Friday, July 5, 2019

Unassailable Logic

Angus has some choice thoughts on the NRA meltdown, bump stock bans, and President Trump cutting gun owners loose since getting elected:

President Trump, you want our vote you don't need The NRA.  Want us to come out in supportive droves?

Declare an NFA amnesty.  You don't need Congress to do so.  This will somewhat salve the anger about bumpstocks.

Order the Secretary of The Army to release the second tranche of M1911A1's to CMP, do it publicly.

Vocally demand CCW reciprocity.

Do those three things on your own, and we will get the word out.
I can't argue that, and wouldn't try.
You should RTWT.


kypartisan said...

If only.

I doubt we see any new gun freedoms being returned to us at a federal level until "we" win this cold civil war.

all victories will be at the state level.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I figure we're going to be offered the "well you heard what the Donkey Party is calling for so you want to take your chances with that".
Don't know if you happened to notice that "pistol braces" got another "decision" made by The BatMen.
No, they're not illegal (yet) but now they don't count for "overall length if one wishes to attach a vertical foregrip on a pistol"...
So if a person was using the "brace" to get to 26" overall length to add a grip, now they better pretend it never was in the same zip code.

Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

Even more than bumstocks, the "Take the guns first" comment has lost the President many gun owners. That statement have the go ahead for the so called red flag laws.

Also, his new buddy Lindsey Graham is busy doing back door funding for the states to implement the red flag laws. I am sure none of us believe that Trump is not aware of this.

Anonymous said...

Well the base article is wrong in one respect; had the 16 election gone the other way the Party of Stupid would NOT be fighting for our rights any more than they are now.
There are some good folks who are affiliated (Crenshaw for one) but the Party itself? Phuckem, worthless bastards.
Boat Guy

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

So tired of this unconstitutional PC bullsnatch. Make the 2nd Amendment militias again!

Miles said...

Hey Anon 2:04 PM.

You're gonna have to point out where you found that 'ruling'.
Just me, but I think you're reading something much more strictly than is reality and then, only for Connecticut.

That's just me, and I might be wrong, so.....

The Gray Man said...

Immigration is the most important issue to me, but guns are the issue that Trump can piss me off with the easiest. And he has.