Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Whole Lotta Mickey Mousin' Going On Here

h/t Kenny

You may have heard or read about an intra-family brawl at D-land last weekend. Possibly under the heading of "Guess the race".

See it for yourself:
Story/video link

Or click through to watch the full-length version on YouTube:

Proof, if you needed it, that the already astronomical ticket prices are still too low, when walking lunchmeat like that can afford the cost of admission.

And hey, another shock, now that they have a TSA-like security perimeter installed around the whole campus, this is another victory for what you get with a weapon-free zone.

And BTW, there was security watching the whole thing, in person, not just on 47 security camera monitors. Disneyland has more cameras than Nikon, and everywhere but inside the toilet stalls.
(Disney has this incident filmed and recorded, to a metaphysical certainty, from 20 different angles. The Anaheim PD fairytale about "not having video available", is bullshit so deep you'd need Tinkerbell or Dumbo to fly over it. APD could have looked at roughly three metric fucktons of security footage, in HD color, within minutes, if they'd wanted to. I'll match paychecks with their chief of police on that point of truth. So they were just outright bullshitting about "no video", and hoping no one with 10 IQ points would call them on that lie. I just did. They were just doing shitty police work, or else their PIO is Pinochhio. Color me shocked.)

In the video, in the background at one point (00:31ff), you can see a middle-aged dude(?) in a white straw hat. That is Disney Security. He (probably wisely) wasn't about to get in the middle of that chimp-out brawl on his own, solo.

But their security doesn't rival that of the Secret Service in the park. It rivals that of the Twin Pines Mall. Paul Blart is not a fictional character, and the guys they have are not A-list material. The only place Disney Security gets to stratospheric levels is at the Studio, where they have Disney Corporate HQ, ABC TV HQ, and Disney Studios HQ.

Anaheim PD (and FD) has a fully-staffed substation in the park, and all tolled there are about 30-40 uniformed officers stationed on that campus 24/7/365, for which WDC pays the whole tab. Most of them are at the three security perimeter checkpoints, but it's less than 5 minutes from point A to point B anywhere in the area.
This was all over within a couple of minutes, but it went on much longer than they or park mgmt. would have liked.

That whole clan will be lifetime-banned from all Disney venues, but it'll be hard to enforce.
The adults won't be able to buy passports, but they don't check licenses for single admission tickets. If they're ever caught, though, Disney will prosecute the hell out of the trespassing statutes.

And if you're keeping score at home, this sort of thing is Reason #3,285 for why the current Disneyland Park GM needs to be fired for gross incompetence. If Walt were still alive, the guy would be defenestrated from the top window of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.


Things are also not panning out for WDC regarding the burgeoning epic flop that is Galaxy's Edge.

For the would-be grammar Nazis in comments, my epicaricacy knows no bounds.
And the customer is always right, as Bobby Eiger and The Usual Gang Of Idiots are finding out at the bank, every week.


sykes.1 said...

Note that the family is obese.

gwalchmai munn said...

Not that the family is a pack of useless baboons.

Pat H. said...

Negroes have always been like that. Until the "Civil Rights Act" in the 1960s, we white southerners kept them more or less under control. It's illegal for us to do that now in some southern cities like Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, and Birmingham; so one sees this sort of thing in the south from time to time.

Just remember, segregation and lynching worked.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the Asian dude getting ready to take the trash out with his Grip 'n Grab. He looked like he was waiting his whole life for just that moment.

Mark said...

Oh how times have changed:


Ominous Cowherd said...

It stinks that the stereotypes are true, but they're definitely true. Guess the race is a hard game to lose.

Anonymous said...

Black ingrates perform new Disney skit ad lib and get banned.

FredLewers said...

Africa wins again

Anonymous said...

The most comical part of this episode is that these homeboys and -girls are fambly. Relatives. Blood.

Remember when White women spit on their relations in theme parks and their White male relatives punched them in the face in retaliation? Yeah, neither do I.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room (no, not the she-boon with the weave in the video, but the metaphorical one) is that Whites are the only demographic who will tolerate and even excuse these savages for their dysfunctional ways.

Hispanics don't give a rip about "da turrible, turrible legacy ob da slabery" and east Asians consider blacks uniquely sub-human. Since these are the groups which are rapidly displacing Whites, you might suppose the nogs would be getting a little panicky long about now with us kindly zookeepers clearly going gentle into that good night.

Mike_C said...

>the Asian dude getting ready to take the trash out with his Grip 'n Grab

Hahaha! I think he was half the weight of the woman with the weave, much less either of the men. Who was he anyway? If not a strangely-garbed Disney trashman, who the hell walks around with a GnG at Disneyland?

But personally I would have turned around and walked away very very quickly if such a mess had broken out before me. I sure as hell would not have stood around watching. Anything you do will be wrong and potentially get you sued. And the poor 10th generation Slavery Survivors will win pretty much automatically, because muh toxic legacy of antebellum slavery. And muh Emmett Till!1eleventy!!1@

Old NFO said...

Sigh... ANOTHER reason I don't like crowds, especially when I can't carry.

Anonymous said...

"Where they is, we ain't" has become our SOP and we're not alone. It isn't worth the aggravation, hassle and danger. It's the dirty little secret that caused the death of many a shopping mall and led to the fleeing of whites from many public places. From the mall to Chuck E Cheese to Golden Corral to Red Lobster to the movie theater and community activities like Easter Egg hunts or the public pool. A white person can't take their family to the Iowa State Fair safely. Let that one sink in. The Iowa State Fair. Look up the violence that's reported. The thing is, the media won't report how bad it really is. They only report packs of rampaging blacks if they absolutely have no choice and they're always just called "youths".

Anonymous said...

Looks like I don't get to see the video. Youtube says I have to sign in to see it.
Not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Here is a similar story of "teenagers" ranging in age from 12 to 40 going on a shopping spree in Filthadelphia on July 4th at a Walgreens store. No hints but let's play "guess the race". The CBS local affiliate screwed up and allowed comments though.

This is why we can't have nice things anymore.

NE Heretic

John Wilder said...

A friend of mine sent this video to me at work. This is another data point - self restraint is dropping everywhere. Except in my house.

Unless there are Ruffles. Tasty, tasty Ruffles.

Back from vacation - full speed ahead.

Anonymous said...

Sigh..even the happiest place on Earth doesn’t get a reprieve from this. Peak civilization has come and gone.

Anonymous said...

"Note that the family is obese."

That comment applies to about 90% of all American families. Travel to Europe, and there's a 98% chance that any fat person you see is American, not a resident of where ever you happen to be.

Stealth Spaniel said...

White people have handed these morons everything: free food, free housing, free healthcare, free phones for Christ's sakes. And still, they are rampaging savages. Walt Disney might have come up with Mickey and the Gang, and put together the happiest place on earth, but he was no pushover. And no one would've drug his imaginary kingdom through the trash. What a mess.

sge32000 said...

Most places I wouldn't bother, but I know you care about your writing (and I think I've seen it twice here in the last week) - the expression is "all told." Gotta get back to my Grammar SS division now.

Badger said...

On the plus side, another generation of bystanding children just got the free lesson in stereotype reinforcement, as applied to the feral populations.

"All tolled v. all told": Actually either is correct. The latter is actually a more modern (in terms of centuries) "telling" of the accounting of things, while the former is - quite literally - the original usage for "everything being taken into consideration." Among the many that can be, it's an example of one of those grammer-nits that is not worth picking.

Aesop said...

"All told" is the archaic usage of an entirely different intended phrase; all tolled refers to an actual numerical accounting, which was what precisely what I was doing.

Nice try.

Cetera said...

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the wise and wonderful Aesop, the Grammar Nazi is correct. Even if you mean a numerical accounting, that is still "told" and not "tolled." The counting is the telling, and when all the telling is completed it is "told." Hence why bank tellers are still called tellers, 'cause they do the telling/counting.

"All told" is the only correct and proper usage in English, modern or archaic.

Mike_C said...

A righteous rant from Jericho Green on the Disney debacle.
Language NSFW.

Eskyman said...

Last time I saw something like that it was at the zoo (yes, that's the place for it!) and it was a similar family group. Security was on them instantly, so it never got to the degree that this incident did.

It was fascinating to watch the takedown (about 3:00 in) where three guys wearing dark shirts took the main jerk, the big guy wearing the red shirt down, and one of them, who had a grey cap & was wearing a red backpack, choked the instigator with an arm across his neck. Looked very professional to me! Then the choker faded into the crowd.

I suspect that these men were undercover security; at the very least they knew what they were doing!

Sadly there'll be a lot more incidents like this, since the well-intentioned civil rights laws passed in the 60s mean that no "discrimination" can be made in any public place. In fact the very word is now verboten! And just this morning I saw headlines about "Teens go on rampage in South Philadelphia," which means more of the same, only with stealing included; we all know what "teens" means in Media-Speak!

Aesop said...


There is nothing "incorrect" about using words in English to mean what you say.
There is therefore no penalty for using them to mean exactly what you say, and archaic old English phraseology be damned.

The beauty of language is that is meant to communicate, not kowtow to the keepers of ancient idiomatic phrases which have little meaning to modern readers.

My grammar was tight, right, and grammatically correct.

It also is an English usage that pre-dates all told, by some 1000-2000 years, and hearkens to a medieval custom.

I was not telling a story, so "all told", while it can be crowbarred into place, is both awkward and incorrect.
I was counting a number of humans, under the second sense of the verb toll:

toll: Old English (denoting a charge, tax, or duty), from medieval Latin toloneum, alteration of late Latin teloneum, from Greek telōnion ‘toll house’, from telos ‘tax’. toll¹ (sense 2 of the noun) (late 19th century) arose from the notion of paying a toll or tribute in human lives (to an adversary or to death).

As to how current the underlying concept my usage alludes to might be, take a listen to Gordon Lightfoot's Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald(©1976), and tell the class how many times the church bell chimed, and why. We'll wait right here.

I could equally well have said "all tallied", and been just as correct, even though no livestock were involved.

If I were writing to an audience in 1700, the Grammar Nazi viewpoint would have a point. A very miniscule one.

But just because someone once meant to convey a point then that I don't now, using archaic phrasing, doesn't thereby restrict every user of the English language in perpetuity to plodding the same weed-grown path, and using the same exact words going forward to infinity.

People who want that can speak to each other in Latin, Aramaic, Esperanto, Klingon, or Wookie Aurabeth, for all I care.

English is ever an evolving language, and the only point of grammar is to communicate with clarity and precision, using both words and punctuation correctly. I pass that test with flying colors.

There is no requirement to kneel and bow at the altar of idiom, as those come and go with both frequency and regularity in the English language.

Can you dig it?
Do you grok that?
Have you sussed that out?
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

So let's assume, one and all, in the absence of other indications (like fulminant insanity or a stroke), that I know my mother tongue pretty damned well, and have the SAT scores (from back before it was a tool of social justice) to prove it.

I'm even pretty good at hounding out most of typos, like a terrier with rats, even though no dogs are involved.
I may even borrow from other languages too, because I can, and I'm pretty handy in them as well.

Verstehen sie?
¿Sabe Ud.?

I've got this.


That Toon Town takedown was 100% bystander-driven, based on Normies finally driven to action by watching red-shirted loudmouth @$$hole beating down a much smaller woman.
Those were dads on holiday in shorts and t-shirts.
Disney Security was busy watching that show.
Like they do.

Sorry to spoil your thesis, but that's the reality.
All Mauschwitz Security did was "escort", in the very loosest sense of that phrase, the gaggle of offenders from the back of the park towards the front entrance/exit gate. If they did anything more than that in terms of intervention, it happened much, much later. I doubt that anyone ever laid hands on anyone, until the APD became involved. All the way at the other end of the park, outside the gates.

Disney Security's job is to "observe and report" like every mall cop everywhere.
They are not roadhouse bar bouncers.

And now that everyone knows this, there will be many more such incidents inside the park.

Cetera said...

There is no requirement to kneel and bow at the altar of idiom, as those come and go with both frequency and regularity in the English language.

Of course there is no requirement. However, when you choose to use words that in aggragate sound identical to an idiom, and you also intend them to mean the same thing as the idiom means, but you choose to make it up with words that are spelled differently (and have different meanings than the words that make up the idiom), it does tend to come across very poorly.

One has the same reaction as one does to Biff every time he says "Make like a tree and get out of here."

"It's leave, you idiot, make like a tree and leave! You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong."

Their argument is that “tolled” means “added up,” which it does not and never has. “To toll” (of which “tolled” is the past tense) means “to ring a bell,” or (rarely) “to demand a tax or charge” (as at a toll booth). The noun “toll” means “tax, charge or levy.” The use of “toll” in “death toll” and similar phrases as a metaphorical equivalent of “price” does not mean that “to toll” means “to sum up.”

“All told,” on the other hand, does sound a bit odd. At first glance, “all told” seems to imply that whatever is being summed up is a sort of story being narrated or “told,” and when the story-telling is finished one says “all told,” a weirdly abrupt equivalent of “game over.”

But “tell” (of which “told” is the past tense) didn’t originally mean “to narrate.” Rooted in the Old English “tellen,” it meant “to count” or “to keep track of,” a sense we still use when we “tell time” and which underlies the word “teller,” a person who keeps track of money in a bank. “All told” embodies this archaic sense of “tell” in the past tense to mean “all counted and added up, in summation.” So “all told” can be properly used in a numerical sense (“All told, twelve football players were arrested”) as well as a more figurative sense of “the end result” (“All told, it was a pretty successful day”). Interestingly, the evolution of “to tell” from meaning “to count” to meaning “to narrate a story” is paralleled by another common word, “recount” (as well as “account” for the story itself).


Aesop said...

Biff was an idiot, writ large and broad, and has nothing to do with this conversation. Put the straw man back in the cornfield where he belongs.

I wasn't telling anything.
I was totaling sums. In current English.

Using "all told", exactly as you noted, is tagging up with archaic usage for its own sake.
I abstain.

Best wishes, and I hope your Middle English skills serve you well in your endeavors.

Papa said...

Watch the video:

Anonymous said...

"Ferals on full bellies." - Matt Bracken

I couldn't have said it better myself.

- JL