Friday, July 26, 2019

Plan B

"Since our two and a half year ongoing coup attempt has totally failed, we're forced to go through the primary process for the 2020 elections. Tune in next Tuesday and Wednesday to see something more pathetic yet hilarious than the Mueller hearings, with ratings lower than Petticoat Junction reruns on Nickelodeon at 3AM, and scarier than any horror show every made, mainly because at least one of us is going to win the nomination, and have an actual chance to become the next President. That thought alone should turn your hair whiter than our greasepaint.

And remember our plan to Make America Venezuela Again:

Real Communism Has Never Been Tried, But This Time It Will Work!
Free Sh*t For Everyone!
Death To White People!
Orange Man Bad!

Love and kisses,
the Top 20 (out of 23) @$$clowns running, and the DNC."


Anonymous said...

Just let them talk. When America wakes up and discovers the Dems are SERIOUSLY considering:

!) FREE college tuition.
2) FREE insurance.
3) $15 minimum wage.

They will not vote for that. Rational people KNOW that bullshit cannot be sustainable without serious consequences (Venezuela has something to say about that !). They are just firing up the base, getting them in the mood to vote Anybody But Trump.

Pandering for votes is a given, but that is weapons grade stupidity working there. A grown up in Democratic party will soon be stepping up. Then Trump will have some competition.

Just keep stocking up and taking care of your tribe, whoever they are.

June J said...

“They” will not vote for that? Over 50% of voters did in 2016, expect no less in 2020.

Firing up their base to vote ? Their base has been fired up since November 9, 2016. It’s not their base that has to be convinced to drag their asses off the couch and care enough about the country to vote all of the socialists out of office.

Cite your evidence for the presence of this hidden adult Democratic party member. Whoever this imaginary person is will require unobtanium balls twice the size of Trump’s to withstand the left’s onslaught for stepping away from the party lines.

Dinochrome One said...

That "FREE SHIT" thing is just the plastic carrot dangling before the donkey.

There is another thing that communism is known for, state terrorism. Lenin and Stalin were good at it. The first thing the Soviets did when they wrenched power away from the nascent Russian republic was to collect all weapons from the general population.

Cue the Dem calls for gun-control,......

Anonymous said...

Rational people KNOW that bullshit cannot be sustainable without serious consequences (Venezuela has something to say about that !).

Anyone who expects rationality from the Drooling Masses is in for a disappointment.

RandyGC said...

I had insomnia the other night and actually watched an episode of Petticoat Junction at 0Dark Early.

Much more interest generated than the Clown Show of a couple of weeks ago.

A.B. Prosper said...

4:17 , many nations have managed at least the 1st two.

It requires higher taxes than Americans are willing to pay and fairly small national defense allocation but it's doable

Whether it's a good idea is a separate argument

As for "going Venezuela" not even close. The US is fully sovereign currency and we are minting/borrowing near a trillion a year with modest effect on inflation

We have a lot more room for this and and we haven't even touched taxes.

Odds are assuming the Democrats had the votes, they'd pay for it with a mix of funds shifting and a VAT tax of around 20% , the same as the UK and inflation and whatnot would be managed the same way Europe does, with price controls

And to note the main measures of effectiveness , life expectancy and infant mortality rates are both better in Europe than in the US even among non Whites . Care in Socialized medicine nations is flatter than US care, good care here is better but low grade care there is better and most care is on the mediocre side in both places. However everyone gets OK coverage which isn't too bad

Also there are other models than the UK "Communist" style system or the Canadian "One insurer" model . If such a thing happens, it may be a different system entirely

This doesn't mean such a program would work here, it might not but only that people who tell you it doesn't work anywhere are lying.

McChuck said...

"we are minting/borrowing near a trillion a year with modest effect on inflation"

You do know that the real rate of inflation (as opposed to the governmental fairy tales) is around 10%, and has been for years now, don't you?

"life expectancy and infant mortality rates are both better in Europe than in the US"

Europe only counts infants that have survived twelve months after conception. The US counts all live births, no matter how premature, no matter what. It's amazing what you can accomplish by fudging the numbers.

Anonymous said...

The 2020 Democrat Agenda: confiscate all firearms, fully condone and fund by the government, using our tax dollars, the killing of babies up to and after the moment of birth which was made a constitutional right by the SJC, restructure the Supreme Court to ensure that it remains liberal forever, higher and/or more taxes and not just on rich people, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens back to 1976 and forward to infinity, free health care for illegals, welfare for illegals, voting rights for illegals, reparations for black people since slavery was abolished in 1863, reparations for gay and lesbian people well the living ones anyway, free college for everyone, $1.6T student loan debt forgiveness, outlaw energy production using all fossil fuels, green energy excluding nuclear paid for by the taxpayers, outlaw all fossil fuel powered transportation, government approval for every sexual and gender identity deviancy know to man, soon to include government sanction for DRAG QUEEN story hour for toddlers, primary schoolers, tweens and teens at your local library at which they hand out condoms and other homosexual or sex related paraphernalia to children, $15 or is now $20 an hour minimum wage and free shit Free Shit FREE SHIT for all, except white people. White people get to pay the bills. What's not to like?


A.B. Prosper said...

McChuck. It would be interesting to see how such infantry mortality rates add up using identical stats

That said the US still is roughly 2 years less in life expectancy compared to Europe, maybe lower as we fudge the hell out of figures too and have had a lot of drug deaths and lower life expectancy on top of that

Now am I suggesting Socialized Medicine is a good fit for the US? No I'm not. Like any policy choice it's a tradeoff but it can work.

As for inflation, I'm seeing a broken pricing model for things and a lot of package size reduction to mask increased costs but there are also a ton of cheap goods of decent quality as well. Given the actual central bank policy is to create inflation and we have massive amounts of foreign mostly Chinese cash for savings excess sloshing in the system its deeply weird

My opinion here, a lot of this is caused from the automation and the free movement of goods and labor. This has made wages lower and thus had a lot of pernicious effects

if we are smart we'll figure out how to move to a low/no growth economic model but this would requires reforms we are not capable of doing.

That said there the last guy to get the US to have a balanced budget was Bill Clinton and no matter how small the state , historically the US has almost never been able to make ends meet

You have no real choices choices

The cure a radically different economic system closed but market driven so as to mimic the early 20th century (the US at that time was 93% domestic goods and services)

Optionally you can just get more of the same or you can have an a collapse/civil war/ mass death scenario

Some kind of gradual reduction of the State so people can go back to living on interest in a moderately low tax state of whatever isn't going to happen, its simply not possible do to technology and policy preferences on either side .

Dog Boy said...

It looks like they are giving up on containing Ebola

McChuck said...

Prosper - Bill Clinton initially vetoed the balanced budgets that the Republican Congress under Newt Gingrich passed. He also vetoed the magnificent anti-poverty legislation that got millions back to work by limiting welfare benefits.

Democrats, like the communists they are, always change the past to make themselves look better.

Aesop said...


This outbreak is bad. It shows no sign of slowing down.

But let's not confuse the Daily Star with an actual reliable journalistic source, shall we?

Dog Boy said...

Good point Aesop. It seems the Daily Star is the only one reporting on it. Seems like somewhat of a news blackout on the subject.

Thanks for all your reporting on Ebola. I read every word.

Standing by,