Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Music: Sultans Of Swing

Monster debut cut from Dire Straits in 1978, featuring one of the greatest note-picking guitar virtuosos to ever strap on a Strat, Mark Knopfler. So fresh it could have debuted yesterday instead of being 40 years old, yet when it came out it was a totally new tune - that you'd known all your life.

Creole, babe.


Crew said...

Wait a minute. 1978 is not 50 years ago!

22 + 19 = (oh wait ...)50 (for us old guys! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Aesop,

I don't usually post comments online... almost never actually. However, I did want to thank you and let you know yet another person appreciates what you're doing for and giving to those who will listen.

I stumbled on your blog by chance through a random link in the comments of another site I follow a few months ago. Im now more serious about first aid training and general readiness.

In short:
came for Ebola news; stayed for the common sense, life stories and the sunday music.

It's also very entertaining to read you school internet trolls. I wish I had the same way with words and discipline to keep a blog.

So... thank you.

Fair winds and following seas to you and yours

Badger said...

Mafz be hard bro'

Anonymous said...

Btw, i was living in Ivory Coast during the western african ebola epidemics a few years ago.

Good thing it died out "on its own" because no one in Abidjan was thinking about it or even taking it seriously.

There was a fever scanner in Abidjan airport for ENTRY. I don't remember getting scanned on the way out of the country.

I assume authorities were preparing discreetly for the worst by belatedly procuring field equipment and such. This "Preparing" was definitely not about saving people imo. And it WAS very well hidden because i don't remember any sense of urgency or worry about ebola in the social groups I interacted with.

In the end, things never got to Abidjan and crowds were left to their habitual problems and diseases.

As you'd say, sheer random luck.

Aesop said...

Fixed. Sh*t happens.

Old NFO said...

Good one, and just verifies I'm OLD... sigh

A.B. Prosper said...

I've had every album (yes I'm that old) except On Every Street they released and there isn't a bad one among them.

The last one, Brothers in Arms is arguably the worst of that lot but its still quite good.

RandyGC said...

I won a trivia contest at the music store my daughter took lessons from on two separate occasions by knowing who had a daytime job and was doing alright, and who didn't want to make it cry of sing. Got her some guitar strings and some de-humidifier packs for her guitar case.

Can't think of a bad song that group ever did.

Brothers in Arms (the song) is on my playlist for the (unfortunately increasingly more often at my age) times I toast newly absent companions.

John Wilder said...

Last year I got stuck on "Industrial Disease" for about a week. Some pretty good music that fit the time perfectly.

idahobob said...

Well, again, you have provoked a wonderful memory!


Anonymous said...

Wondered when you'd get to the most brilliant guitarist/songwriter of our age. Good on ya!
Gotta disagree with the characterization of Brothers In Arms above. As with another commenter, the title track is special to me and the whole album takes me back to a certain deployment.
The amazing thing for me is how Mark Knopfler continues to produce amazing music, though I gotta say I was disappointed in the most recent release.
If you see him live you can usually count on hearing Sultans and/or Romeo and Juliet. Both are timeless
Thanks once more, brother
Boat Guy

Unknown said...

Ah... The good old tunes from high school! Having the last of the libations (RedLeg Brewings Howitzer Amber Ale) Boat Guy had brought to the DSR in Cody! Prost!!!

James said...

While not a huge fan of the Dire the song "Brothers In Arms" one of my top 100 of all time.

Anonymous said...

Mark Knopfler, with or without Dire Straits, has produced a vast library of what I call Mental Patient songs. Not only is the music spectacular, his lyrics are some of the best.

I'll listen over and over. One will hit my rotation, and I'll hit replay at least once.

Two of his later pieces like this are "Punish the Monkey" and "Behind with the Rent"

"There's smoke and flames behind me
Where the self-respect all went
And I'm behind, behind with the rent...

...Well, this crumpet's past its sell-by-date
But they all would qualify
They're gonna be lonely
And be happy to comply"

Pat H. said...

Years ago Chet Atkins made an album featuring him playing with those he considered the best guitar players on this planet, Knopfler was one of them. Wish I knew what it was called, I don't