Wednesday, July 3, 2019

You Get The Rights You'll Defend. And No More.

h/t Knuckledraggin'

Kenny is somewhat worked up about the prospect that the Minions Of Big Brother will be working overtime to thwart folks bringing ammunition back from Free America, in contravention of the latest outrage of the Califrutopia Legislature.

My contribution:
Jump through the hoops. Buy your ammo in CA. Save the receipts. Take it to NV. Come back with it. Get pulled over.
Pitch a bitch. Retain a lawyer. Go to court.
Present the receipts. Get acquitted.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.
After a few seven-figure wrongful prosecution and false imprisonment settlements, and you can afford to have the stuff brought in by Learjet and hand delivered, and your name and license plates will forever be on the “Don’t F**k With This Guy Ever” List. 
God help those badged jackholes when someone starts smearing smokeless powder residue on the bumper of every car in the parking lot at a Vegas casino (bonus points if you cut it with some form of 8 gazillion Scovill unit pepper sauce) with CA plates, and the orcs and their talking dogs have five hundred vehicles in stop-and-search, incoming traffic is backed up to Utah, and they come up with jack and shit. Bonus points for doing that over the weekend after 4th of July, and every other holiday weekend for the next year.
Do it to yourself, and be sure that the only thing in your trunk is a bag of Purina dog chow. 
Fluffy and Officer Friendly will be reassigned someplace (even shittier than the Ag station – don’t ask) in about 0.2 seconds.
Cloward-Piven times BFYTW runs them off the rails in about a minute and a half.
Then they go back to really important stuff, like asking you about illegal fruit. 
Next problem.
The reply:
"Sure, and the cost of a lawyer and lost wages to go to court makes all that worthwhile, right?
And as far as smearing a gunpowder solution or residue on car bumpers with California plates… well, we’ll just cause somebody else to get jacked up just to get our point across, right? That’s just fucking wrong. What about the law-abiding guy that’s carrying a gun in his car without a permit? You just sent him to jail."

Freedom isn't free.

We can pointlessly argue "Should be" all we want.
If people aren't willing to kick up a fuss over these kinds of jackassical laws, they'll lose the rights they don't defend.

As it is, even the Ninth Circus hasn't been very impressed with the Califrutopia legislature's anti-gun shenanigans of late, so I'm not expecting this one to pass the federal smell tests under Heller or McDonald either, let alone restricting a legal product, one that's legal on both sides of state boundaries, which probably also violates multiple federal laws on interstate commerce. The obvious aim of this nonsense, to simply hinder, tax, and further infringe on an individual constitutional right, has nowhere to hide in federal court.

"What next, your Honor? Requiring a background check and permit tax to exercise a First Amendment right?"

(And yes, CA has just considered a law that would issue "suggestions" to religions directing them to stop referring to homosexuality as a sin. That's just about an inch from the point where people are going to be inclined to start voting with triggers and nooses instead of paper ballots.)

But we'll never find out if everyone rolls over, or just runs and hides.

If everybody simply went for the court trial of every traffic ticket for six months, the courts would explode, and they'd stop writing tickets. The whole system is predicated on everyone rolling over for it and surrendering the little fine, forever.

You get the government you settle for.
Where would CCW and constitutional carry laws be in 40 states now, if everyone just gave up back in 1980?

Most everyone hereabouts knows this law is still in the first inning, it's not the final score.

And tying this nonsense to pretty much 100% of the Dumbocrat presidential clownshow candidates, particularly our own Senator Kneepads, can't hurt going into the 2020 election season either.

I'd have a tough time finding any valid argument against any level of resistance and monkeywrenching of this recockulous law, up to and including dragging the entire state legislature out and stringing them up to handy lampposts, just because, in lieu of impeachment and treason trials.

But I expect we'll start off opposing it by following Marquess of Queensbury Rules, at least initially.

(And BTW, a "law abiding guy" who's carrying a gun in his car "without a permit", is on the same level of jurisprudence as an "illegal alien" who hasn't broken any other laws. There are no "law-abiding" criminals. You want to make constitutional carry federal law, beyond the states' legal authority to legislate, and end "permits" forever, by arguing founder's original intent under the 2A, and I'll sign up for your newsletter and march in your parade. Until then, we're stuck with "Is", instead of "Should be". I'm no happier about that than I expect you are.)

Last I looked, despite Heller and multiple additional rulings on that case, and about a decade passing, you still can't get a handgun in D.C. So if you want to get hopping mad about something, ask why the US A.G. and FBI hasn't arrested the entire D.C. government, mayor, city council, city attorney, and the entire police leadership from chief down, jailed them without bail, and prosecuted them for conspiracy and deliberate ongoing federal civil rights violations times every citizen in the District. And then opened up a federally-run retail gun store on the Capitol Mall, open to everyone.

Given that egregious national failure, anything up to armed insurrection in the national capitol, and shooting cops in the face for trying to enforce their unjust laws, is fair game, and if it happened tomorrow, I'd send money to the resistance.

Breaking the law publicly and flagrantly, and then breaking a broomhandle off in Big Gov's tailpipe, seems to be the only tactic they still understand or respect.

So circumstances shanghaiing a few Normies at the checkpoint really isn't going to get me too worked up.

And what's "just fucking wrong" is passing such a blatant end run around the Second Amendment into law in the first place. Not dragging in the unconcerned. Some of them will doubtless have been the exact jackholes who voted this idiot legislature into office. Sauce for the gander. All out of fucks to give for them. They're getting the government they voted for, good and hard.

Another fraction will be those too stupid to pay attention.
So now they're red-pilled. Nope. Still no fucks to give about that either.

And the state, their Minions, and hundreds to thousands of other people, will be subjected and/or ridiculed for exactly the jack-booted thuggery this law was intended to create. Yeah, there's still a dearth of fucks showing up on the meter here.

The last fraction affected will be the ones who neither like nor voted for this nonsense.
They should consider themselves drafted into this fight, the first time they get pulled over at the ag checkpoints, and every time afterwards.

I have only one thought on that.

You get the rights you'll defend?
Challenge accepted.

Bitching/whining/moaning about that in Comments.


Anonymous said...

"(And yes, CA has just considered a law that would issue "suggestions" to religions directing them to stop referring to homosexuality as a sin. That's just about an inch from the point where people are going to be inclined to start voting with triggers and nooses instead of paper ballots.)"

I believe a few years ago, the Houston Texas mayor tried a similar tactic. To silence the religious, she wanted for the clergy to submit their Sermons so that the content could be checked in case it was anti-gay. From the Christian Science Monitor :

Unknown said...

"Beware the fury of a patient man."

John Dryden

DAN III said...

"Defend" your rights by buying a lawyer ?


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts, but I find it hard to believe the current population of California has the nads to resist any new law.
Quite the opposite in fact. They seem determined to self destruct.
I'm sure there are exceptions, such as you Aesop, but these stupid laws wouldn't be passing in the first place if there was even mild resistance to them. People will eventually just leave the state. They won't stay and fight. And they'll continue to be replaced with welfare jockeys from the rest of the country and all the freeloaders from south of the border.

Anonymous said...

As ever, useful and well-thought-out suggestions for merry-making. God love ya, brother.
Boat Guy

George True said...

"You get the rights you'll defend."
In those six words is 200 proof distilled wisdom.



Anonymous said...

I had a similar idea but don't know the case law, if any, around 'undocumented immigrants' well enough. Maybe someone here does. All American citizens (or enough of us fuck w/ the system types) ought to start being 'undocumented drivers'. Oh, get and keep the paperwork handy but if pulled over indicate that you don't have em and you are just an 'undocumented driver'.

Crew said...

It is time to boycott the Census as well.

If the Fucktards in DC will not put the citizenship question on the Census, We, The People should boycott them!

Crew said...

Meanwhile ...

daniel_day said...

George True, what does YGTRYD stand for?

Pat H. said...

The cop dogs are, of course, trained to alert on command. Unfortunately, various courts have ruled that a dog alerting establishes probable cause for a vehicle search. For drugs.

I don't know how this will work for ammo dog searches.

By the way, there is a secret road that I've used to drive into CA from NV that does not have the fruit police searching your trunk like they do on I70. It's two lane and in southern CA.

Pat H. said...

Tried to post this over at knuckle draging, don't know if it's working.

"I live in South Carolina, so buy what I want, when I want. I think Sheldon's, just north of the Georgia border, in SC on I85 does a banner business all year round. There's a small version of Sheldon's just north of the bunker, where I live, that is open now and then again for New Year's, about 7 miles south of the NC state line. There are several small fireworks stands along the highways, very small. I think the NC state government would have to hire hundreds of watchers to work these."

Pat H. said...

About California having the nads...

I lived and worked there for 13 years and got a pretty good lesson in what California really is. Do not believe what TV depicts California as. In reality, it's at least two states, maybe more.

I'll relate just one story. about 20 years ago, now, I was buying my hunting shotgun, a 20 gauge Browning O/U, and remarked on the semi-auto M60 sitting on the counter of the very large gun store (in San Leandro if memory serves). Price on it was around $2700.00. I said to the owner of the store, "guess you've not sold too many of those (thinking that the particular firearm had been sitting their a while). The owner looked at me and said, "Mr. Hines, we've sold over 200 of those so far". All I could think to say was, "Oh".

If y'all think those M60s left CA, think again. I don't know where they went, but it's likely to be east and north of the SF Bay area. I suspect there's some similar stories down south.

lineman said...

Wheres your sarc tag...

Rollory said...

Aesop, I like the way you think. I wish I could come up with tactics like this. Maybe it's a matter of practice and necessity.

Anonymous said...

Pat H. The new hotness in the Bay Area are the m249s. I know of at least 3 people with one. We all live downtown SF :-)

Anonymous said...

If you're going to do the smokeless powder trick, do it to the cars with Obama stickers and the like...duh...