Monday, July 29, 2019

Logic Test

Show your work.

Because apparently doing Califrutopia Dumbocrat liberal
jackassical fucktardery (but I repeat myself),
doesn't seem to be cutting it.

But hey, thank heavens the Garlic Festival was a Gun Free Zone !
Wait, criminals don't obey laws?? What the...?

Extra Credit Bonus Question:

Compare & Contrast:
Note how these things turn out when the cops go in hard, RFN, versus what happens when you wait until 30 minutes after all the shooting has stopped, to give the feds time to sanitize the crime scene of everything but the chosen patsy and what they want found.


June J said...

Democrats response will always be "more" until there are no guns legally in the hands of anyone except the government and its agents. Whatever that takes.
Democrats love "good guys with guns" as long as the "good guys" belong to them and aren't private citizens with the ability to think for themselves.

A.B. Prosper said...

I am strongly in favor of removing nearly all firearms laws and moving to Constitutional carry. The way I figure it is if you aren't fit to bear arms, you either should be in custody, under state supervision (if mentally ill or on a limited parole) or if we must use capital punishment, dead and buried

I don't care if ex felons have guns or honestly vote for that matter. You did your time , you aren't causing problems. You are a citizen.

Doing otherwise essentially creates registration, background checks and all that. We are just asking for trouble

However, an armed citizenry often is not a great help at an event like this , since people are there for recreation , they lack the mindset to respond and a lot of armed panicky people can easily create a cluster fuck situation.

I'd rather people not carry weapons in crowds while not in the frame of mind and instead there be armed guards . This guys are liable to be more aware .

That said if the event is simply too large for security, its better people be armed and in all truth it ought to be up to the festival holders

Armed crowds or guards won't deter crazy people or a pair of them as some people seem to think may have been the case in Gilroy but it may save a life or two and hopefully would end the bad guy(s) on the spot

Beans said...

Unlike ABP, I prefer my fellow denizens of hell or citizens or whatever to be well-armed. It has been shown over and over that well-armed crowds discourage friskiness by jackals and dirtbags. Else NRA meetings and SHOT shows would run with blood like a Japanese whaler during a good harvest.

As to felons not having gun rights, well, nah, fruck them. They decided to get funky with society's laws, let them pay the price. And most states have some method of restoring gun rights if the reformed ass-clowns have proven themselves to be worthy of having their rights restored. Hint - multiple parole violations is a good indication that supposed reformed dirtbag isn't going to get his/her/its gun-rights back. Or most any other 'right' removed because SRD has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to not be a good citizen.

How to do it right: Tim Allen. Perfect example. Screwed up, dealt drugs, paid the price, cleaned up his act, followed the law, got his rights back.

How to do it wrong: Every felon released from prison on parole who is caught with drugs, guns and live/dead hoookers while still on parole/probation/supervision. (further hint: If you're out of jail/prison on supervision, then you are not a good example of a citizen.)

Screw it.

If you want to be in a safe(ish) crowd, allow carry. Heck, allow open carry. And punish most justly anyone who abuses their right to carry responsibly. Seriously. Will stop 'lone wolf' attacks, since 'lone wolves' tend not to attack a pack of wolves.

I avoid any place like the plague that doesn't allow CCW, unless I am forced, by law or by excessive need, to go there (like Court or a Hospital.)

For some strange reason I never feel uneasy at the local gun store, which is usually about as chaotic as a shoe store during a massive sale.

And... how exactly does not allowing people to be armed in a crowd fit in with "The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."? Hint, yet again: It doesn't. Your whining need to feel safe by no-one having a gun or a knife or a spear or towing their pet 3lb fieldpiece (all 'arms' by the way, the 2A isn't just about boom-sticks...) is friggin ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL and, I would say, Friggin grow a set and use them and get your lefty whiny feelz out of my constitutional rights!

Geez, some people's kids. Didn't anyone learn anything from the example of Veruca Salt?

A.B. Prosper said...

Beans. Where I live most people are not like the people at NRA meetings or SHOT shows.

We have a lot of irresponsible idiots around my neck of the foods who are high on weed, speed, drunk or just shoot guns in the air for fun in a dense urban area and should not have firearms. I live in a good neighborhood FWIW , still goes on, drugs, blacks ,mexicans and guns don't mix

Also there is a huge difference between my private venue does not allow arms and a State ban.The former is fully constitutional, the later is not .

California where I live in majority idiot and while our laws do not meet Constitutional muster at all and need to go , I can totally see the reason for them. They won't work but after a certain point, none of them work unless people comply with such laws and in the US no one will and nor should they. So its moot. better to be rid of them and as Uncle Remus says often enough "Avoid crowds"

personally I am far from sure a crowd full of armed people would be safer than one with armed security guards in the very rare event of a mass killing simply because of the will and skill gap. I might be wrong here in which case gun up.

I think Clint Eastwood got it right in Pink Cadillac, roughly "I believe in gun control. I want to control who has guns around me."

Were I to move to a State or more rural local where the people weren't complete morons of course this wouldn't apply. For example the Rockies where I grew up, it seems surprisingly few people had guns though almost everyone could be trusted with them

However in general I default to the original intent of the Founding Fathers though this has been completely ignored by every faction on every issue drugs, speech. porn at some points, guns, you name it, I've even see the 3rd violate so again its moot

There is no way short of civil war to restore the Constitution as intended which was a minimal state with powers for no one.

John said...

Speaking for myself. If I was carrying a gun at a public event unless I or the persons with me were directly targeted I would not draw but would exit the area if possible.

I'm thinking that the other message the quick response by LEO, shooting and killing the perf, warns of. Anyone not an uniformed officer standing around with a gun out is likely to get shot by LEO.
I think back to the "Batman Movie" massacre, a 'Gun-Free Zone' but in that state in a crowd that size I'd guess that there were a few persons carrying. That they didn't engage or draw could have been in consideration of the likelihood of being shot by responding LEO.

Best option, eliminate 'Gun-Free Zones' and in fact advertise a discount for any Open-Carry attendees. The nutcases will go elsewhere.

A.B. Prosper said...


RE: open carry Its is fine but a lot of in a lot of areas people, me included would not attend such an event so there is a real risk of alienating the general public.

And note I'm not anti gun, hoplophobic or anythig of the sort. I respect your right to keep and bear arms with very minimal regulation even open carry but I do not like guns in the hands of strangers outside of certain contexts as it turns civil society into something else. I wish we could live in a country where police weren't armed but this ain't Maybury

Civilian concealed carry sort of splits the difference.

In many parts of California if the state could be made Constitutionally compliant, you'd find this a generally unwanted policy

Truth is mass shooting like this are very rare

Now I'm not working in the Maryanne Williams campaign or something but mass shootings are a product of an unhealthy society and the only real fix is healing our society

Not a clue how to do that. Its probably not possible to be honest so we just get shitiier. The future is so bright I need NVG.

Roger said...

Clearly Scott Israel's deputies were NOT on duty there.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what a difference responsible Law Enforcement Officers made.

Compare and contrast with Parkland HS; Pulse Nightclub; and the LV Country Music Festival.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why gun free zones never become the basis of massive lawsuits by the victims of the gun violence perpetrated within them.
You would think the NRA (cough cough) would have tried this by now.

Aesop said...

You're committing the obvious and classic logical fallacy of assuming the NRA is about perpetuating self defense rights, rather than about perpetuating the NRA.

June J said...

NRA is only spending money on lawyers to defend LaPierre, his loyal presidents/vice presidents and bootlicking board members.
The best thing that could happen to the NRA is that while on their $100,000 Alaskan cruise/fishing "board meeting" the ships sinks with all hands lost.

Sanders said...

Of course they want to take the guns away from everyone who didn't do it.

Very few people carry, even when they are licensed to. I'd wager that the percentage of licensed CCW holders who carry every day is probably under 30 percent. I may even be generous there.

elysianfield said...


No need for logic. It is obvious that gun laws are designed to disarm the population, not keep people safe. There is no such animal as "reasonable gun legislation". Any suggestion otherwise is short sighted.

Crew said...

Curiouser and curiouser. The coroner says he killed himself. Perhaps with the same gun the Vegas shooter killed himself with.