Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Music: Seven Bridges Road

The Eagles have a lot of classic signature songs, but I'd trade most of them for this one almost entirely a capella five-voice harmony , which any dozens of lesser (not to mention smaller) popular rock bands could never duplicate, even if they tried all day. Just for openers, it's not hard to have a band that can get a stadium full of fans on their feet and cheering. Here you've got a band that can get a stadium full of fans to shut up and just listen. That's the difference between the merely good, and the legendary.


Scott said...

That's always been one of my favorite Eagles songs. The next would be Desperado. Thank you for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

I've loved The Eagles since I was a teenager. Seven Bridges Road is on the Hell Freezes Over DVD in PCM audio only. One of their best. RIP Glenn. The Eagles will never be the same.

RandyGC said...

The Eagles are one group that I will actually sit down and watch a concert video (as opposed to running it in the background).

Recently watched one of their tour in Australia (recorded before Glenn Fry died).

Watching Glenn and Joe Walsh riff against and cut up on each other was priceless. Henley came off as a bit dour, but even he cracked a smile once in a while.

The Freeholder said...

I was at the Greensboro, NC show for the '18 tour (first w/o Glenn). Magic, still. It was the world's largest sing-along, this song included.

I wish I had seen them before. Didn't want to spend the bucks for the tickets. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Nori said...

This song always reminds me of many off-road trips thru Utah & Lake Powell. At night in the high desert,no light pollution,it’s like you can just reach up and pluck a handful of starry jewels.

“...running like a child,from these warm stars,down the Seven Bridges Road...”

Singing well is hard enough;the harmony in this song is art. Beautiful.

Marina said...

Watch out ! Soon the Diversity gurus will descend on you for posting this raycissst video. Only Whites in the band and everywhere in the audience. What ? No Diversity ? There is no mayhem either. Ponder that. So so raycisst ! Off to jail you go !
Those were the good days when we could not envision this Marxist agenda being pushed openly in our faces daily. Sorry for the rant, this is is a great song evocative of other times.

Unknown said...

On my regular rotation, along with "I can't tell you why", "Those Shoes", "Peaceful, Easy, Feeling". But yeah, "Seven Bridges Road" is one of those cuts that makes one sit right the f%ck up from the first second you hear it and know instantly what true genius level musical talent sounds like. The Eagles had it in spades, IMO, one of the most talented groups not just of their era, but in history.

Not every mainstream "entertainer" is musically talented much, for every group you hear on the radio, there are hundreds you dont, who play either small venues and/or do studio work.

Back in the 90's, my then wife intrduced me to Jason Aldean(WIlliams), she had been married to Jason's dad's brother, and had 3 kids by him. The second oldest boy she had, whose Jason's age, has worked at an Atlanta area walmart his whole adult life, yet is a musical virtuoso. His wheelhouse has always been hard metal guitar, and man can he shred, but he can play anything, sings way better than Jason, writes better than Jason(This has paid for his doublewide insured for a quarter mil because of the pro sound stage/studio in it.

Jason's dad is retired AIr force, NASA, and now manages young local country talent until they ready for prime time. His mother is the child of Cuban boat refugees, and in her seventies her beauty and grace are off the charts. Great humble people.

Anonymous said...

Eagles: Live! was my most stolen cassette tape.

I quit buying it after the 5th one got snagged. Maybe I'll buy it again and put it on this fancy iPhone my brother gave me.

Wayne said...

The harmony on this is very good. Almost as good as The Beach Boys.

The Gray Man said...

Grew up listening to the Eagles, among other bands.

Rush, ZZTop, KISS, Guns ‘n fuckin’ Roses, Frampton, etc.

In fact, I’ve seen all of them perform in just the last five years, except the Eagles. Never seen them.