Saturday, July 20, 2019

It Has To Be Said

Suck it, Diversity-tards.
That stinging sensation is Reality, slapping you in the back of the head.
And to revisionistas: no, this time, the Vikings didn't get there first.


SiGraybeard said...

And Happy Peak of Western Civilization Day right back at you!

I think I need to put this at the bottom of my post from today.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind if I steal that pic and post it on my FB page?

Mark D

Cranky Old Fart said...

Happy PoWC Day to you!

I've heard the sun's radiation has, by now, completely bleached the flag white. Great! An inter-galactic war hasn't even started and already we've surrendered.

Aesop said...


I made the meme right after your reminder. Spur of the moment.

Steal away, sir.

@Cranky Old Fart
That fact alone justifies going back to change out the old flags for fresh ones.
I would happily check a box on my income tax until Hell froze over to fund it.

Anonymous said...

I'll put money in the kitty for fresh flags!
Saw some front page somewhere ( we've been traveling) that NASA was gonna get back in business. Bout damn time, talk about MAGA!
Thanks for the blog, sorry to miss you at DSR
Boat Guy

OvergrownHobbit said...


Good one.

lineman said...

We would have colonized Mars by now if we didn't have the parasitism of diversity dragging us down...

Anonymous said...

I heard NASA says that if we all pony up for another moon mission we can have all the Roquefort that we want!

Ominous Cowherd said...

Vikings were White, too. No wonder they got out and conquered.

John Wilder said...

See this? This is why we don't need the metric system.