Wednesday, July 10, 2019

This Is What Psychotic Horseshit Sounds Like

Because what America really needs is 300 or 3000% more guys like this,
everywhere, and forever? Sh'yeah, as if.

psychotic: a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality.
horseshit:  nonsense, lies, or exaggeration.

Forgive me.
I had thought the "Dopes for Dope" Party died out in the heroin epidemic of the 1970s. Evidently I was mistaken:
The War On Drugs is stupid
"We've spent a trillion dollars on this boondoggle, we've sacrificed more freedom than you can describe (had to burn the village to save it, and all that), and you still see this:
Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co., weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history.


On June 17, border agents found 39,525 pounds of cocaine stashed in several containers on the MSC Gayane at the Philadelphia seaport. The street value of the drugs was estimated at about $1.3 billion, making it the largest cocaine seizure by the agency.
One ship, 20 tons of cocaine.  A billion bucks of drugs on a single ship.

It's way past time to declare victory and brings the troops home.  Legalize it all, tax it (use some of the revenue to fund treatment centers) and be done with it.  This sure isn't working.  It's  a stupid game and we shouldn't play."

Funny you should mention this.

Last night, the entire ER was drugs and alcohol.
Three trauma victims. All hit by drunk drivers.
Two drunks on their own, unrelated to the traumas.
Three homeless crazies with alcohol and an entire pharmacy in their systems.

I had it easy.
I only had the guy stoned on alcohol and five drugs.
And the 20-something 120# chick out of clink for less than a week, after two months in jail, with a heroin and meth habit stretching back to before she was an adult, who required TEN staff members, including all the nursing staff, security, and the unit secretary, just to hold her down to draw blood and establish an IV, whose entire body was covered with track marks, scars, and a network of scarred veins, cellulitis from shooting up, several other raging infections which my impending dinner date prevent me from discussing fully, a blazing temperature, impending life-threatening rhabdomyolysis, and biting, kicking, screaming hysterically, spitting blood at staff, and which patient eventually required full sedation, mechanical ventilation, and an ICU admit, (about $100K of care right there) just to get basic medical emergency care including a CT scan of her brain, of which bill she will pay...$0.

(That she will use every cent she gets her grubby little mitts on to purchase more heroin and methamphetamine until she finally dies is a metaphysical certainty, from this day to that one.
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!)

And this was on a QUIET Tuesday night.
I've only been doing this 25 years, and it's getting worse, not better, as legalization of only pot in a couple of states has demonstrated.

When you're seriously interested in discussing the subject, rather than clinging to such farcical notions, start talking about decoupling the addicted from all social services, including 9-1-1, letting them die on the street, and paying for the bill for clean-up and cremation, and we can talk.

Perhaps even see what happens when you start talking seriously about euthanasia in the brave new world you'd inflict upon us all.

How d'ya suppose that plan will play in Peoria?

As it is now, people here since marijuana legalization are keeping their kids home from the beach, overrun as it is with homeless junkies, because of discarded needles in the sand.

When you have to explain to some mom why her three-year old will probably get Hepatitis A, B, & C, and why she should have all her kids vaccinated as if they were cops or paramedics working Skid Row, give a holler. I want to hear your take on that conversation. I've already delivered it or listened to it delivered twice, this year.

So, should we also "legalize and tax" discarding drug needles on the beach?  Wouldn't prosecuting such things be another "War On Drugs"?? Or should we simply cede all public space to society's dregs and wastrels? How's that cunning plan working out in San Franshitsco and Los Angeles? Or anywhere else?

And if someone doesn't pay the taxes, (hardly an intellectual leap when discussing people into taking drugs) won't the IRS just become the new lead agency in another "War On Drugs"? The EXACT one you say we should never have fought in the first place???

So tell us how this is going to work. {Hint: It's not, as any grade-schooler could explain to you.}
300M+ Americans, and a dozen narco-emperors and cartels await your cogent explanation, were any such thing remotely possible.

Come pull a shift or two in my ER any weekend, and then start talking such utter twaddle as "legalize and tax it".

With all due respect, sir, that's undiluted mountains of horseshit unable to be calculated with existing technology. If reality offends, you have my sincere apologies for inflicting it upon you.

Nonetheless, it is, quite simply, so far beyond absolutely insane as to demonstrate a total psychotic break with the reality in the world.

Doing it the other way around is just another civilizational suicide pact of granting amnesty without building the wall, nor ever intending to.

Just wondering: how did that one work out for this country since 1986?

And another thing:
How many fucktards will be executed for the 20 tons of cocaine?
I'm guessing zero.
See if you can figure out the correlation.
I mention it only because when I checked the list of people executed on Death Row, the number of subsequent offenses, for all of them combined, was still...0.

And since the momentary accounting of drugs in one bust is "another reason to do something civilizationally mortal and totally jackassical, because reasons", please tell me what the death toll in Chicongo is, just since January 1st of this current calendar year, and when we can expect your earnest editorials to decriminalize murder and tax it, whilst simultaneously banning all firearms everywhere, forever.

If you're going to be intelligent, (or, not) please, I beseech you, let's have some intellectual honesty and consistency about it, and get right on those editorials.

Otherwise, you're just showing your ass, and calling everyone on the internet to come and see.
I urge you out of simple humanity to pull up your pants, and stop advertising your deficiencies.
It pains me to even have to undertake to inform you.

We've beaten this horse to death. On your blog and mine. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum.
Then pounded the molecules remaining until no detectable horselike substance remains.

Legalization is insanity.


(Don't even bother trying to pull "But in the U.S. before 1900..." out of your ass, unless you're going to recount the multitude of ways 2019 is not 1900, and dismantle all of that, first. Starting with everyone else paying for society's fuck-ups, financially, experientially, and metaphysically. You can't handle what that would entail, and I'll match you paychecks on that.)

If you can't dwell and discuss reality as it is, here, now, you have a psychosis, not a solution.

But if you ever want to have an actual WAR on Drugs, rather than a Mutually Beneficial Slapfight With Collateral Damage, let me know. I'm pretty sure we could win a WAR on drugs in about a month, and after that, drugs would be to the 21st C. what Carthage was to Rome after the Third Punic War. (Common Core grads, Google the Fourth Punic War, and get back to me.)

Further steps towards legalization are walking civilization off the plank, in a cocaine/heroin/methamphetamine haze, and show delusional fixation of following the voices in one's head (or the insaniac political platform of a bunch of pothead retards and Ayn Randian idiot savants) despite the obvious evidence of their own two lying eyes. Suggesting seriously that the solution to the War On Drugs is to end it, legalize them, and tax them, is a solution worthy of the mental capacity of Evita Guevara-Castro, and not worthy of anyone with an IQ in the high double-digits or beyond.

Borepatch, I really like you, man, to the extent possible to people who've never met in person.
Visit your blog most every day.
Agree with you far more often than not.
But on this topic, you've quite simply lost your mind, and apparently refuse to go looking for it.
I cannot find a way to sugarcoat that.
Desist, and seek professional help.
I shouldn't have had to say all this.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V


Anonymous said...

I'm the guy that believes you should get a tatto with every application of Narcan. First a D, then a N, and finally an R. Collect the entire set, and the DNR is honored. I think we should give people a chance or two to fight off their demons, and if that doesn't work, isolate them from society until they do. Stay clean, stay on your meds, or we will send you to an isolated area where you and your psychoses can live together without bothering normal people.

TCK said...

To be fair, if (and only if) full legalization was coupled with full 'if you OD on this shit, you're on your own,' it would rapidly become a self-correcting problem.

Aesop said...

Even three strikes is recockulous, because you're talking tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars already coerced from taxpayers to foot that bill, while the responding units are out of service for actual emergencies.

Find them ODing, leave them there.
If you can bill the family, and throw them in prison, unless they've gone to court and legally disowned their relatives (it should be do-able online, for $5@), I'm fine with that.

Donate the bodies to medical schools, or use them as chum for sharks to help an endangered species.

So now, what about people who provide drugs to kids?
Still want that legalized?

What about people who don't pay the tax, and >gasp! Who knew this would happen?< smuggle untaxed drugs in, like they already do with legal drugs like booze and cigarettes?

Sounds to me like the War On Drugs is cooked into the Idiot Plan too.

Unintended Consequences, and low IQ solutions, do not make for a happy society, nor an harmonious outcome.

MMinLamesa said...

I noted in the first comment at the link you provided, the writer stated, " If marijuana legalization works out OK in Colorado, expect a push towards legalization of amphetamines and opioids"

Having lived there in a small mountain town, pop. about 8,000, I remember one of the promises the legalization crowd made, which was there would be not only strict controls to keep it out of the hands of children but this would be vigorously enforced by the police.

Gimme a fooking break. After legalization, I saw groups of teenagers and younger, walking down the streets, sharing a joint and never once saw any police intervention. Then just in case you wanted to get high but without the tell tale aroma, along came the gummi bears and kids were stoned all day long without taking a puff.

Legalization in effect signaled to them that it was fine & dandy. Mistake of the first order. In Denver, now you had large groups of stoners on the 16th St Mall, hanging around all day looking for a way to keep high. Nice.

That was pretty much the last straw for me. I talk to friends that still live there and it's fairly disgusting. Not as bad(yet) as CA, but definitely in the early stages.

JNorth said...

Thank you Aesop, you are far better with words then I will ever be. I just had to shut my browser down and do something else after reading his post. This is another data point in the set of "why modern society is about to implode".

OvergrownHobbit said...

First They come for our words...

Maybe the problem is in the very language. War on drugs guarantees that the good kind anti-war types hate it (for good reason) and the bad kind manipulate it. The good kind of pro-war types (that would be Mr. Aesop here) ditto and the reverse (the kind that like police as a de facto army).

I need to think about this some more.

Aesop said...

The nature of the question is actually far simpler:

Are there some things that should not be allowed, because they're bad for society?
Y or N?

If yes, the cost to enforce them is immaterial.

That does not, BTW, imply that any ends must be used, just that all normal means are fair game in pursuit of a good object.
There's no reason to allow no-knock warrants in 99.999% of cases, nor asset forfeiture prior to actual due process. But if you're caught plain, fair, and square, and found guilty, we should take you out behind the courthouse same day and string you up. Knowing that, I'm fine with putting a three-judge appellate panel behind a mirror in criminal court, and making the appeals process a simple request for the white button (appeal sustained) or the throw lever (mind the drop) after they take you out back.

When someone, as in the excerpted story at the OP, brings in a shipload of cocaine, arrest the entire crew, all the owners, with guilt being a capitol offence. first one to rat out the others gets LWOP, everyone else gets the rope.
Trace its route, and issue an ultimatum to the country at the port of origin: deliver to us the actual heads of everyone responsible, separated from their former bodies, including all evidence that you got the right people, within 72 hours, or we begin carpet bombing.

After the third time the same country gets that, we start bombing their capitol without prior notice. Your circus, your monkeys. And then we put in out own choice to solve the problem, just like Jefferson did in the early 1800s.

It worked with the Barbary pirates, and it will work with failed states and narco-cartels.

If necessary, nuke the fuckers.

That's what an actual war looked like in 1945.
(Show me when and where we've done anything like that in the so-called "war" on drugs, and I'll drop my objections to characterizing it as such.)

This time, war over in about 3 1/2 days, max, each and every time.

There should be a benefit to being a superpower, and the Japanese seemed to have come off none the worse for wear, with their neighbors getting a much deserved respite from their malfunction.

Otherwise, if you're not prepared to defend yourself against the destroyers of your country, you won't have one to worry about for very long.
As even CNN will tell you, whether they meant to or not, most days.

Rodulf said...

I've tried and tried to be a Libertarian. I go to their pages and will agree with 85%+ with their views. When it comes to drugs and violent pornography, well, that's where we split. I hear from folks online that hyper-violent, explicit S&M porn is easily viewable in the UK on late night TV. I see this as so destructive to the human mind and soul it unquestionably must be banned.

Ramsey A. Bear said...

Where is the line? On one side is too much on the other is too little. And the line isn't a line it is a chaos symbol of lines. None of them parallel.

Age, cost, price on society, hospitals, police, big business, black market, war on drugs... Fuck if I know! Is one person in America at the crossroad of all those lines that can be saved? or accommodated ? What do we do? My personal opinion is to spay and neuter them and give them all the drugs they want until they Darwin themselves out of the system. Cheaper in the long run.

Aesop said...

Cheaper for whom? Are you buying?

If you're okay with them dying, hold a pillow over their faces.
$0, over in a minute.

Why tax me, you, and George to buy such wastrels another minute's drugged out bliss?

OvergrownHobbit said...

Mr. Aesop, I'm sold. The problem is that no-one not on the front lines gets what you live with. Their reality is either "me and my friends" or "T.V.". Too narrow of Big Lie.

I still need to think about this.

Maybe bring back public stocks and rotten veg for drug crime offenders.

Ramsey A. Bear said...

@Aeosop I am OK with them killing themselves, I am not OK with murder. I agree with you that I don't want to pay for it. I don't want to pay for their medical bills either. Hospitals should have the right to refuse service. And like Mr. OvergrownHobbit said, "I still need to think about this."

Aesop said...

Nobody's saying murder them.
Execution is not murder.

Murder cleverly carries the qualifier of "unlawful".
That's why the Commandment properly translated reads
"Thou shalt not commit murder", and not "Thou shalt not kill".
This is a grade school grammar concept.

If you're okay with them killing themselves, then let them jump off a cliff.
At once. Today.
Issue a proclamation that all drug addicts who choose to tie a brick to their feet and jump off a pier will be unhindered (at least until they become a hazard to navigation).
Anyone else will be cut off from the entire social welfare net, when and where found, in perpetuity.
If found to be committing crimes related to supporting their drug habit, they will be tried, convicted, and executed.

If people want to live in a state of nature, let them walk to the Amazon rain forest, the arctic tundra, or the Sahara Desert, and try that plan out.
If they want to live in town, they have to meet certain minimum requirements, like not being out and about stoned off their ass on dope.
If that's too hard, I'm fine with society assisting them into a noose, or walking them to a handy cliff, and setting them free from society's bare minimums.

Perhaps the afterlife has free drugs; they should, by all means, go there at once and find out.

Strelnikov said...

Baldrick, you wouldn't recognize a cunning plan if it stripped naked, painted itself blue and danced around you singing "Cunning Plans Are Here Again".