't be holding my breath for good news on any of those, but that's only based on how this works out there, since forever.

Also, in an act of rare candor, TPTB are actually finally posting legit numbers for mortality, reflecting the number dead now as a percentage of those infected 21 days ago.
Mirabile dictu!

Which number is a solid 67%, or 2 out of 3 cases (with the usual caveats regarding reporting accuracy, and African facility with counting whilst wearing shoes).

And now random reports have thousands of Africans miraculously teleported to Central America, bound for America, apparently suddenly in receipt of the wherewithal to purchase not only plane tickets across the Atlantic, but with enough left over to have rolls of $100 bills in their possession to complete the journey northwards.

And boys and girls:
Don't bother linking to stories about this or that agency or other officialdom bunch "preparing" for Ebola.
Like the TSA's crotch-grabbing, what you're seeing is kabuki theatre, and what the late great Daniel Patrick Moynihan aptly referred to as "boob bait for the Bubbas".

So please: keep the boob bait to yourselves. I've seen the man behind the curtain, and I'm not impressed by the Wizard portrayed in news reports.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update.

I trust you to sort through the BS and provide an honest review.


Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog for quite some time, mainly because you are the only one covering the Ebola issue.

Since you're in the know, given your profession, I'm wondering if you know anything about the developments on the Ebola vaccine. Is there a vaccine developed, approved for use in humans, that is effective in staving off the virus?

- JL

Pat H. said...

Isn't an odd cohenicidence that as Ebola has spread that suddenly there are funded Africans from the Ebola areas flying from Africa to South America and being funded to travel to the US.

How much longer are we going to tolerate the machinations of Soros and the Rothschilds in shipping Africans globally?

horsewithnonick said...

Also, South Sudan is nervous af right now because a case turned up less than 50 miles from their border with DRC.


Did you see my comment about a from-Nairobi stow away having a VERY hard landing in London?

These Africans have f*cking suitcases and wads of bills I'd have to work VERY hard to have... in countries where their monthly income is probably less than that wad.

All we need is ONE person collapsing on a NYC subway spewing blood everywhere and we have a mass exodus from the city like nobody's ever seen.

Night driver said...

Any thoughts on the unknown dviral disease in La Paz??

An unknown disease that led to the death of an internal medicine physician and that has another 2 in serious condition has led to the activation of health protocols in Bolivia, requesting assistance from international medical teams in order to identify the etiology of the disease, it was announced on Mon 1 Jul 2019 by the Minister of Health, Gabriela Montano. Initial diagnostic tests indicated a "viral disease," but through the analysis of the physician who died and the 2 other professionals who are in intensive care, "they have discarded influenza and other viral diseases," such as dengue, according to Montano. In the last hours, Montano increased the number of infected individuals to 5. "We have 3 suspected cases in addition to the 1st 2 cases, the doctors; the other 3 are in the same hospital (in La Paz) as the original 2 cases," the Minister of Health said at a press conference. "Two of the 3 new cases had contact with the 2 doctors who were infected. The 3rd person did not have contact with the professionals, but presented similar symptoms," said Montano. In order to establish the origin of the disease, an infectious disease specialist from Brasil and another 2 specialists from Atlanta, United States [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC], will help the national teams in the investigation. The health authorities have not declared a state of epidemiologic emergency, while the representative from the Pan American Health Organization [PAHO/OPS] in Bolivia, Alfonso Tenorio, asked to follow protocols in order to "be calm." "Bolivia has "the equipment and personnel fully trained in order to take the appropriate diagnostic steps, treatment, clinical management, and epidemiologic control," said Tenorio at a press conference. As part of these protocols, the Ministry of Health ordered the mandatory use of masks and latex gloves in local hospitals. At the end of last year [2018], Caranavi, the semitropical zone in the northeast of La Paz, where the deceased doctor was infected, reported a dengue outbreak that claimed the lives of 5 people.

And yeah they whistle past graveyards in bolivia as well.

Larry said...

I heard a rumor here in Austin TX that a private hospital in El Paso is being quarantined by the US army (USAMRIID?) with 3 suspected ebola patients from the Congo and the army isn't letting the CDC in to confirm. Would the army refuse entry to the CDC? With further researching, I find they may have moved to or originated in Lorado TX, a long ways away. It's all rumors with no official or eye-witness evidence. But, I was thinking (I know a dangerous sport) that the first "official" evidence will probably be patients presenting in the ER or to paramedics with blood squirting from every orifice.

And yes there is an experimental vaccine that shows good short-term results, but unless you have connections, forget about ever seeing a dose.

Night driver said...

OH I commend to your perusal, the RSOE Alertmap.

As well as: done by a friend of mine which covers terrorism etc.

Similar technology.
the second one is used in a LARGE number of Fusion centers around the country.

Night driver said...

Larry, USAMRIID and the CDC OFTEN don't play well together for several reasons, chief among them is the CDC has a serious, in-born tendency to fuck up a wet-dream, and anything even a bit more complex.

ga6 said...

June 26, O'Hare International
32 pounds of African rat meat was seized by customs.
A delusional African brought it in from the Ivory Coast
and it was promptly destroyed.
WSJ just broke the story minutes ago.
Political plant?

Night driver said...

A-a-a-a-nd further from Bolivia:

This outbreak is being discussed on It isn't Ebola but possibly something that mutated.


Unknown virus was preliminarily identified as "arenavirus": Montaño (Advance)

La Paz, July 3 (ABI) .- The Minister of Health, Gabriela Montaño, informed on Wednesday that the unknown virus that affected several people and that caused the death of a doctor and a citizen in the town of Caranavi was preliminarily identified. as "arenavirus".

"Through national laboratories such as Cenetrop and Inlasa it has been possible to identify arenavirus in an inpatient and we have a preliminary result from the Atlanta disease control center that also tells us about arenavirus, therefore all these elements as a whole they allow us today to give that information to the population, "he told reporters.

According to experts, arenavirus is a group or family of viruses whose members are generally associated with conditions transmitted by rodents in humans.
xsz / rsl ABI


Night driver said...

ga6-- Unlikely a political plant. Most likely bringing a delicacy from home for the peeps.

Jon125 said...

Read down to how long it stays in your semen. Just moved along with jungle rapists killing those who were raped... 3 months AFTER infection. Why not just take samples at the airport/border?



Who's going to be in charge of collecting? Wouldn't want that job!

Anonymous said...

Almost made it out to South Sudan--


Marina said...

My blood is boiling but it's not from Ebola.

Reading more on-going planned destruction from Soros & his accomplices who have their deep-reaching tentacles into everything is so infuriating. Seems like they keep winning more ground every day.

Many thanks for your dedicated pursuit of Ebola and your generosity in sharing.

Crew said...

Well, the intensity of the kabuki theatre gives us a clue as to the level of actual danger we are in.

The more of it there is the greater is their assessment of the danger.

rustbucket said...

Why is Soros still stealing our oxygen? Seems someone should have 86'd him off the menu ages ago.

Anonymous said...

Ive been Doing some Research: New Gene Splicing Techology , Makes it possible to Change Many Virouses, Like Ebola, to Weaponize them,Far stronger, and To Make them Completely able to Attack only Specific Ethnicitys Of Humans. Leaving all Others Mostly, Safe from the Desease. The Vacine now being used by Health Care workers may work for a while, Until the New Weaponized Ebola is introduced into the African Arena. Watch Closely to see if the Death Rate Includes Asian People. Asia is Rapidly Financially , and Economicly Taking Over All of Africa. And they need this Huge Continent to Spread there Huge Over Population into. And they Hate Blacks, and would Just Love to have them Gone from Africa. Asia is also Rapidly Taking over Australia. Read about the New HTLV Epedemic,Related to HIV Aids, attacking only the Black Abouriginal People, in Northern Australia It has Reached Nearly 50% of them, With No Vacines , and No Treatment available, It is a Terminal Desease. Kills By Cancer and Lukemea. The usa Gave there Whole economy away to China, Made them the Richest Country in the World, Now China is Buying the World, Building the Biggest Military, To Protect there Future Interest. And Most likely With Bio they will Eliminate all Humans Exept the Sacred Asians!

Aesop said...

Loosen the tinfoil, it's cutting off blood flow.

Reality is harsh enough.

Crew said...

"Ive been Doing some Research: New Gene Splicing Techology , Makes it possible to Change Many Virouses, Like Ebola, to Weaponize them,Far stronger, and To Make them Completely able to Attack only Specific Ethnicitys Of Humans."

Go read some research papers.

Anonymous said...

Please stop the caps, and... no.nevermind. just stop

Anonymous said...

Interesting approach with cube isolation instead of PPE.

John said...

What do you think of this?

John said...

Sorry, I just realized you do not follow links. The article references a top Chinese commie microbiology researcher and her husband and her grad students kicked out of the only level-4 research center in Canada. I found it on the blog Small Dead Animals At the bottom of the article is another link to a person arrested crossing into the US from Canada with Ebola genetic material in 2009.

Aesop said...

I follow links.
It just takes a lot to get me excited about what I find. ;)

Aesop said...

The Chinese doing intellectual piracy?

I'm shocked! Shocked, I say...

Anonymous said...

Ebola reaches Goma!

horsewithnonick said...

And now the pastor, who first became symptomatic a week ago, and set out on a 2-day bus trip to Goma on Friday, has died while being transported to Butembo for treatment.

Authorities in Goma assure the public that due to the speed with which he was identified and isolated, the risk of further spread is low. (snort)

I wonder where he went to the bathroom during that long bus ride? I wonder if he went to any markets to buy food to eat? Did he drink from a communal well in any of the villages along the way?

Some stories indicate that he went on his own to the hospital in Goma for treatment - how did he get there? How many people did he bump into on the street, potentially leaving infectious bodily fluids on their skin or clothing?

'Authorities' are whistling past the graveyard...again.

horsewithnonick said...

Hey, it's okay, though - they've vaccinated *half* the people they know he has come in contact with!

Marty said...

Nothing to see here folks move along

W.H.O. Declares Congo Ebola Outbreak A Global Emergency

Aesop said...

WHO: "ZOMG! Panic harder!"

horsewithnonick said...

Oh, and an Ebola-infected Congolese woman crossed the border to a Ugandan market last Thursday, and tossed her cookies a bit before going back home to die - that isn't a problem or anything, is it?

Aesop said...


Marty said...

And someone thought it would be a great Idea to send the border jumpers from Africa to Maine to wait out their "asylum" hearings, traveling from one end of the country to another, he what could go wrong,
As the temps are in the low 70s in Maine they probably think winter has set in, I grew up in Maine let me tell you they sure are in for a surprise come February, odds are they will pack up and leave before Spring time, and travel south till they see palm trees. Planes Trains and Automobiles