Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Gutless Pussies

1) This isn't funny.
2) This isn't the NYPD showing "restraint".
3) These are gutless soyboy pussies with badges. And their pacifism is going to get civilians and other cops killed. Because if they'll do that to uniformed cops with guns, what's going to happen to decent citizens in that neighborhood, from here on out?

Mayor DeBlabbermouth and the NYPD brassholes are only pissed because their guys got video-outted being the gutless pussies they are after zero support from TPTB.

BMW (bitch, whine, and moan) all you want about Califrutopia, but had this happened to someone from LAPD or any other agency in CA, that last @$$hole would have been taken to jail for battery on a police officer, minus his front teeth, with impact marks from a prolonged PR-24 shampoo, and with a green plastic bucket stuck way up his ass, as should have happened there, on the spot.

This display of gutless pussydom from two alleged men charged with keeping peace and public order in America's most populous city is going to embolden attacks on citizens, and other police officers, and ring up a price that will be paid in blood. These two invertebrates should be fired immediately, for cause.

Also their supervisor, watch commander, precinct captain, and every instructor at the academy classes they attended.

Then they should send their Special Response Unit in, along with mounted officers, K-9 units, and every swinging Richard they can spare, and literally put a cop on every corner in that neighborhood, 24/7/365 and run in everybody for every offense from spitting on the sidewalk on up, for the next six months, minimum. Until the point sinks in good and hard. Everyone giving a cop in that area so much as attitude should be ticketed for any and every possible offense, until the courts have to start trying cases in batches, like the French Revolution.

When it's not funny anymore, when the community is wailing and crying and pissing and moaning about how hard "The MAN Been Keeping Dem Down",  and the sight of flashing red lights in the rear view mirror makes them crap their pants, and they beg and plead for it to stop, the NYFC should announce it will stay in effect for only another year.

If not, that precinct should be renamed Mogadishu, be barricaded from the rest of the city, declare martial law, and send in the Notional Guard. If they want to live like Somalia, treat them like Somalians, with military ROE, and the UCMJ as the new standard of jurisprudence.

If the body count drops to zero, and there are no crimes for 90 days, and the civic leaders thereabouts apologizes for this incident, then go back to the normal routine.

And I'm only advocating that, because brass knuckles, flamethrowers, and guillotines violate the 8th Amendment.

IDGAF about the reflexive anti-cop a-holes whose strings this post will pull. They'll be flamed in comments every time they pop up. I'll crack on the PD any and every time they deserve it for going too far, exactly as I have on these pages dozens of times. (FFS, the reason I make memes at all is because of the later-fired SLCPD badgehole who thought the way to get his way was to arrest a nurse for not breaking the law!) But this kind of happy horseshit is going to get good people hurt and killed in the near future, and not just in NYFC, and it'll take draconian enforcement to drive the point home that this behavior by two-legged apes and baboons (yes, I went there; they can OWN that. If the banana fits, eat it.) was way over the line, and it wasn't funny the first time.

Anything less just invites more anarchy (read bloodshed) next time.


Mickey said...

I agree with the sentiment that this is outrageous and these savages ought to have been beaten then imprisoned, but I disagree with the assessment the cops are "pussies." I also disagree with your assessment this would have been significantly different here in CA, because it wouldn't have been, at least not where I am in the SF Bay Area.

The SJW/PC mob has pretty much neutered the police. Here in SF, street crime is rampant, the DA routinely refuses to prosecute people arrested for attacking law enforcement officers, and when those who are charged go to trial, juries let them off. On the other side of that, complaints against officers are at an all time high, the city/county pols rarely back the street officers, police admin look out for their careers not their cops or the citizens they are supposed to serve, and the media is on a witch hunt to vilify any cop caught "abusing" a special snowflake. Had those officers responded with violence, even if justified, the media and the "community" would have vilified them, the brass would have cut them loose, and the pols would have had their badges.

Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle...all the major west coast cities are in crisis. Homelessness, drug abuse, rampant property crimes, rising violent crime...and the cops in all of these places are terrified to do anything proactive, because they know nobody will have their back if/when things go sideways.

Would you want to be the next cop on youtube putting the stick to a black man? With the entire thing edited to remove the justification and only showing you hitting the poor POC? I wouldn't. So the cops are now acting just like firefighters. They sit in their cars out of the way and wait for radio calls, responding only when and where they need to and doing only the bare minimum. Keeps them out of trouble.

Society gets the law enforcement it deserves. Here in San Francisco, that means no law enforcement. We are on our own, and must act accordingly.

jxbdz said...

I fear your Special Response Unit scenario (as much as I like it) could last long till the courts stopped it for violating the civil rights of the troop of gorillas. The courts are lost too.

Aesop said...

The police in those cities can always leave.
And should.

As for the courts stopping that enforcement, how many divisions does the Pope have?
And who protects the houses of judges?
Were that to happen, the PD should hand out Maps To The Judges Homes in the ghetto, and post them on their website, then sit back and watch.

There's always another way to skin a cat, and if you want change, you just need to find the spot to insert the lever, and then give it a healthy pull.

Eventually, people with a home and a family, even liberal jackholes, figure out rapidly on which side their bread is buttered, and equilibrium returns to society.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who did that to ME, unless I was wearing nothing but a swimsuit and was at a pool, lake, beach or waterpark, would spend some time next morning picking his teeth out of his next bowel movement. This is what happens when you elect a mayor entirely because his son is black and his wife is a black lesbian.

This, however will be a self-correcting problem without police intervention. When they graduate from throwing water to throwing rocks and bottles at people other than police officers, people will respond. Yeah, NYFC may be disarmed, but there's still plenty of baseball-bats and the like.

I grew up in NYFC (Staten Island). I lived in an old Italian neighborhood where everyone was related. I was probably in Junior High School, maybe early High School (so a bit over 40 years ago) when we got some new renters in across the street. One of the kids thought it would be a good idea to rob one of his neighbors (the sister of the male half of the couple lived up the street with her family, the brother of the male half around the corner with his) and THEN show off the stuff he stole. The entire (expletive deleted) neighborhood was in front of his house with baseball bats, and the kids mother called the cops to tell them to come arrest her son before the neighbors killed him. I suspect if he'd been released without charges he'd have disappeared before the week was out and would never have been found (did I mention it was an Italian neighborhood?).

Mark D

James M Dakin said...

If you live in the zoo, the chimps are going to throw turds at you. Interstate movement is not yet restricted. The cops don't like the Anti-White policy, they can move also. If you stay in the zoo because it pays more, or is more comfortable, Darwin has an award for you, coming real soon. Jesus, people, the Presidential approved Knock Out game wasn't enough of a clue for you? Get. Out.

Anonymous said...

I live within reception range of NYC radio. They are playing this one pretty soft. I dunno if the cop who got doused really is a pussy or not but he sure as hell looked like one in this video. Not only that but where the hell was is situational awareness?

I'm seconding anon.. it would be the same w/ me except I'd only get a little wet because I wouldn't let somebody come up on me (they certainly weren't sneaking) and pull that crap. IF they did sneak they'd get a quick lesson on why you don't come up behind someone unannounced.

Anonymous said...

Also: but, but, but, they CAN'T be pussies! They're sporting high-and-tights, just like Marines, they're bad muthas, high speed and low drag operators! Who operate operationally. They're carrying nine-caliber semi-auto-revolvers and everything!

Mark D

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I'm all for ticketing for "spitting on the sidewalk".
I wish the police WOULD go after that kind of shit.
...and littering
...and reckless driving
...and bicyclists and e-scooters who speed on public sidewalks ....

FredLewers said...

Africa wins again

Unknownsailor said...

"Were that to happen, the PD should hand out Maps To The Judges Homes in the ghetto, and post them on their website, then sit back and watch."

They could helpfully include which judges have firearms registered in their possession, how many, and what kind.

June J said...

To act as other than "pussies" probably meant the immediate loss of their job. You think anyone in NYC government really would have supported them had the shitbirds gotten the royal asskicking they richly deserved?

Just like AntiFa, there are other ways to handle these feral animals rather than in plain view of witnesses and cameras.

Aesop said...

If you want to teach a class, you do it in plain sight, so everyone learns.

Getting even later, privately, only insures that most won't learn, and you have to keep reinforcing the lesson over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

Anonymous said...

The feral with the water is probably the neighborhood turd sucker who is always in the middle of every problem an honest citizen has in the vicinity. Its common defense is "I did not do anything and it was just a joke" (I do not use turdville language). Cops are becoming just like claims adjusters show up after the action to report on what happened.

Do anything and paycheck and benefits go away. It has happened before called the Dinkins Era. This time there will not be a Mayor who cleans it up so NYC will slide down the hill to lawlessness. Wait until the doormen cannot keep them out of the rich bitch high rises. First class karma!

June J said...

Aesop - I don't disagree with you. However, sometimes a lesson can be learned by "hey whatever happened to Tyrone and Willie?" :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, the Police could just quit.

Just like the baker that delivered bread to Aushwitz could have not baked bread for the guards

The Freeholder said...

The cops don't act because they're going to be crucified if they do. However, being smart enough not to stick your willie into a meat grinder doesn't mean you're a good cop. It means you're getting a paycheck, with the funds extracted from people who work shitty hours at crappy jobs. You know, the people you're supposed to "serve and protect". These people call you a cop because they're too polite to call you what they really think of you.

This is why I'm armed. Always, unless it's illegal to do so. *cough* The cops have no legal duty to protect. You're on your own.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

I agree 100% with Aesop. This will only escalate unless met with overwhelming authoritative action. Barring that, if the social mood won't allow it, resign en masse.

Paychecks aren't worth a bucket of acid from the back, and that's coming.

Dinochrome One said...

"Paychecks aren't worth a bucket of acid from the back, and that's coming."

Yep. As jealous husbands in the Middle-East/India already know, gallons of sulfuric acid are available from the batteries in the next six parked cars.

The situational awareness was just gone,...

Nikolai Vladivostok said...

I agree with Mickey at the top: if the doused fellow had so much as waggled his finger and said, 'That's not on!' he'd have been unpersoned like George Zimmerman and never have been allowed to join a dating site ever again.
But I can see Aesop's point, too: why not quit?
This would happen marginally. Officers will smell the coffee and begin planning new careers, early retirement or be less inclined to join the force at all, and these gradual, individual decisions will take time and make themselves apparent in the statistics.
So I searched and found this:
As it was NPR I assumed they would tiptoe around Ferguson, but they mention it twice! How about that.

Anonymous said...


While I sympathize with the emotion, your suggested response is no longer a practical reality. As you mentioned "Eventually, people with a home and a family, even liberal jackholes, figure out rapidly on which side their bread is buttered..." Well, cops are people too, and they know that in the current zeitgeist that their bread and butter will either cease to exist, or be provided to lawyers or by prison guards, if they go back to the way it used to be. It is easy to tell people to find another place to work, but that answer has as much appeal as someone telling you to move out of Cali. You really like the place regardless of the problems, but even if you did move, you might be able to change your circumstances. In LE, not hardly; there is virtually no locale in the U.S. where this sentiment is not extant. Maybe not to the extent of NYC, but it has been planted and it is growing.

It might eventually turn around, but probably not until it gets much worse.

TCK said...

If Portland's trouble finding new police recruits is any indication of future trends, then the exodus of police from blue cities is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Dunno as I'd be sanguine about LAPD's response. See Jack Dunphy's current column at PJM.

Aesop said...

Anyone positing that NYPD cops can't quit is clueless.
Law enforcement is among the most transferable occupations there is, and the rest of the state, let alone President Obama's other 57 states, would hire 95% of them in a heartbeat.
The ones who can't quit are likely the ones who most need firing, so it becomes a perfect solution: the thugs in the 'hood get the biggest thugs on the force.
(File under: Boo frickin' hoo.)

And then the city turns into Detroitistan, and either unfucks itself, or not.

But staying to take a paycheck for a job you're not doing is dishonorable, lazy, gutless, total pussification.

Anyone with any self-respect (which clearly wasn't these two badged jackholes in the video) would either do the job, or leave the job. They're doing neither. Show them the door, and take another bite at that problem. They're just making things worse, X 10, for everyone concerned. And mark my words, it'll get people killed: cops, thugs, and innocent bystanders. Those assholes the other day were material accessories to that before the fact, too stupid to know, too evil to care, or both.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until it starts affecting the people that make Wall Street run. No, not the self important "Masters of the Universe" that can afford private security, guards on the penthouse doors, and armored SUVS. The people that keep Wall Street running are the techs, the junior brokers and analysts, and the secretaries/administrative support staff. If they don't feel safe, they will be looking for a new job in Dallas or Atlanta; and Mr. MOTU will not be able to earn his millions of dollars if his support staff all runs away.

Thanks to the Internet, there are no reasons that all the banks and brokerages need to be in NYC, except tradition, inertia, and the MOTU trophy wives love Broadway and the shopping. Scare away the tourists and Broadway and the shopping will go too.

IMO One area to watch is Times Square. If it backslides at all, that means the corporations are being hogtied or giving up, and NYC will be lost.

June J said...

If the reason for leaving NYC is lack of cops, they better not go to Dallas. Democrat run Dallas has a huge shortage of police officers. Not sure the city's hiring of a former Detroit cop who is a black woman is helping.

RandyGC said...

Apparently the incident shown here wasn't the only one.


According to the article the Socialist Prick currently living in Gracie mansion called this unacceptable. And if the officers had reacted properly? Any bets on how fast he would be fighting to get to front of the lynch mob?

DAN III said...

The NYPD and Frank Serpico. That is pretty much all one needs to understand the mentality of NYPD cops. The NYPD was corrupt then as it is today. Folks have no respect for any portion of NYPD and rightfully so.

NYPD has brought this kinda crap upon themselves. I have no sympathy for them or NYC government.

Anonymous said...

The occupation is transferable, but the cultural zeitgeist is the same. If the officers had responded as you suggested there is no venue that would support them, and a significant percentage that would fire and/or prosecute them.

The statement of "But staying to take a paycheck for a job you're not doing..." is begging. The evidence is writ large all over the U.S. that the manner in how they reacted is exactly what they are being paid to do. PERF is now the rule in law enforcement "management".

As you are wont to say, "you could look it up".

Anonymous said...

"Would you want to be the next cop on youtube putting the stick to a black man"

As former Oakland PD, I can tell you with absolute certainty that we did not often "put the stick to a black man"....

...The three cell Kel-Light, the precursor to the Mag-lite, was much handier in close quarters.

There was some violence in Oakland...regrettably.

markshere2 said...

Zero fucks given here. NYFC is a sewer an I never ever will visit it again.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

You know it's funny. This situation highlights a huge problem with the popo. Yep That's right.I said it! The popo. Because of the badge, flashing lights, COMMANDS given. LOL COMMANDS GIVEN. Last I looked I was not under a military rule to OBEY COMMENDS FROM A CIVILIAN or for that matter anyone else! But you have a badge and a gun and I am not ALLOWED to have one to protect myself from YOU. OK. So lets say what does a WHITE woman do when forced to a strip search on the side of the road! In full view of anyone. What now? LOL anything she does makes her situation worse. lol 007 should have been a cop (civilian popo that is). There are tons of allegations against those who "PROTECT AND SERVE". WE see the articles every fucking day! The popo have now signaled they are absolutely useless. Harlem,(negro central) has proven the point! Unless confronted out of the public eye and Not filmed via a cell. Cops are just a revenue generating faction of the local, state, and federal government. Money baby! Never forget! Cops record you at EVERY ENCOUNTER. YOU record them! All day,every fucking day!

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 10:35A

You should get out and about more.
There are a couple of places that would get a case of the vapors.
There are about 10,000 that would look upon such a reaction as having passed the screening exam.

Anonymous said...

Looked like Songkran in Tland to me. Proly was 100 degrees and they got some releif