Tuesday, July 2, 2019

This Cretin Is Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers

This is a congressweasel with an IQ in negative numbers.
This is someone who has arguments with fungus, and loses.

But hear me: I would not harm a hair on her head, nor advocate anyone to shoot this treasonous moron in the face. There are strict laws against that, after all.

But if when it happens, I won't attend the funeral.
I will send a cheerful note expressing my undisguised approval.

And while her district, the Congress overall, and the American people are the big losers as Evita Shitshow Stalin stumbles from gaffe to disaster to flaming dumpster fire, there's one unquestioned winner in all this.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

We need both of them they are our best sales people and the demonrats worst enemy. Between the eyes would be our biggest loss tween now and November 2020

Anonymous said...

I think Miguel at Gunfreezone.net wants to nominate Frederica Wilson for the honor,



MMinLamesa said...

Diana DeGette is happy because she's still the dumbest white woman in the House.

Anonymous said...

Bear Claw's right.
This AOC idiot is a gift. Handle with care.

FredLewers said...

Never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake... Hehehe
Pass the popcorn please.

Anonymous said...

Fred is spot on. Apparently Miss No functioning cortex made up some stories so a bunch of latino pastor's went to look and probably offer assistance. However, when they got there they found out it was all lies.

Keep red pilling your own please!

Link is conservative but I first heard it on the radio. Doubtful the enemedia will run it.

Roger said...

AOC is not stupid. she is doing exactly what she has been told & paid to do. That is to push the far left agenda as far and as fast as she can. To cause as much difficulty, innuendo, liberal noise and (fake) negative information on conservatives as possible.
She'll be primaried and tossed out of congress soon. THEN she will jump up on her soapbox (paid for by Soros) and scream & yell some more to discredit any conservatives.

Aesop said...

Actually, she's breathtakingly stupid.

That undeniable fact does not preclude her being a paid tool of the Leftards at the same time.
If anything, it merely overqualifies her for that role.

But she's manifestly not smart enough to accomplish that on her own, let alone plan it beforehand.

This is a bimbo who couldn't even make it as a bartender in NYFC, or succeed anywhere with a B.U bachelor's degree, so she's not a Mensa candidate.

Anonymous said...

History has shown us much, but it is rare indeed that someone as demonstrably ignorant as this, makes it to the public eye long enough for the rest of us to scratch our noggins and ask "what in the blue fuck..." In high school, many of us looked for the chicks like her, because we knew that... well, let's just say that with her type on a date, "getting lucky" didn't really involve much luck, only "showing up."
I guess we can take comfort in some things never changing... - Grandpa