Saturday, July 20, 2019

This Is Why We Read (And Post Comments On) Other People's Blogs

Because some things need to be said.
Sharing is Caring. 
(And we enjoy the occasional rhetorical Scooby-snack.)

Like this instance:
LTC Grossman is a fucktard.” - John Mosby 
Keep making that spot-on observation. There is no freshness date on it, and it will never expire. 
For those who don’t know why Grossman is a fucktard, a brief review:
Telling people that nobody is inherently violent, and stating counterfactually that we have to program people to kill, (and then making a cottage industry out of peddling that line of twaddle) is only belied by all of recorded human history. Evidently that part was not required reading for any of his manifestly worthless degrees. Grossman is the face of junk science. You get the feeling from his books that if you brought up the example of Cain and Abel, he’d go, “Unpossible. Cain clearly watched too many violent TV shows and video games.” Or his head would start smoking, and he’d ask for “Norman: correlate please.” 
I don’t go to retired military officers for psychological expertise (even those who got their boutique psychology degrees in their spare time) for the same reason I don’t ask psychologists how to take a hill or organize a parachute jump.  
But doing it would be fun to watch, if only to illustrate vividly in laymen’s terms why Grossman is a fucktard. Except, or course, for the guys taking the hill or hitting the LZ. 
Grossman is one of those guys who ultimately wasn’t very interested in the actual military arts except as a rent check, but became captivated by the psychobabble of his hobby profession before retirement. Then found a screwball niche, and latched on like a barnacle. Pretty much like most of psychology. 
His books are great…if you have a table leg an inch shorter than the others.
Otherwise, put them in the outhouse. Tearing the book jacket off will make it easier to properly utilize the pages in the best way, as needed. 
Keep rocking, JM.  

Mosby's response to that:
"That was a much more eloquent breakdown of Grossman’s flaws, as opposed to my typical curse-laden rants about the man."

And now, Tam's take piles on:
"The comment regarding Grossman in this post is echoed by too many people I know who have valid, cross-referenced body-stacking credentials for me to ignore it. 
I don't know what video games Rwandan teens were playing to get them over their reluctance to chop up fellow humans with machetes, or what movies Cain watched to help him overcome his inborn resistance to killing Abel...and neither does Grossman. Humans have been easily...almost casually...killing other humans for as long as there have been other humans to kill. Lose your illusions."

When I can get an "Amen" from two such different individuals, I don't think it stretching things to say I hit the mark.

If you have this book for anything but comedy relief, it should be in your outhouse.

But I'm fair about it. Grossman's book is absolutely great at describing the physiological reactions one can expect during and after an actual kill-or-be-killed moment. (Speaking from personal experience, if you practice all self-defense shooting with a couple of Dixie cups with the bottoms cut out taped over your shooting glasses, to simulate the near-instant narrowing of your field of vision, in order to get you in the habit of keeping your head on a swivel, and learning to deal with the tunnel vision that actually happens during such a critical incident, along with wearing earplugs, wads of cotton over them, and earphones playing waterfalls, to simulate the train-roaring rush of white noise that will happen when guns are pointed both ways, you would be well ahead of most people in such training, because that will no-shit happen to you {ask me how I know this}, and Grossman's breakdown of those and many other physiological facts are worthwhile to study and anticipate, in and of themselves.) If he'd stuck to what he knew, and kept his jackassical half-assed analysis on things whereof he knows not, he'd be a frickin' jet-fuel genius. But he had to go twelve steps beyond that, and off into the weeds of Fucktardia. And then double- and triple-down with that nonsense in seminars and two sequel books. That's where he crossed from being just wrong, and into being a full-blown Fucktard.

Suffice it to say none of us is likely to be on Grossman's Christmas Card list.
Because he's a fucktard.


June J said...

I was fortunate that my first encounter with the book was in the form of an equally scathing review which pointed out that Grossman had zero practical experience in the subject. Saved me the time and money by not getting the book.

Anonymous said...

I took this title off of one of MG's reading lists from back in late winter. Local library had a copy. (Local library has a copy of a good number of the tiles on MG's reading lists.) Couldn't get through it. Returned it after a chapter and half.


Genocide Has Happened Throughout History said...

"Historically, we know what has happened when there is conflict between a traditional society and a progressive socialist movement that has or is in the process of gaining the reigns of power in government. Every progressive liberal socialist movement eventually goes full-on Pol Pot (Cambodia). What should be a shock is that the United States is destined to be one such nation.

We are in the middle of the very beginnings of this in the United States. When the American second civil war occurs, it will be an ideological genocide. Genocide can only happen once the citizens are disarmed.

Today in America, these are the enemies…
White people. Anyone who is friends with white people. Climate change deniers. Traditionally-minded people. Gun owners. People from a predominantly 'red' state.
Religious people with the exception of Muslims. Heterosexual people and traditional marriages. Anyone or anything associated with traditional America.

When the new progressive socialist government takes control, the first thing that can be expected is mass disarming of the populace. Then they hunt down and slaughter their opposition. Urban youth, armed with fully automatic weapons and RPG’s (and trucks) (given to them by the government) will burst forth and stream out of their protective enclaves. Enclaves where their ideology has been nurtured for decades (by the media, education and government) to hate one type or class of person.

You will not know you are in danger until it is too late. Most of the men will be killed immediately. All of the women will be dehumanized, raped and sent off to 'collection centers'.

Avoid the cities. (The regular military is usually used to guard and control the cities. All people of the hated group are killed in the cities.)

Do not allow yourself and family to be disarmed. Hide your guns in three places; [1] Family house; easy to find. [2] Family hidden (hidden to everyone except family members), and [3] Hidden to everyone (including family members) but you. Only you know where the guns are. Tell no one."
This is part 1 of 6 parts. It is excellent.

Anonymous said...

This was a righteous read.

Anonymous said...

In my one adult incident involving my drawing a gun with intent in order to deal with some severely uninvited house guests, the loss of hearing and tunnel vision were very real things. I had been told of these effects and expected them and it still caught me by surprise. I was told by a witness that they said things, but even though they were 10 feet away from me I heard nothing. I never saw a face just a maroon shirt with white buttons on the first one through the door.
I have put a lot of effort into running scenarios in my head dealing with self defense situations and it paid off. I reacted at a speed that would have been impossible if I had had to think through what was needed.
In the end, no shots were fired, 2 people got some healthy exercise running to their vehicle and much rubber was burned down the street. As far as reluctance to use violence, I had no hesitation at any point. The only thing that prevented actual violence was their speedy withdrawal, I was in the act of bringing up my gun to fire at them when they departed.

Old NFO said...

Never read it, don't plan on it. Agree with Anon re the tunnel vision/auditory exclusion. Thankfully, I didn't have to pull the trigger either, but getting the piss out of the carpet where he proned out was a pain in the ass at 4 in the morning.

Aesop said...

Roger all.
In my case, it was looking at foiled rapist over double barrels.
Who made a sudden decision to cross the street and sprint for all he was worth.

I was mainly pissed that the wife-unit had removed my 1903A3, w/ obligatory M1905 16" pigsticker bayonet in place, literally the day before. Without telling me.

Had it been were I friggin' wanted it to be, right behind the front door where I'd left it, I could have pinned the sumbitch to the tree beyond him, and held him there squirming and crying until police arrival without firing a shot.

As it was, I was taking up slack on one of the triggers when my prey opted to change zip codes.
Functionally deaf as a post, and vision scoped right down as he came closer, and then split. I could see my point of aim just fine though, but was happy, in hindsight, not to have to deal with the paperwork and b.s. afterwards.
But it was quite the learning experience.

And somebody never moved my weaponry again.
Almost-rape by the front door made her a believer.

Anonymous said...

LTC Grossman is a fucktard AYE. Amazing the blatant bullshit that makes some "professional" reading lists.
Your evaluation is up to your usual high standards and cannot be repeated enough.
Rock on, brother
Boat Guy

OvergrownHobbit said...


Since most people don't have the patience we reading nuts possess for walls of text, I recommend this slim volume. The writer is a specialist in telling stories for the 4th grade reading level, and she worked with her co-author to make sure that the biography stayed accurate.

Never Fall Down

Share it with every teen you k ow.

OvergrownHobbit said...


Ask me how I know

Okay. How do you know?

Robin Datta said...

All levels of organisms from microbes up indulge in "violence" to further the three biological imperatives of survival, growth and replication. Intraspecies and interspecies. Of course some species are less violent, but among great apes chimpanzees (but not bonobos) exhibit surprisingly violent behavior. Paucity of fossil records of the hominin lineage make it difficult to estimate the degree of violence, although most were good hunters (otherwise our ancestors in Deep Time would have starved). With humans the fossil records get better, and wherever there are adequate records, there seems to be no dearth of intraspecies killings.

Aesop said...

@Overgrown Hobbit,

Scroll up to my answer from 3:48P yesterday...

Jim Scrummy said...

"Because he's a fucktard." Yep. He's also full of whale excrement, a pseudo intellectual on no day at best. An active military friend of mine recommended one of his books to me. Luckily, Amazon allows you to preview some books, and I previewed the one recommended to me (On Killing), and did a hard pass.

waepnedmann said...

We have had the guns and flashlights discussion at about 200 decibels at my house for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

We would all be better served to cut the other 3 legs of the table to match the short one and keep $ out of Lt. Col. Fucktard's wallet.

Rodulf said...

Well, as far as "Metallicman" goes, those articles are full of anti-German BS propaganda fake photos. German Wermacht soldiers were famous for their good behavior and lawfulness. Contrast this to our Jewish Communist 'allies". His anti-Aryan self hate detracts from any good info in the articles.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

As many "machete fantasies" as I've had, and the occasions where I thought certain people were such jerks, nuisances, or threats I could envision "busting them on the side of their head with a Louisville Slugger bat", I'm not about to make any claims to being "mentally stable" as my mindset is and my moods are about as ambivalent as any can get.

Tal Hartsfeld said... short, I'm stating that even my own frailties and iniquities alone are enough to discredit the theories Lt. Col. Grossman is putting forth in his book.