Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Dancing In The Blood Award

Weapons Wisdom from Whores Department:

Sangre Merengue Award, First Class, with blood spatter clusters.
I guess the Mueller hearing debacle was so catastrophic it needed something epic to take it off the front page, huh, Leftard media?
How many more people have to die before Congress bans Gun Free Zones?
(Molester Biden, call your office.)


Anonymous said...

Every time we have one of these events I note how FEW victims there tend to be whilst using what (I'm told) is an object DESIGNED to kill as many people as possible. Even in the Vegas event there were only a few actual gunshot wounds and most of the people killed were crushed/trampled.

Even our own military, when they want to kill people in job lots, doesn't use bullets but rather explosives/incendiaries/chemicals (or nukes, which in effect is a combination of all three). So how many MORE people would've been hurt or killed in a crowd should the individual with nefarious intent, instead of stopping by the gun store, grabbed a case of glass beer bottles (found behind just about any bar for the taking), some old rags (raid his own underwear drawer) and made a stop at the gas station? The largest mass murder in NYC history (not counting 9/11) was at the Happyland Social club and was done with pretty much what I suggest above, you could look it up.

Mark D

Aesop said...


Conspicuously absent from the rhetoric of those splashing in the blood of 6-year-olds this week, is a statement resembling anything like "We've got way too many batshit crazy fucktards running around loose who should be locked up for life."

Not part of the preferred Leftard narrative.

Anonymous said...

Still gotta wonder at the timing of many of these occurrances.
How many times must we bear these hypocrites lecturing and hectoring us? T'is chatter to be sure, but harder to avoid than it should be.
Boat Guy

Angantyr said...

Welp, we've been warned that (((they))) would have their MK Ultra wind-up toys running around to distract from the implosion of the Mueller narrative, Epstein, etc. etc...

A.B. Prosper said...

Great tip and soon to be added to my kit. Thanks.

A.B. Prosper said...

Sorry, somehow this was meant to be added for the cotton ball post not the fucking blood dancers

Mea culpa

Pat H. said...

She wants to be Miz Moolie kneepad I.