Saturday, July 6, 2019

Unplugged Saturday

After making the internet rounds, I'm out.

Most everything I've seen either bores me to death, or instigates the RCOB rage that makes me want to take out my list (yes, I have one; don't you?), start loading magazines, and go hunting, well inside city limits.

And I can think of 50 better things to do with my time today, not to mention the blood pressure points I have to spare. And it's so nice outside.

And I need food, so maybe there's a component of hangry going on there.

I don't expect this will be every weekend, but then again, maybe it will.
Maybe I'll work out something regular instead of enjoying the day, but for today, adios.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Tim said...

In vino veritas, un cork a bottle and get to the bottom of things.

Eskyman said...

Have a good day off, Aesop, you well deserve it!

Thanks for all the great work you do!

Jim Scrummy said...

I went offgrid two weeks ago for a week. Loved it. Came back to civilization a week ago, and have been limiting interwebz time to about 1.5 hours a day, including work related web stuff. It is liberating, plus getting more stuff done and increased reading time.

Gotta go!

15Fixer said...


Badger said...

Get down to the Huntington Beach Pier, instrumental surf performances on selected Sundays (at least 1/month). Schedule at the HB Int'l Surfing Museum:

Good times - and free.

idahobob said...

A day off........I'm looking forward to one in the near future. Purchased a new painting and now we are in the process of moving. Did not realize how much stuff (Watch George Carlin's skit on stuff) we accumulated in the past 10 years.
Enough of my bitching, you know the saying, a happy wife, etc.
But when we get all of this shit sorted out, I'm headed to the mountains for some solitude.

Anonymous said...

Do you keep the list and the mags together for convenience when the time comes?

Aesop said...


Red Cloud Of Blood
When you feel roughly like a volcano that wants to erupt.

Good point. Adding that point to the Master Checklist.